10 Reasons Why Babies Stare at You

It’s very typical to see a baby staring at you, everyone and everything. A guest comes, and your baby won’t keep her eyes off him. You are at the store, and your baby’s eyes are on a stranger, regarding him curiously like she sees something you don’t see. Your baby may even start an unofficial staring contest with you. Does this sound familiar?

Do you wonder what exactly captivate babies that make them stare so much? Here are some reasons a baby won’t keep her eyes of you.

1. Baby Is Growing and Learning

Babies go through a period of growth, and in their first years, they become curious about everything because everything is new to them. Babies stare to know what is what and who is who. Also, a baby staring is a sign that his brain and cognitive skills are developing well.

2. You Look Different

A baby will stare at you if you look different. Perhaps you have sunglasses on, yellow hair, earrings? Babies are new to everything. They are still learning about the world around them so if you have a feature they haven’t seen before, they will be fascinated by it, and of course, they will stare.

3. You Are Attractive

Babies stare at you when you are beautiful. This is a scientific fact! According to an experiment conducted years ago, babies spend more time staring at attractive people.

This study was conducted by university professors who showed some babies two pictures; one of a person considered attractive and the other considered average-looking. The babies were drawn to the attractive faces. If you have distinctive facial features, babies may stare longer at you. 

4. Babies are Drawn to Movement

Babies could be staring at you because you are moving around. If you are arranging the room, moving from one to place, a baby may try to catch on to your movements and may end up spacing out. This also happens with inanimate objects like fans.

5. Communication

Eye contact between babies and their caregivers is a form of communication that strengthens the bidirectional adult-baby neural connectivity. So if your baby is staring, it may be them learning to communicate with facial expressions. 

6. You are Familiar

Babies have abilities to record faces, and if they recognize you, they will stare. Staring at you is their way of differentiating between you and strangers. 


7. You Look Strange

Interestingly, babies may also stare intently at faces they see for the first time. This may be because of their growing curiosity. The more they stare, the more they acquire knowledge that helps them interact in the new world they were born into. 

8. Contrasting Colors or Outlines

Contrast always gets a baby’s attention. If there are two contrasting colors or objects side by side, It will capture your baby’s attention and make her stare.

9. Babies Are Naturally Fixated On Faces

A study showed that a baby is naturally drawn to faces. In the experiment, researchers show newborns an image of a face and another image of a scrambled face. The newborns had their eyes longer on the faces than the scrambled faces.

10. Bright Colors

Color draws attention, and babies may find bright colors interesting. Introducing babies to bright colors can even help with their vision development. So if you are in a brightly colored outfit, a baby may gaze at you longer.

What Does This Mean For You?

It means you have nothing to worry about. In fact, gazing is an integral part of a baby’s development. Research showed that a face might contain information that is important for a baby’s development.

It’s how they first learn to communicate, how they differentiate caregivers from strangers and it’s a sign their brain is growing. However, if you are concerned about your baby’s staring or any behavior, you should consult a pediatrician. 

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