When Should You Start Buying Baby Stuff?

This is always one of the questions on every woman’s lip once they find out they are pregnant. Pregnancy can be very exciting for many women, they can’t wait to start planning for the baby’s arrival, rush out to get baby stuff and pick the perfect baby name.

With so many superstitions and time pressure, deciding the time to buy baby items can somehow be confusing. Also, there are some things to consider before buying to get all those cute baby stuff, and we discussed some below.

What Exactly Are You Supposed Buy? 

If you feel unsure or have no idea what to buy, it’s better to start with research. If you are a first-time mother, ask other mums what they think you should buy. For instance, compare different types of strollers, clothes, research the right nappies for the baby so that you have enough information before your purchase.

You can also find out how much the items you intend to buy cost and start saving money during your research. 

What Is Your Budget?

Now that you know what you need to buy. It’s best to make a budget and make a rough estimate of what it is going to cost to get them. 

A good tip for pregnant women is to space out their purchase, so you don’t have to spend a massive bill at once. So space the purchases through the months. You can get the baby cot this month, the baby clothes next month, and the stroller after that. 

How Much Space Do You Have? 

It may not be obvious, but newborns occupy a lot of space. Consider setting out space for your baby so that you can store all the items you buy.

What is The Gender of the Baby?

If you are particular about the gender of your baby, you may not want to buy clothes and other stuff until you’re sure the baby is a girl or boy.

Gender-neutral things are also okay, but for gender-specific parents, it would be more fun knowing the baby’s sex before going ahead to decorate the nursery or buy baby clothes.

Do I Need To Buy Anything Before The Baby Arrives?

Absolutely! There are some things you need to buy before the arrival of the baby.

So When Should I Start Buying Baby Things?

There is no standard or rigid time to start buying baby stuff. Here are some tips to help you decide;

  • After 12 Weeks

Since it’s being ascertained that most miscarriages happen during the first trimester, many women are usually wary of buying things during this period. To be fair, there is no real reason to start buying baby things immediately after you find out you are pregnant. No need to rush; the baby will still spend 9 months before his/her arrival. 

Although there is nothing wrong with buying baby stuff early on into the pregnancy, you don’t want to rush yourself. That being said, you can get into buying stuff when you get into the 12th week.

  • When You Know The Baby’s Gender

Baby clothes are often at the top of the list of many expecting parents. If you are gender-specific, buying things after the gender revelation is a good place to start. Gender is usually revealed between 16-20 weeks and you can start shopping for baby clothes during this period. 

  • After Baby Shower

Some women prefer to buy things after their baby shower since they may be receiving gifts already on their list from family and friends. Then they can tick off things they’ve gotten already, so they don’t have duplicates. After your baby shower, you can then proceed to buy the remaining items on your list. 

Meanwhile, the timing of your baby shower also matters. Many women have the baby shower when the baby is almost arriving, and they may feel too physically exhausted to start shopping once the due date is near. So you can have some control over the baby shower timing so that it’s convenient to buy baby stuff after the party. 

  • Buying During The Big Sales

Some items may fluctuate from time to time, or a big deal may pop up. If baby items are on sale, then you may like to get them at a cheaper rate. This includes Black Fridays, memorial sales, or when a store is having a blowout sale.

However, you may need to buy stuff early or late if you want to buy the best deals. So if you are one month into your pregnancy journey and an online store is having a slashed price on a stroller, grab the chance. 

  • Middle of the Pregnancy 

The first semester always comes with nausea and the third semester with exhaustion, so it’s recommended to get things done during the middle part of your pregnancy. Also, once you are close to your due date, you may not be physically chanced to do all the work of getting your baby stuff. You can start buying the baby items after the second trimester when you know the sex and the baby is almost on her way.

  • Put off Buying Some Things Until Later

There are some things your baby won’t need until several months later. So if you want to buy the essentials first and then wait after the baby’s arrival for the other items, then go ahead.

Meanwhile, it is recommended to have the following things by the middle of your third trimester;

  • A baby cot and mattress 
  • Blankets
  • Nappies, wipes, oils, baby lotions, moisturizer,
  • Baby clothes 

Other baby items include;

  • Breast pads
  • Nursing bras
  • Stroller 
  • Scent-free detergent 
  • Feeders
  • Car seat and baby carrier
  • Diaper bag
  • Crib monitor 
  • Diaper changing table
  • Bottles, nipples, and pacifiers 
  • Bottlebrush brush and washing liquid 
  • Baby toys
  • Baby bouncer

Note that this is not a rigid list, so don’t let it hold you back. If you have additional baby products you want to purchase or remove from the list, go ahead as long as you and the baby have all the essentials.

Avoid Buying 

  • So many shoes because your baby will grow out of them in a matter of weeks
  • Too many clothes in newborn size

Bottom Line

The right time to buy baby stuff may not be precisely clear. However, the factors discussed above can play a huge role in pointing you to the best time to start. 

In conclusion, set a budget, space out your purchase to prevent being overwhelmed, and start with essentials like nappies.

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