Kids Vintage Play Kitchen
Kids Play Kitchen

10 Best Vintage Kitchen Sets

Play Kitchens are one of the best toy sets you can give your kids right now. Many parents want kids to have fun playtime without depending on the screen all the time. 

A play kitchen is the best recommendation for pretend play. They look like real kitchens with real accessories and your little chefs can have imaginative play activities.

We have compiled some of the best vintage kitchen set your kids will love. These kitchen sets stood out for many reasons.

·         They have a creative vintage design

·         They look like real kitchens and have realistic features

·         They come with fun accessories like play food, chalkboard, phones, etc.

Check out our list to ensure you get the best kitchens for your kids;

1.     Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen – Pink

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Kidkraft is one of the top brands when it comes to play kitchens with beautiful designs and features. The Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen in pink is made from MDF and quality plastic. It comes with different appliances including;

·         Oven

·         Freezer

·         Refrigerator

·         Microwave

·        Cabinet (All with doors that open and close.)

They also have working knobs that kids can move and turn. The microwave has a see through door for a realistic experience. The kitchen also comes with a cordless phone with a hands-free clip.

Kids of 3 to 8 years will have fun in this kitchen as the design is for their age group. It’s the right size and has the right features that will wow the kids.

Also, the construction is so durable and smart. Assembly may require 2 people, and there’s the option to bolt the kitchen to the wall for stability.

2.    Kiddery Play Kitchen Toy

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This vintage kitchen in white looks so good. The brand works with top quality materials only, and this kitchen has a very sturdy construction that will last a long time. The features include;

·         Microwave

·         Oven

·         Shelves

·         Pods with lids

·         And more cooking utensils

The materials used are also safe for kids, and your kids will not only have fun but learn while at it. The appliances also have doors that work. It’s one hundred percent worth its price, and your kids will enjoy themselves in the world of cooking.

Reviewers love the kitchen because it’s color is unique and will easily match home décor and the fact that it’s lightweight, easy to assemble, and easy to move around.

3.    Hape Children’s Play Kitchen Wooden

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We love this kitchen for many reasons, but our main reason is its classical design. Its vintage look is so attractive, from the color to the durable wood and compact size. It has a natural color scheme that makes it a good choice for home decors. It has realistic functions like the oven with light, the frying and cooking sounds and the buttons that work. Kids can easily set their cooking pans on the pretend stove, and with the press of a button, they get cooking sounds of food cooking.

It also features a faucet, microwave, large storage space, a pan, and a spatula.  It’s very durable too, and its small size makes it easy to assemble.

4.    Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

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KidKraft Uptown kitchen has a great design. Many reviewers noted that its price is reasonable and worth the money. Its assembly is not very difficult too as customers stated. This kitchen has over 6,000 ratings, and the average is 4.5. So, rest assured that you will get satisfaction from the Kidkraft uptown kitchen like the rest of the previous buyers.

The play kitchen also comes with realistic and interactive features, including;

·         Doors that open and close

·         The knobs that turn and click

·         The removable sink for clean up

·         The granite-style countertops

·         And the deluxe cookware set and play food you get on purchase.

The cookware set totals 11; 2 metal pans, a pot, a spatula, and play food like egg and chicken leg.

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5.    Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen

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This kitchen is available in different colors, including red (as pictured above), blue, and white.

Young chefs will love the vintage setting, the realistic appliances, the convenient storage shelves above and below the sinks, and the sturdy construction.

We love that this kitchen is large; large enough for multiple kids to play together at once, and small enough to fit in the kid’s playroom. It’s also made of high quality wood finished with glossy non-toxic paints. Some other notable features of this set are the;

·         Cordless phone

·         Detailed assembly instruction

·         See through doors on oven and microwave

With its close attention to kids’ satisfaction, you kids will have fun cooking big feasts in this adorable kitchen.

6.    Teamson Kids Retro Play Kitchen

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The unique design makes it a top choice amongst customers. Kids can use it as a whole set, or you can remove the fridge from the whole set to spread the fun time. It has an off-white color made from premium MDF, plastic and with stainless steel handles. The cooking station features a;

·         Upper fridge and lower freezer with water and ice option

·         Removable Sink

·         A stove with a toy clock

·         Oven

·         2 burners

·         Storage space

It also includes knobs that click and turn, and it’s large enough for multiple kids at one, especially if you separate the fridge set from the rest of the kitchen.

7.    ROBUD Wooden Play Kitchen Set

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High Quality. Bright colored. Sturdy design and beautiful features, what more could one ask for in a pretend kitchen? The Robud kitchen has it all, and on top of it, it adds a vintage look to its design. It looks like something snatched from the 1950s. Some of the features include a microwave, dishwasher, and many other appliances. It also offers realistic functions to make pretend play more realistic and fun. It’s perfect for kids of 3 and above with safety features like the smooth surface, durable craftsmanship, and non-toxic chemicals. The classic kitchen also allows for endless fun for your kids and their friends.

8.    UNIH Pretend Playset

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  This isn’t just a play kitchen, but a store cart, and your kids will have their hands on so many accessories that they won’t be bored for once.

The kitchen and accessories are kid-friendly with smooth surfaces and interactive features that allow them to imitate adults’ behavior. This kitchen is filled with a lot of accessories. You will find about 65 accessories, including

·         A fruit basket with pretend fruits and vegetables

·         Play food like Pizza and eggs

·         Pots and Pans

·         Cups and spatulas

·         Phone

·         A sink with a water system that works

·         Coffee Toy Set

·         Play Oven with a Pizza that kids can cut into 6 pieces

·         Dishwasher

And you don’t have to fret about storage because the designers thought ahead. There are Storage shelves to store accessories and racks to hang utensils.

This kitchen is quite large, and you’ll love every bit of it. The functions are also very realistic, and the multiple accessories will help with kids’ sensory stimulation and motor skills.

9.    Teamson Florence Classic Play Kitchen

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        Teamson Classic kitchen is available in 4 designs; Pink/Gray, White/Green, Coral Red/Twilight, and Burlywood. All are pretty, sturdy, and tall, which makes them a good option for small spaces. With its height, kids won’t be outgrowing the kitchen anytime soon. It has a stylish design that will complement any home décor. And a lot of fun functions and features for hours of endless play. Here are just a few of the features you’ll find in this kitchen;

·         An openable door

·         Two oven hobs

·         Clock

·         Removable sink

·         Cordless phone

·         Spatula

·         Plastic shakers

·         Microwave and more

Crafted from premium MDF, this kitchen boasts sturdy construction, safety features, and a smooth surface. The material’s premium quality also means the kitchen will be in good condition for a long time, and kids and even pass it on. It’s suitable for kids of 3 to 7 years and safe to use for kids and pets.

10. KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

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The Grand Gourmet Kitchen is what your kid needs for endless hours of fun. It’s large, one of the largest on our list, and a beautiful color to complement it. This innovative corner has plenty of imaginative features, including 4 pieces of accessories, a washer, oven, microwave. There’s also a freezer with a chalkboard on it, a stove, faucet, and a sink with cloth curtains behind it. It has a sturdy construction and its angular shape makes it easy to even rooms of small sizes. If you go for this kitchen, expect an easy cleanup. Just a wipe, and you have the play kitchen shiny as new.


All the kitchens listed above meet the buying criteria for play kitchens. They have the looks, the interacting and fun features, the multitude of accessories, sturdy construction, and trustworthy customer reviews. In summary, any of these play kitchens will put a smile on your kid’s face and turn their playtime into something they always look forward to.

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