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20 Best Toy Kitchen Kids Love

Playsets feature kitchen accessories and appliances that encourage the love for cooking in your kids.

Kids love to mimic their parents in every way and they would absolutely love to have a kitchen set of their own where they pretend to be cooking as you do. Kitchen playsets are not only good for entertainment and role-play but also to help with your kids’ developmental skills.

When shopping for a kitchen set; you will be faced with a range of options. So whatever you want for your kid, whether you want a portable kitchen set, big kitchen set toys with a lot of accessories, wooden or plastic kitchen set, you will always find something appropriate for your kids.

Looking for a perfect play kitchen? Below are some of the top KITCHEN sets we think your kids would love;

1.      KidKraft Kitchen

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Your kid will find this kitchen set with its very realistic design very interesting. This toy wooden kitchen set features several appliances including a sink, refrigerator, see-through microwave and oven, cabinet, shelves for pots and countertop, and more.

2.      Cute Stone Kitchen Playset

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This is one of the bestselling kitchen sets on Amazon and it’s totally worth the hype. It features kitchen appliances with realistic kitchen functions. The stove burners give off light and make a cooking sound. There is also a water system that works!

We love the colorful design, plenty of storage spaces, and the high quality of the material used.

3.      Step2 Best Chef’s Kitchen Playset

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This multicolored Step2 kitchen set comes with 25 appliances that will keep your kids engaged for hours. The appliances feature fun light and sound to make role plays as realistic as possible. Reviewers love the open design of this Step2 Kitchen set because it allows multiple kids to play together.

4.      Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

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This portable kitchen set is a great option for toddlers. If you need a small kitchen set that can easily fit in your kid’s space, then this is a good choice. Despite the small size of the set, it contains all the basic kitchen appliances and accessories. The burner has cooking sounds, the refrigerator opens and the oven knock clicks which add to the realism.

5.      Giantex Wooden Kitchen Playset

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This Giantex toy wooden kitchen set is made from durable and long-lasting materials that can endure years of playtime. The set has a shiny red + white finishing from non-toxic paint that is safe for your kids,

Although the assembly requires your time, the outcome of the setup is worth your time.

6.      Kidkraft 2Piece Kitchen Set

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This adorable kitchen set isn’t just one but two. The vintage style and the operational features make it one of our top choices. KidKraft kitchen set features a sink, fridge and freezer set, washer, laundry basket, and many kitchen accessories. Reviewers love that it’s super easy to assemble.

7.      Step2 Sweet Baker’s Kitchen

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Kids would love the bright pink and purple color of this kitchen set. Not just that, the 30 pieces of accessories and realistic details of the kitchen set are enough to engage your kids for hours. One of our favorite things about this adorable Step2 kitchen set is the baby doll seat feature reserved for your child’s favorite doll or teddy bear best friend.

8.      KidKraft Large Kitchen

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Who wouldn’t love this colorful big kitchen set toy with sturdy construction, durable gadgets, and accessories? Its large heavy size means kids can play with it for hours without fear of it tipping over.

9.      Little Tikes Cook n Grow BBQ Grill

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Your kids would love the idea of grilling outdoors. Reviewers praised this kitchen set for its realistic design, it looks just like a real gas grill and it comes with play food pieces like ketchup, hamburger, bun, and grill accessories including a tong and spatula

The best thing about this grill set is that it will grow with your child. How? When the grill is opened, you get a perfect size for toddlers and when it’s compacted, you get the size for your preschooler.

10.   KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Pink

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Kids would love cooking in this vintage beauty. We can’t get over the beautiful design and the color of this makes it a top choice for many parents. It exists in different colors including white, pink (as pictured above), blue and red. The knobs of the sink and oven work, the kitchen can be bolted to the wall for support, and reviewers are impressed by the quality of the playset.

11.    Melissa and Doug Cook’s Corner Wooden Kitchen       

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 We love this compact-sized wooden toy kitchen set with its realistic details; like the faucet that turns and a stove knob that clicks. The kitchen set features plenty of shelf space, a fridge, oven, cutting board, 3 range stove area, and more. Its small size means it can be placed comfortably in any corner of your home without causing traffic.

12.  Costzon Kids Kitchen Playset

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This pink and white toy kitchen set will work well to keep your kids busy and allows for plenty of imaginative role plays. It has all the kitchen essentials and accessories that your kids need. Customers confirmed the wooden material is sturdy and with the instruction guide, it was easy to set up. We really love the design, it’s so colorful and attractive.

13.  Best Choice Products Kitchen Wooden Toy Set

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The unique design of this Wooden Kitchen Toy Set makes it a top choice. It comes with 7 accessories including a cordless one and a chalkboard surface for your little chef’s use. The materials are safe for kids, the features are realistic and there is enough storage space in the shelf fridge, microwave, and other compartments.

14.  TUSY Kids Kitchen Playset

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This realistic kitchen set features 10 kitchen accessories and an interesting design that includes an oven, washing machine, storage shelves, ice cream maker, stoves, and a cordless phone.

Customers confirmed that this playset is easy to clean and fun to assemble and worth its price.

15.  KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen

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This big kitchen toy set is so colorful and beautiful. Kids would enjoy having a playset this cute. Besides the beauty, Deluxe Big & Bright kitchen sets have fun features that make pretend cooking really fun.

16.  Teamson Kids Modern Play Kitchen

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This modern kitchen set is available in 6 different colors. These are white pictured above, multi-colored, grey, pink, mint, and gold. The kitchen set features a working ice maker, a rotatable gas switch, a smart screen, a water cooler, and more accessories.

We love the polished look of the white color which can match varieties of home décor.

17.  Melissa & Doug Wooden Cooktop Set

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This 19-piece kitchen set is so portable and is of a great size for kids of 3-7 years. The burner is removable, the knobs adjustable and the food pieces have one side cooked and uncooked for a realistic cooking experience. Reviewers praised its sturdy construction, its mini size, and the fact that it’s super easy to assemble.

18.   Cute Stone Pretend Play Kitchen Sink Toys

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This toy kitchen set works well for parents looking for a small option. It can sit well on a tabletop and features a battery-operated faucet with automatic water circulation. The Cute Stone kitchen set also comes with various accessories including a detachable drain rack, working sink, stovetop, pans, and pots with realistic sound and light, play cutting food, cooking utensils, fruits, tableware, and more.

19.  Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen Playset

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This playset has over 6000 reviews on Amazon and most of the reviewers have several positive things to say.

Reviewers love that it’s affordable, less than 100 dollars, of high quality, and features realistic light and sounds. The pan and pot sizzles when activated, the knob is clickable and the 24 pieces of accessories will engage your child in hours of imaginative play.

20.  JOYIN Kitchen Toy Kit

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This 35-piece kitchen set is the most affordable on our list. It is very portable, comes with a carry case and can be carried around. It has a water system where water can be pumped out to the water faucet. The accessories include food pieces like steak eggs and vegetables, stew pot, dishes. Bottles, spoons, and more. This is a great option for parents looking for a high quality set in a small package.


Playtime is very important for your kids and a kitchen set is a great way to make your kids have fun playtime. From a portable kitchen unit to a big kitchen toy set, there’s always a playset your kid would love and find interesting.

The play sets on our list were carefully researched. We looked through the designs, features, size, the quality of the materials, and of course words from previous buyers to help you with your search. Take your time to pick that right play set for your kid for a fun culinary experience.

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