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Step2 Playhouse Review 2021

Step2 is a top children’s toy brand known for its unique products. For more than 20 years, they have been producing top, durable indoor and outdoor kids’ toys like play kitchens, slides, and playhouses that end up being bestsellers.

Their products are strong, durable, kid-friendly, easy to clean, and non-toxic hence their popularity.

Also, Step2 uses the best of materials for their playhouses, and we aren’t surprised reviewers gush about their durability.

We have compiled some of the best Step2 playhouses with a mini-review of their features and functions;

1. Step2 Happy Home Cottage & Grill Playhouse

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This pink Step2 playhouse is adorable and attractive. It has a charming design with unique features like a kitchen seat, fireplace, play phone, clock, shelves, tables, mailbox, doorbell, built-in flower box, and more. With these features, this playhouse will become a favorite place for your kids.

The design is also sturdy, durable, and made from high-quality plastic material. Although it requires adult assembly, it’s not difficult to install. We love that it features a built-in floor with drain holes that make it easy to clean.

2. Step2 All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse

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Are you ready for your kids to host their backyard party? Get them this Pavilion style outdoor playhouse!

 We love the unique design of this playhouse with its realistic stacked stones and canopy features. It has an open design that encourages interactive play with other kids. 

It also features a play grill, snack table, sand cover, water table, and several accessories like double sides shovel and scoops. It’s large enough for multiple kids to play at once and has many features that encourage role plays.

3. Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage Playhouse

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The Neat & Tidy Playhouse is one of the most popular Step2 playhouses. It’s compact-sized and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It also has fun features like an electronic doorbell, mailbox, sink, table, grill, seat, play phone and other amenities that mimic a real house. We love the durable design, the realistic features, and the incorporated play kitchen for pretend role-play as chefs!

4. Step2 Wonderball Fun Playhouse

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Nothing like a playhouse that offers interesting game ideas! This Wonderball playhouse allows kids to have ball play. It features an indoor maze, rooftop tubes, bottom basin where kids can flip and throw play balls.

Included in each pack of this playhouse are 20 play balls and 2 pitchers. Asides from the ball option, this playhouse also consists of a mailbox, fence motifs, molded-in flowers, and house number decals.

5. Step2 Sweetheart Playhouse

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Every kid will love this Sweetheart playhouse. It’s pink and white and has an impressive modern design with realistic features like doors and shutters. It also includes an electronic doorbell, planter box, play phone, clock, skylight, built-in storage, and a cooking station.

The cooking station consists of a pretend stove, tabletops, barbeque grills. The design is also quite adorable, with molded-in shingles and stacked stone detailing.

6. Step2 Multicolor Playhouse

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The spacious interior, high ceilings and open design of this playhouse make it the right choice for multiple kids to play at once.

It features a crawl-through entrance for easy access, a working water pump with a paddle wheel and bucket, a planting station and flower box where kids can plant real flowers, a grill with knobs, and other kitchen accessories. We love its compact size, its natural colors, and its durability.

7. Step2 Naturally Playful Storybook Cottage

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This playhouse looks like something out of a historical setting. It has a storybook design, which includes realistic stonework, thatched roof detailing, and a fireplace area.

It also features a working doorbell, a foldable table, kitchenette area, decals, play phone, doorbell, and sink. This storybook cottage offers many play options, and kids can spend hours in there without getting bored.

8. Step2 Gather & Grille Playhouse

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Colorful? You have it. Functional? Yes. Great Features? Check. This Gather & Grille playhouse encourages multiple kids to play at once. It has a patio with a built-in bench that can take two people and enough interior space with a built-in kitchen, sink and fireplace.

The pack also comes with a 5-piece accessory set. We love its colorful design, the Dutch door, and the realistic features. It’s suitable for kids of age one- 15 years.

9. Step2 Love and Care Deluxe Nursery Playset

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Need an exciting playhouse for kids? We assure you that you can’t go wrong with the Step2 playset. It looks like a nursery, and kids will enjoy caring for and loving their pretend babies.

The nursery playset also features a crib, feeding station, molded-in sink, rack, washer, storage bins, 3 doll clothes hangers, and more baby essentials. This playset will encourage kids to get creative, explore their parenting sides and learn nurturing behaviors.

10. Step2 Charming Cottage Kids Playhouse

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We love this Charming Cottage playhouse for many reasons. First, it has a tall height with enough space to accommodate multiple kids. Second, it includes fun features and functions that will engage kids for hours.

Some of these features include molded-in storage, doorbell, fireplace, skylight, faux stacked stone, and more. The molded-in storage can hold kids, toys, books, and other play accessories.

11. Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber 11

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This Step2 playhouse climber is an excellent option for toddlers and babies. It comes with two Rockwall-like climbing walls that will create a fun challenge for kids. It also comes with a floor opening that encourages more play like hide and seek or creating a sandbox.

We love the slide for sliding, the neutral colors that can blend with any setting, and the fact that the material is easy to clean. It can take up to 240lbs at once. Each pack comes with 2 climbing walls, a platform with base and slides, steering wheels, and a ladder.

12. Step2 Clubhouse

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The Step2 Clubhouse doubles as a climber. It has a towel design with dual windows and a climber to reach the tower easily. It also features 2 slides, a steering wheel, an open tunnel for crawling or playing hide and seek.

The climber is slip-resistant and features a lot of windows for kids’ safety. The plastic used for this playhouse is fade and weather-resistant, so your kids will be using them for a long time.

The playhouse is also sturdy and can hold up to 240lbs at once.

13. Step2 Woodland Adventure Playhouse & Slide

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Woodland Playhouse is a unique Step2 product because it combines wood and plastic rather than the typical plastic Step2 playhouse.

This playhouse is also very adorable and functional as it comes with many features includes a slide with depth, a pull-out drawer, a climber, swivel faucet, sink, cooktop space, and many more features.

We love how it allows for different role plays; your kids could be a chef, a pirate, a prince, and many more things in this adventure playhouse.

14. Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen Playset

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This play kitchen is so large and has a spacious walk-in room that makes it as good as a playhouse. It features multiple play stations, including a dining area, sink, stovetop, microwave, oven, and other realistic appliances.

Asides from the built-in features, this play kitchen also comes with 103 accessory packs, including utensils and pans. The countertops have a granite look, and the flooring has a realistic “oak hardwood” look.

15. Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse

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We love the charming design of this playhouse. It has a classic style that will easily blend outdoor. It includes a Dutch door, 2 large windows, peaked roof with skylight, handrail, table, kitchenette, welcome mat, electronic doorbell, phone, storage cabinet, and more.

The kitchenette includes a molded-in sink, faucet, and stovetop. With so many features, expect your kids to have fun and beneficial playtime here.

16. Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

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Reviewers love the small size of this playhouse, which makes it an excellent choice for indoor spaces. It has a kid-friendly design that makes it suitable for kids as young as one. It features a climber, slide. A movable periscope and an open flooring where kids can crawl.

17. Step2 Play Ball Climber with Slide

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Our favorite thing about the playhouse with climber is the ball pit, which features a drain plug. Kids can fill the ball pit with water or sand and then drain it after use.

It also has a spacious design that allows kids to play together. Kids will get to slide, crawl, jump, and have fun with the ball drop wall. The climber also comes with 10 ball sets.


All the playhouses listed above are durable, with many fun features that will engage kids and encourage their creativity. Whether your kid is 2 or 10, there is something here for your kids to have ultimate fun! Just check their features, size, and ensure it’s the right fit for your kids. We also have a review of Little Tikes Best Play Kitchen for your kids. 

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