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Cooking is fun and your kids can experience harmless cooking fun with a Step2 play kitchen like. There are many Play Kitchen brands on market and it could be very difficult to choose from the multitudes of brands. However, One of the brand that comes highly recommended is Step2.

Step2 is known for their pretty plastic play kitchen. The brand is one of the top toys shops today, their products are of high quality, affordable and designed to make your child have the time of their lives.

Many things set Step2 apart from other Play kitchen brands and one of those things is how pretty and functional their designs are. We can’t overemphasize the benefits of Play kitchen for kids. Especially a Play kitchen with a thoughtful and creative design like Step2 which not only improves the quality of playtime but also improves childrens’ imagination and motor skills.

Below Are Some Characteristics of Step2 Play kitchen That Makes It One Of Our Best Play kitchen Brand

1.  Beautiful, Colorful Design:

As said earlier, Step2 has one of the prettiest designs and imaginative features. Their Play kitchens are colourful, usually multicolored to make it more attractive to kids. The design is also awesome, in a way that sparks kids’ imagination and creativity. Most of their designs are full of beautiful details, lots of storage space, racks, appliances, accessories etc in a way that makes every kid feel like they are working in a real kitchen.

2.  Made from Fine Plastic

Plastic Play kitchens are one of the best and most durable kids toys materials. They last very long, they are strong, usually large and easy to clean. Step2 uses real plastic for their products. They are well-constructed with fine finishings  and void of any edges or points that can harm kids.

3.  Realistic Appliances

Imitation is the best form of flattery and that’s exactly what Step2 did with their play kitchen. Their play kitchens have appliances with realistic details and functions. Appliances in step 2 include but not limited to a stove top burner, pots, refrigerator, oven, coffee maker, grill etc. Most of these appliances have realistic details like the stove burner that makes exciting sounds and lights, the knobs that are clickable, the see through oven and microwave and many more.

4.      Lots of Accessories

Step2 Play kitchens come with multitudes of accessories and materials to make playtime more productive and realistic. Each play kitchen may include a variety of accessories like spoons, cups, pots, play food, phones etc all to bring more entertainment value and realistic cooking experience.

5.      Safe for Kids

One of the things to look out for when choosing a Play kitchen is to ensure the safety of your kid is guaranteed in it. Step2 Play kitchens are sturdy and not likely to tip off or break during play. Also, the materials used are non-toxic, they meet the toy safety regulation standards and are safe for kids. The designs and accessories are also kid-friendly so your kids are safe.

6.      Easy to Maintain

The plastic materials used for Step2 products are not only durable but easy to maintain. They are not susceptible to insects or pests and can withstand different weather conditions without breaking down. They are also easy to clean and disinfect so parents don’t need to worry about the stress of cleaning.

Best Step2 Play Kitchens

Taking several factors like features, design, customer reviews into consideration, below are a list of Step2 Play kitchens you and your kids would love.

1.      Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

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Step2 Lifestyle Kitchen has everything your kids need to have an amazing cooking play time. It’s very realistic with fun lights, sounds and functions just like a real kitchen. The stove top features exciting lights and sounds. The pots make sizzling/ bubbling sounds, the microwave has working keypads that make fun sounds. Also, this play kitchen has a modern décor and features 20 pieces of accessories and appliances that encourage role plays and creativity.

2.      Step2 Great Gourmet Kitchen

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This Step2 Kitchen will excite many kids with its beautiful modern style and realistic features. accessories.

It features a coffee maker, sink, refrigerator to keep pretend food, microwave, water dispenser stovetop with working lights and sounds, chalkboard, double oven, a large cabinet space and more. The design is neutral, great for both genders and the colour is cheerful.

Reviewers love that it’s very sturdy and easy to assemble and its built-in storage space is large.

3.      Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen & Grill

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We really love the unique design of this kitchen. It has a walk-in set up with multiple playstations and realistic functions for maximum entertainment value. This kitchen comes with 103-piece accessories, barbeque grill features, large refrigerator and an attached dining. The large countertop allows multiple kids to play at a time. This makes it a great option for parents with more than one kid or kids who want to share their kitchen with neighbours. It requires adult assembly but can be assembled in little time with the instruction guide.

4.      Step2 Espressor Bar Play Kitchen

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Your kids will have fun brewing coffee with the Step2 Espresso bar kitchen. The design is so attractive with its white, brown and gray colours. The kitchen features 21 pieces of accessories, double oven, coffee maker, refrigerator, clock, molded-in storage boxes and an electric stove pot with exciting lights and sounds.

5.      Step2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen

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Reviewers praised the quality of the kitchen and how much kids loved to play with it.

Featuring 37-piece accessories including play food, the Step2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen encourages kids to have hours of fun. Although a little small in size, this play set looks just like a real kitchen with the functional features like the molded-in sink, realistic features like the stainless steel appliances, faux granite countertops and the clickables knobs.

6.      Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen

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Your little chefs will love this play kitchen with its bright color scheme. Suitable for kids of 2 and above. The realistic features encourage more authentic play, the design is so unique, looks very real. We love its compact size which will take up only little space, the doll seat attached, and the granite-look countertop.

7.      Step2 Fun With Friends Kitchen

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What’s not to love about this Step2 kitchen in pink? It features a stove burner that bubbles and sizzles, a coffee maker, molded-in sink, 24 pieces of accessories and plenty of storage space to keep all accessories. It’s very easy to clean and the height is suitable for kids of ages 2- 6.

8.      Step2 Classic Chic Play Kitchen

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The trendy design and modern style of this play kitchen makes it one of the top choices of customers.  It features a gray countertop, appliances with a touch of gold and accessories in different colors. The kitchen has a realistic design especially with the working lights and sounds of the stovetop. We also love that it comes with a matching stool and storage bin for a convenient pretend play.

9.      Step2 Cakes and Coffee Kitchen

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This kitchen features a realistic looking credit card machine for a more exciting play for your little barrister. Customers like how realistic the details are, from the card machines which make realistic sounds down to the coffee and smoothie cups that look just like the ones seen in coffee shops. It features a 40-piece accessory set, a microwave, fridge and of course, a coffee machine for hours of playtime for your kids.

10.  Step2 Downtown Delights Play Kitchen

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This cute kitchen will no doubt be a delight for little culinary masters. Like most Step2 kitchens, it features a stovetop burner with lights and sounds. Aside from the stovetop, other features include a refrigerator and oven with see-through doors, a sink with a stylish gooseneck faucet, 24-piece accessory set and more. It’s easy to clean and very strong.

11.  Step2 Fixin’  Fun Outdoor Grill

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This small kitchen is great for a pretend backyard grilling. Your kids will enjoy making hotdog and burgers on the grill. We love the brick design which makes it match the outdoor setting, the extra cooking space and the 10 piece hotdog set. The knobs are clickable, despite the size, the construction is sturdy and fit for outdoor use.

12.  Step2 Ice Cream Parlor

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This cute ice cream parlor is a great option for toddlers. It comes with 3 cones and decorative rappers, 5 ice cream flavors, spoons and scoop. The most interesting feature is the musical button for 3 happy tunes. Because of its small size, the Step2 Ice Cream Parlor can be easily transported.


Step2 has one of the best and most versatile play kitchens. The kitchen set that made our list were well researched and suitable for every type of kid who wants a fun pretend cooking experience. They have different designs, colors and sizes.

Therefore, it is important to consider the features and sizes of the play kitchen before making a pick for your kid. For instance, would your kid prefer a grill or an ice-cream play kitchen? Your kids’ personalities and interests should guide you through your choice to ensure they get the perfect Step2 Kitchen.

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