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20 Best Play Tent for Kids By Age

Play tents are great entertainment gifts for kids. They offer a space where kids can relax, have fun, learn, read, and a lot more.

However, while play tents are suitable for kids of all ages, they are mostly designed to fit a particular age group. We have compiled the best play tent by age to help you pick a tent that fits your child’s age group.

Playhouse for 0 to 2 years old

Below are some of the best play tents suitable and designed for toddlers between 0-2 years.

1.     Avrsol Play Tent

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This pretty tent will work well in your toddlers’ playroom. Children learning how to crawl will find the floor very comfortable. It’s large and kids cannot only play in there but also get to relax. The cotton material used for the cotton is soft, skin-friendly, and free of all chemicals that can harm kids. Each pack comes with a tent, 26 poles, 19 connectors, and free 3M star lights.

2.    Alprang Play Tent

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The best play tents for kids are those that engage their imaginations. Development of kids’ motor and imaginative skills should start at a young age, and a play tent can be a great tool to do that. The Alprang tent has a dome shape with a Hubble Space Telescope Hidden Gems themed design. This play tent is perfect for little astronauts who want their personal space. It’s of a large size that can take up to 3 kids, kids furniture, toys and more.

3.    Gentle Monster Kids Play Tent

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Every kid loves pink, and your toddlers will enjoy the bright pink color combination of the Happy Monster play tent. It has a unique design that looks like a princess castle, a flowery pattern, mesh windows for ventilation and a curtain door that can easily open. This tent is lightweight, and it’s suitable to use both inside the house and outdoor. It has a large space, and you can fit in a mat, toys, kid’s furniture, and other supplies in it.

4.    Playz 4pc Pop Up Crawl Play Tent

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With over 3000 ratings on Amazon, trust that this play tent is a best seller for a reason. It comes in 4 pieces, and when connected, you get a portable playhouse consisting of 2 play tents and 2 crawl tunnels. Kids can use them on their own or combine them with the crawl tunnels to get other playtime ideas like hide and seek or turn it into a ball pit.

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5.    IREENUO Teepee Tent

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Each pack of the Ireenuo play tent comes with a cotton canvas tent, 8 pine wood poles, 12 connectors, a  silicone case, a floor mat, and fairy string star lights. The tent is 100% cotton so expect a soft, skin-friendly texture, durability, and prolonged usage years. We love its simple plain design, the storage compartments that can take in toy supplies or books, and the fact that it’s can easily be personalized and designed to taste.

Playhouse for 2 to 4 Years

Below are our best play tents for your 2 – 4-year-olds.

6.    Foxprint Princess Castle Play Tent

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Foxprint is a famous brand with more than 20,000roll-ups on this princess castle. It’s quite affordable and features glow-in-the-dark patterns that pop up the play tent. The tent is easy to clean, assembles in seconds, and will offer a space where kids can have a magical adventure. It features a roll up door, mesh windows, and enough room to take in 3 kids.

7.    USA Toyz Rocket Ship Tent

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Little astronauts will enjoy this play tent. It has a unique rocket ship design and comes with a bonus projector with 24 colorful images of space and galaxy. Kids will not only get to have a personal space but learn more about other worlds. The tent is easy to clean and durable. It pops up quickly and will only take seconds to assemble.

8.    Top Play Tent

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This tent looks adorable. It has a very bright and vivid design that kids will find engaging. It also has enough room to relax, use as a ball pit and play hide and seek. Unlike many play tents, this one is quite tall and allows kids to stand up and play.

Also, this tent is easy to clean, assemble, and safe for kids to use.

9.    Love Tree Large Tent

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The Love Tree tent is available in 3 colors; beige, black, and pink. It is large, made from 100% natural and nontoxic cotton, and equipped with strong fiberglass poles. It features 4 windows for ventilation, and so parents can keep an eye on their kids and side doors with zipper closure.

10. KAQINU Pop Up Play Tent

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Looking for something that will engage kids for hours, nonstop? Then go for the Kaqinu play tent. This tent comes with 33 pieces of camping set, including a gas stove, whistle, plates, binoculars, watch, food accessories, and more. Kids can have an imaginative play of being in a camp and fending for themselves. We love the realistic effects of some of the accessories. For example, the pretend stove and oil lamp makes a light display that gives kids a realistic experience.

Playhouse for 5 to 7 Years

Below are some adorable play tents for kids of 5 -7 years.

11.  DIY Creations Play Tent

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This play tent has zipper doors and mesh walls for proper ventilation. It’s very simple to assemble, lightweight, and you can carry it anywhere. Also, the tent is colorful, and kids will love it. We love that it’s large, tall, and made from durable materials.

12. Emily Rose Dining Canopy

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Adventure and fun will be perfect in this cute pink tent. Made from nylon fabric, this tent is durable and lightweight, with plenty of room to house your kids and their toys supplies. It is easy to install and has thick, sturdy frames that make it stand firm and strong.

13. OurWarm  Teepee Tent

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OurWarm Teepee tent has terrific features, including a pocket for storage and a Pompom ball design and balls. Thus each pack comes with a tepee tent, carry bag, wood poles, connectors, 4 floor protections, a stable ball, 1 rainbow décor, 16 colorful balls, and a fairy string light.  Kids will enjoy the attractive features and get to have the time of their lives in it. It’s made from 100% cotton, which is comfortable and durable.

14. FLAGAV Kids Construction Fort Building

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The fort tent is excellent for many reasons. Kids can set up their fort themselves. They can create different structures and help with their problem solving and imaginative skills. Each package comes with 45 sticks and 21 balls needed to build shapes and sizes they can think of.

Playhouse for 8 to 13 years

Looking for nice play tents for kids of 8 – 13 years? Check out our list;

15. Alvantor Kids Tent

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Alvantor play tent is a popular choice on Amazon, and the reasons are undeniable. It has a vibrant design and colors and a spacious space that can fit up to 3 kids. It has many openings, including a back crawl opening that you can connect to the tunnels. It’s easy to set up and suitable for many occasions like sleepovers, birthday parties, rooms, parks, picnics, and more.

16. Nice2you Children Playhouse

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Clubhouse is made from 100% polyester that is non-toxic, fade-resistant, and durable. It has enough room for 2-3 kids and has unique details that will engage kids. It sets up in minutes, cleans easily, and features environmental printing. We love that it is sturdy with strong poles to keep it strong.

17. Kids Indian Play Tent

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Aspiring astronauts will love this tent. It has a bold sky design, and kids get to spend their time imaging the beautiful starry sky and the world beyond it. It is hassle-free to assemble and has a top decoration, breathable hole windows, and a curtain door.

18. Aywewii Unicorn Princess Play Tent

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The Aywewii play tent has a unicorn design little kids will love as it will inspire their growing imagination. The pack comes with the play tent, installation manual, 5 throwing rings, and 2 unicorn horns. We love its perfect craftsmanship and the premium quality of the fabric.

Playhouse for 14 years and above

19. MIXOFFY Pop-up Police Car Playhouse

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This Police car tent will engage many kids and give them imaginative play ideas. It features two top openings where kids can stand comfortably and enough room to play games like police and thief. We love the vivid details and the durability of the material.

20. Playhut Pop Up Play Tent

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We love this play tent, and we are sure the kids will love it too. It has a stunning design that looks like a room in a fairy tale. The tent pops up in second, has a roomy interior featuring curtains and a Mylar mirror. It’s big enough for two and suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.


Listed above are some of the best play tents categorized according to age groups to make it easy to make your choice. The play tents have amazing reviews from customers, are very durable, and have exciting features kids will love.

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