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10 Fun Outdoor Playhouses for Kids

Outdoor playhouse is one of a child’s favourite spot! It’s a place where they get to dream, imagine and play.

From temporary plastic façade to a full-size small house, outdoor playhouses are designed in various sizes and styles.

With so many options out there, we’ve made it all easy for you by compiling a list of fun outdoor playhouses for kids.

You also get a scoop on how to make the best choice and safety precautions to take. Let’s dive right in!

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Playhouse

From the age of your child to climate where you live, and your budget, there are numerous factors to consider when choosing the best outdoor playhouse.


Most outdoor playhouses are of wooden or plastic origin though there are wide variety of options. A number of wooden playhouse are made from high quality, treated hardwood that can last for years. Regardless of the materials, ensure they’re of premium types.

Child’s Age

While some playhouses are fit for all ages, others are designed to suit children of specific age group. Each product has age recommendation to aid your pick of playhouse.


If you care about how the playhouse blends with your yard, then you should consider this factor. Will a brightly coloured plastic playhouse clash with your garden? Or will a gingerbread wooden playhouse fit your chic modern yard? There are outdoor playhouses for every style and taste.


Another feature you should consider when choosing an outdoor playhouse is the floor. It’s no surprise that most outdoor playhouses do not come with floors. If you want a safe surface for your child, then you should go for playhouse with floor. Floors make the interior of playhouse clean and dry. This is important for damp or humid areas.


Some outdoor playhouses have openings like doorways, windows etc. They also have additional features such as stove tops, chairs and tables. Windows aid ventilation and provide light for your child.

The closable door offers little ones the opportunity to shut out the outside world and engage in imaginative play. Some playhouses designed to look like specific buildings stimulate creativity and offer play ideas. Whichever one you pick, ensure it has features that your children will enjoy.


Choose an outdoor playhouse that will withstand years of child’s play and climatic conditions. A polyester tent playhouse will be a great option for summer or a warm, dry climate. Also, some plastic playhouses will change colour overtime, becoming brittle in a hot, dry location.

Ease of cleaning

Plastic outdoor playhouses are easily cleaned while a wooden playhouse is not easy to wash. If your child is a mucky one, you should consider the plastic option.

Floor Drain

If you’ve settled for a playhouse with floor, it’s best to check if the floor has a drain hole. Drain holes prevents the accumulation of stagnant water.

What are the types of Outdoor Playhouses?

The Molded Plastic Playhouse

Suitable for children between the ages of two to five years, the molded-in plastic playhouse can be erected on a patio, in a protected play yard, or in an area where the child can be supervised by adults.

These playhouses are available in different styles, with a door, window or roof. They are most times open on the back, providing slightly older children with the opportunity to use the house for their dolls or stuffed animals or to participate in play with younger children.

Playhouses designed like a home or with features such as a store, frontier cabin, castle, office, costume and more set the stage for hours of imaginative play.

The Playground Structure

Although this suit both young and older children, it’s a good pick for children aged four to ten years.

This type of playhouse makes swinging, balancing and climbing a whole lot of fun for kids.

Playhouse with fortress or ship’s cabin helps build muscle or youngsters. Built from latex-free, sterile rubber, playgrounds prevent kids from injuries.

Elaborate, Permanent Playhouses

Suitable for any age group, elaborate and permanent playhouses are made in such a way that the doors, windows, and ceiling are built to accommodate medium-sized adult.

Besides being a place for imaginative play, this playhouse can be a retreat where an older child can do artwork, write, play music or just get away from the family for some quiet.

Tower Playhouses

Good choice for slightly older kids, tower playhouses provide your children with a safe, exciting play area.

They usually come with slides for additional fun. Tower playhouse could be your kid’s secret hideout, spaceship, or fairytale castle.

Two-Storey Playhouses

It would be so nice to install a mini kitchen on one floor and a fun bedroom in another? Providing enough space, these playhouses will encourage playtime.

It also instil a sense of responsibility in them as they get to own their house and take care of it.

Log Cabin Playhouse

The unique concept of a log cabin will add more aethestics and quality to a playhouse. Besides appearance, this design ensures kids have a fun, safe play!

If you’re in need of a multi-room and two-storey with lots of space for youngsters, a log cabin playhouse will do.

The beautifully crafted stable door, the multi-room and two-storey design will definitely impress any adult and child.

Playhouse Safety Considerations

While playhouses can be lots of fun for children, the safety of these little ones is paramount.

Check if playhouse conforms to national product safety standards.

The child’s age should be highly considered.

Ensure you read manufacturer recommendations for age and safe use on all equipment.

Be sure the structure doesn’t have any sharp corners or protruding elements, especially at head level.

For safety precautions, inspect swings or climbing walls regularly.

Look out for gaps that a child might fall through or stick their head through.

To prevent injury, use absorbent materials or mats under swings or slides.

Keep children under close supervision.

1. Little Tikes Build-a-House

Little Tikes Build-a-House

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Erect your very own playhouse with Little Tikes Build-a-House! With interchangeable panels and easy-to-use tools, you can customise the look of the house.

Kids can build, disassemble and rebuild it to create endless variations!

Made from high quality materials, the frame is built to stand the test of time. Children will enjoy building with the power drill and screwdriver specially made to fit their little hands.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor active play, The Little Tikes Build-a-House is locked in by innovative trap screws thus making it easy to clean.

For interesting and imaginative role, slide mail and newspapers through the mailbox opening. Doors are swinged open and close for easy entry and exit for kids.

The playhouse is designed in such a way that it promotes social and physical play. Little Tikes playhouses makes for great addition to your swinger or sand box!

2. Step2 Wonderball Fun Playhouse

Step2 Wonderball Fun Playhouse

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This is where playhouse fun meets ball play from the inside-out! Featuring a range of tubes, shutes, and ball flippers, Step 2 Wonderball Fun Playhouse provides numerous play elements.

The openly designed playhouse allows full visibility when children play together. For exciting cause and effect play, flip the play balls into the playhouse or onto the roof.

Ball play is a great way to work on eye-hand and colour co-ordination. Let your child pass the ball to you while making eye contact before passing it back.

You can even take turns to shoot balls into the air with the aid of side flipper. Throw the play balls over the roof and watch as they fall through the tubes, producing a fun tingling sound as they go!

Watch them place play balls on the ramp inside the playhouse, zig zagging through the maze to the bottom basin.

The Dutch-style door and pass-through mailbox gives the toddler playhouse an appealing look thus providing hours of put-and-take style play.

Once they’re done playing, store the play balls in the bottom basin for the next playtime. Fun ball play awaits your little one with this playhouse.

3. Backyard Discovery Victorian Inn

Backyard Discovery Victorian Inn

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Let your young ones experience the elegant Victorian times in this modern day with this playhouse!

The large bay window, English garden bench, grand serving station, airy half door and fully stocked kitchen complete with phone, contemporary appliances and fresh Velcro food, prepares your kids for years of endless fun.

Made from 100% cedar, the lumber of the Victorian Inn Playhouse is tightly knotted to prevent cracks from emanating. The cedar wood is decay and rot resistant for durability.

All lumber is coated to give a smooth and clear appearance. It’s also cut and stamped with the part number to help speed up the building process.

The Victorian-style wooden playhouse stands tall at a considerable height of 51 inches. This makes it the right choice for kids of multiple age groups.

4. Outdoor Kids’ Evermeadow House Playhouse

Outdoor Kids’ Evermeadow House Playhouse

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Ideal for backyard, patio, deck or other outdoor space, the Evermeadow playhouse is a must-have.

Crafted from natural wood, this playhouse makes a great play space for toddlers and children and all of their adventures.

The panel design and well-labelled pieces makes it easy to assemble within a short time, averagely an hour.

In no time, you’ll have your playhouse up and ready for play, design and decorating. It features glazed windows and a full-height door which keeps the critters out when the playhouse is not in use.

You can choose to ravish in the natural beauty of the playhouse or paint it to your taste! For a fun DIY project, paint it with your family.

Recommended for children aged 18 months and above, this house measures 41″ wide x 38″ deep x 51″ high. With this playhouse, adventure awaits your children and toddlers!

5. Little Tikes Cape Cottage – Blue

Little Tikes Cape Cottage - Blue

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If your child has discerning taste and love imaginative play, then this Little Tikes Cape Cottage – Blue will be a good option for them!

The fun and funky pad evokes lake country style that will look good in any garden or home.

Your children will definitely love the sleek, modern playhouse with its working doors, windows, and shutters.

The working mail slot and flag holder are fun role play elements that will spark their imaginations.

To personalise your cottage, receive your play mail through the mail slot and use any standard flag pole and hoist a flag by your door.

Easy to assemble and disassemble with minimal hassles and tools, this lightweight design can be easily moved, transported and stored.

The house is built to look like brickwork so it can stand out from other playhouses. With Little Tikes Cape Cottage – Blue, there’s no limit to what your kids can imagine as they play.

6. Backyard Discovery Columbus Cedar Playhouse

Backyard Discovery Columbus Cedar Playhouse

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The sturdy four-sided structure is a cute place for kids to hang out. Backyard Discovery Columbus Playhouse is well-constructed with cedar wood, wooden roof, large window openings and many play accessories.

The front wall has a half door, windows and even flower pot holders for placing or planting your own flowers.

Inside the cottage is kitchen counter with play sink and stove. Play sink is made of UV resistant plastic with knobs that turn and faucets that rotates.

Wooden roof with sunburst gables gives the playhouse that extra touch of class. This playhouse has passed the toughest safety standards to ensure the safety of kids when using it.

7. Step2 Cottage & Grill Playhouse

Step2 Cottage & Grill Playhouse

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Step2 Cottage & Grill Playhouse is your little one’s home away from home abode! The realistic and attractive design will look great in any backyard.

Children will have loads of fun as they role play grilling, cleaning and welcoming guests into their very own home.

With molded-in mailbox and doorbell, your child can pass letters through the built-in mailbox or ring the chiming doorbell to tell their friends their arrival of their package.

The play phone, wall clock, flower box, swinging dutch-style door, working shutters, hardwood-looking floor (with drain holes), fireplace, kitchen seat, sink, and toy grill makes pretend play interesting.

Watch your little one squat on the kitchen seat and wash their favorite veggies in the play sink before putting them on the grill.

They can use the whimsical shutters for some fun open and close play! The built-in faux hardwood floor keep your kiddos clean and out of the mud.

You need not worry about the rain as this floor features added drain holes! Looking for a kid’s kitchen set with a kid’s grill? This is it!

The large, open concept playhouse enable parents watch over their kids.

8. KidKraft Modern Playhouse

KidKraft Modern Playhouse

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This is one fancy playhouse! KidKraft Modern Playhouse allows your child explore a new world without having to leave the backyard.

The slanted-roof house has built-in picnic table, mailbox, and red curtains. Considered one of customers’ favourite, this playhouse offers loads of DIY possibilities for personalization.

You can grab some food from the built-in BBQ grill and open window ledge. Your kid can write out the soup du jour or just jot down notes to friends or channel their inner Picasso on the chalkwall.

With the attached picnic table and benches, they can dine outside. Fabric curtains beautify the interior giving it burst of colour.

Kids can send and receive notes through the mailbox. Reinforced wooden panels prevents warping, makes it withstand harsh weather conditions and last long for years of fun.

This one-of-a-kind design provides extra seating for children.

9. Sportspower Wooden Outdoor Playhouse with Bench

Sportspower Wooden Outdoor Playhouse with Bench

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In need of a playhouse with unusual additional features? Sportspower wooden playhouse might just be what you need!

It has white trimmed windows and wooden shingle roof which add charm and flair to play house.

There is twin bench seats with seat cushions for relaxing, also keeping the kids from the rays of sun.

Your kid can play shop or catering van by the wide window opening at the back of the house.

The wooden playhouse has dimension of 83.6″ x 43″ x 62.5″ when assembled.

10. Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse

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Perfect for backyard, this Little Tikes Playhouse is crafted for endless play activities.

Standing tall at 58 inches, the innovative playhouse has numerous features. The clubhouse features 4 different themed walls which inspire creative and imaginative play.

Schoolhouse/Firehouse Wall contain a table, a chalkboard, an open-and-close door with mail slot, plus a molded-in bell and alphabet.

The gas station has a table, a chalkboard, an open-and-close door with mail slot, plus a molded-in bell and alphabet.

Sport wall comes with a sports ball, a basketball hoop, a soccer/hockey net and targets for ball tossing and game playing.

Lastly, the grocery store/bank includes an ATM, shelves for play food and so much more. Suitable for children aged 18 months to six years, Little Tikes Playhouse enliven your child’s imagination and promotes social skills.

Let your children express themselves in a safe and controlled outdoor environment with a wooden playhouse. Besides getting a high-quality outdoor building, your little ones will be opportuned to own their fairytale castle, superhero hideout or even a secret den!

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