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Modern Playhouse Buyers Guide

If you want your kids to have more exciting playtime without having to depend on gadgets or TV every time, playhouses are the perfect solution. Every child loves the idea of having their own space where they get to relax or live their adventures.

Playhouses will suit kids of different ages and will not only give them a private space to play but also improve their imaginative and motor skills.

Choosing a Playhouse

Wooden or plastic, outdoor playhouse or indoor, with kitchenette or slide, there is a wide selection of playhouses, and it is important to consider some factors before buying one for your kids.

In this buying guide, we covered the factors you should consider to find the perfect playhouse for your kid.

Important Factors

–      Price

–      Age Restriction

–      Safety

–      Material

–      Installation and Assembly

–      Size

–      Location and Placement

–      Design and Features

–      Maintenance and Care

– Price of Playhouse

The price of playhouses differs from brand to brand, design to design, and other factors. There are popular brands that sell their playhouses at an expensive rate, while you will find some at a cheaper rate.

Also, playhouses are made from different materials, and the most expensive playhouse group are wooden playhouses, followed by Plastic, Play tents, and Cardboard.

Set a budget and go for something you can afford and figure out what’s perfect for your kid and go for it.

– Age Restriction

Like many other kids’ toys, playhouses are designed for an age group in mind. Many playhouses are unsuitable for kids under age 2, but there are some in the market specifically designed for kids below 2. Some playhouses have some small parts that may cause choking hazards, making it a bad idea for little kids. Also, some playhouses can accommodate a particular weight, and any weight above that can threaten the safety of older kids.

It’s best to check the age group of the playhouse you set to choose and ensure it’s a good fit for your kid’s age.

– Safety

The safety of the product you buy for your kids is of great importance. Don’t give your kids anything that may cause a potential hazard. A playhouse must be sturdy with smooth edges and non-toxic materials. The materials used in production must be tested and approved for kids’ use. Also, go for a playhouse made from high-quality material that can withstand weather and serve kids a long time.

– Installation and Assembly

Playhouses have different installation techniques.   Some require you get someone to install it for you, while you can install some playhouses by yourself. Wooden playhouses are generally harder to install, and you may need an extra hand to assemble them. However, many playhouses come with an instruction manual with a step-by-step guide on how to install it.

–      Size

As expected, you will face different sizes of playhouses. Some are actually a playset meant for playgrounds, while some can fit perfectly in your kid’s bedroom. Many playhouses come with size measurements to help you pick the best size. Using the measurement as size reference is the best way to determine the right size if you can’t be physically present. Pictures can be misleading, and it may look smaller or bigger than it really is depending on how and where they took the picture.

The size you go for will depend on where you are placing the playhouse and the number of kids who will use it. If it’s for indoor, a small playhouse will be perfect, and a bigger one if it’s for indoor. If you have more than one kid, go for a size that can accommodate multiple kids at a time.

– Location and Placement

Another factor to consider is where you will be placing the playhouse. Will it be outdoor or indoor? How often will you move it and do you need it to transport it every now and then. Many often go for wooden or plastic playhouses for outdoor use, and customers go for lightweight materials, play tents or cardboards for indoors, or if they need something you can carry around easily.

–      Design and Features

You may be looking for a theme or design your kids will love, like a playhouse with a unicorn or one with police characters. Or you may just want something that will blend with your home décor or one with educational features that will improve your kids’ skills.

We recommend you go for a playhouse with colors, features, and designs that will excite kids and give them more learning and play options.

–      Maintenance and Care

Plastic playhouses and play tents require less upkeep, and you can clean them with water and remove stains whenever you notice them to prevent discoloration. On the other hand, Wooden playhouses may require treatment every two years to keep the surface polished, neat, and with better weather resistance.


– Material

There are 4 primary materials used for modern playhouse construction;

1.     Wood

Wooden playhouses are sturdy and tend to last very long compared to other material types. They are also eco-friendly and can withstand different weather, thus great for both outdoor and indoor purposes. However, wooden playhouses tend to be heavy and difficult to move around once put in place. It also takes a long time to assemble playhouses with wood.

2.    Plastic

Plastic is cheaper than wooden playhouses, and one major pro is that it comes in various colors, designs, and decorations.

Also, they are easy to assemble and carry around. However, plastic isn’t eco-friendly, and overexposure to sunlight can make the plastic look dull after a while.

3.    Play Tents and Teepee

These are made from fabrics and are very lightweight and the easiest to assemble. Also, they are affordable, available in colorful design, easy to pack up and carry around.

But, they are best for indoor usage because using them outdoor can threaten their durability. Also, play tents don’t last as long as plastic and wooden playhouses.

4.    Cardboard

Cardboard playhouses’ construction involves the use of cardboard or corrugated sheets.

They are affordable too and more; it’s recyclable. Also, cardboard playhouses work well for personalization. Kids can paint, design, and leave their mark on their playhouses. However, they are very fragile because of their light construction, and they tend not to last long.

Now that you know what to consider before getting that modern playhouse let’s check out the best choice playhouses your kids will love.

Popular on Amazon

1.     Foxprint Playhouse

View on Amazon

Type: Play tent

Foxprint is one of the most popular playhouses on Amazon, with over 25,000 reviews from customers and an average rating of 4.5. It’s a play tent suitable for 2-8 years old and can work both outdoor and indoor. It’s pretty easy to assemble and features glow-in-the-dark stars!

2.    Tiny Land Teepee Tent

View on Amazon

Type: Teepee Tent

This modern indoor playhouse is a top choice on Amazon, made from 100% cotton canvas.  It’s perfect for kids between 3 and 11. It’s great for multiple kids and comes with a padded, non-slip mat and a big pocket for placing toys. It’s easy to carry around and is quite durable.

3.    Little Tikes Endless Adventures Playhouse

View on Amazon

Type: Plastic

If you need a playhouse that will keep kids busy and active for a long time, then the Endless Adventure playhouse it is. The manufacturer was so thoughtful with its design. It’s very creative and features 4 different themed walls.

  • Wall one is a schoolhouse/firehouse wall with a table, mail slot, molded-in bell, alphabet, and more.
  • Wall 2 is a gas station wall with a gas pump, phone, and more details.
  • Wall 3 is a sports wall with a basketball hoop. Soccer net, sports ball and more
  • Wall 4 is a grocery store/bank wall with an ATM, shelves for play food, drive-up window, etc.

4.    Bankers Box Unicorn Playhouse

View on Amazon

Type: Cardboard

This playhouse is a great one for kids who love unicorns and love to paint. The Bankers Box playhouse comes with color-in the walls unicorn designs that kids can color. It also offers walls kids can customize. It’s very easy to assemble, and it’s made from corrugated boards that are strong with smooth edges for kids’ safety.

5.    Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set

View on Amazon

Type: Wood (cedar)

Buckey Hill wooden playhouse is perfect as an outdoor playhouse. It’s large and comes with many extra features kids will enjoy a lot. It comes with a 6 feet slide, 2 swing beams, a chalkboard, a rock wall ladder, and an upper and lower fort. It’s also very durable, weather-resistant, and will last a long time.  There’s a 3D interactive assembly instruction for this modern playhouse for free on the free BILT app.


Playhouses make perfect gifts for kids, and the multitudes of options make it easy to pick the best of the best. The buying guide and the recommendations above are a good start to make the perfect pick for your kids.


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