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Little Tikes Playhouse Review

There is nothing like seeing your child genuinely happy and having fun. Playhouses aren’t created equal and it’s amazing to know that Little Tikes is a playhouse manufacturer with strong credibility.

Little Tikes is one of the bestselling kids’ toy shops on Amazon. Their playhouses will let your little kids have fun playtime and private space. The Little Tikes playhouses combine amazing features with non-toxic materials that are safe for your kids.  

Little Tikes have a variety of options and you will always find something that will suit your kid’s personality

Below are some features of Little Tikes Playhouse that makes them one of the top choices in the market;

·         Beautiful Design and Style

Little Tikes manufacturing company is so thoughtful about the designs of their playhouse. All their products have a distinctive design that makes it unique. The playhouses are always colorful and the style allows for hours of imaginative plays. From vintage styling to contemporary styling, Little Tikes has a wide option of designs for you to pick from.

·         Functional Features and Accessories

Apart from being beautiful and attractive, Little Tikes playhouse has different functional features that will keep kids interested and busy. Playhouses serve not just as a private space for your kids but also as space where they can have enough fun time.

These features range from slides to a mailbox, kitchenette, play food, phone, and many more. These features and accessories inspire fun options so that while inside, your kid will never get bored. Also, some of the features can improve your kids’ academic performance, motor skills, and imaginative skills.

·         Durability

No one wants a playhouse that breaks down after a little use. Reviewers have praised the durability and quality of Little Tikes products! They are sturdy, will last for a long time, and will grow with your kid.

·         Safe

Playhouses need to be safe for use. Little Tikes uses non-toxic materials that meet the toy safety regulations for all their products. They are safe for your kids and the playhouses are designed so that there are no sharp edges that may harm your kid. The playhouses also feature working windows and shutters for proper aeration.

·         Maintenance

Parents love that the Little Tikes playhouse is easy to maintain and clean. They require no hassle and can easily be wiped down.

·         Assembly

Most of the playhouses are very easy to assemble and require no tools. Unlike some playhouse that requires professional help, Little Tikes playhouse can be done in minutes with the easy to follow instruction guide.

·         Transportation

Most of the Little Tikes playhouses are manufactured from plastic which makes them lightweight.  Thus, they are easy to carry around, to beaches, to parties, or anywhere else, the playhouse can go everywhere with your kids. Their portability also makes them great options for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Now, let’s get into some of the popular Little Tikes playhouses your kids would love.

1.      Little Tikes Princess Cape Cottage

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This bright colored Little Tikes playhouse Cottage is just as beautiful as it looks. Its modern design is something your kid will Love. It features 2 working doors, windows, and shutters. In addition to this are a built-in mail slot and flag holder which encourages more role-play and sparks imagination.

We love that like most of the Little Tikes playhouses, this playhouse is lightweight and can be assembled with little hassle.

2.      Little Tikes Go Green! Playhouse

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If you want a playhouse that encourages and teaches your kid about the environment and environmental action, the Little Tikes Go Green is the perfect option. It is manufactured from recycled plastic and has environmentally friendly components like solar panel power energy-efficient LED lights, a planting box with water removal, a working pump sink, recycling centers with removable bins.

It also comes with a shovel, rake and watering can, a mailbox and a booklet to guide your kids through the features of the playhouse.

3.      Little Tikes Deluxe Home and Garden Playhouse

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The Little Tikes Home and Garden playhouse features amazing features including a kitchenette with a stove and sink, mailbox, workbench, sand and water table, and 11 piece accessories. The house sports an open design and multiple play areas that encourage hours of fun play.

We love the white picket fence that can be assembled and disassembled by kids as many times as they want.

4.      Little Tikes Endless Adventures Playhouse

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Customers love this innovative playhouse which allows for endless fun with its amazing features. This little tikes Playhouse cottage has 4 themed walls all designed to help kids have a great fun time.

–          The Gas station wall features a gas pump, phone, and a tunnel.

–          The Sports wall features a sports ball, basketball hoop, soccer net, and ball tossing targets

–          The Schoolhouse/firehouse wall with a table, chalkboard, mail slit, and a bell

–          The Grocery store/Bank wall includes a drive-up window, ATM, shelves, and more

We really love the 4 wall feature and how it inspires physical and creative plays.

5.      Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse

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Little Tikes are so innovative with their designs. The Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse features a kitchenette with burners, food pieces, fireplace, oven, and oven for cooking pretend plays. It also comes with a chair and tableware for picnic fun.

Reviewers commended the features and accessories of the playhouse especially the electronic doorbell which makes 6 different sounds.

6.      Little Tikes Activity Garden Playset

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We love this toddler playhouse that doubles as an activity playset. The playhouse van be converted to a play center

It incorporates varieties of activity options, colors, and shapes which will develop the motor skills of your toddlers. Some of its features include a mirror for your babies, clicking caterpillar, ball toy, buttons that give bird sounds, spinning butterfly, mailbox, piano, movable telescope, and more.

It is easy to assemble and a suitable option for toddlers between 6 months- 3 years.

7.      Little Tikes Build-a-House

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This colorful playhouse is customizable and with the interchangeable panels, kids can build and rebuild their playhouse to different variations. It features over 25 customizable panels and accessories including a drill and screwdriver to build and rebuild.  We love how it will keep kids busy for hours and spark their problem-solving skills. Parents just need to build the frame and roof and the kids can customize the rest of the playhouse to suit their taste.

8.      Little Tikes L.O.L Surprise! Disco Playhouse

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This playhouse combines style, color, and fun. This fashionable playhouse features working doors, windows, shutters, a light-up disco ball, inflatable chair, flag, and mail holder. Kids will find the beautiful colors and style of this playhouse interesting. You also don’t have to worry about transporting it because it’s lightweight makes it really easy. It is suitable for kids of 2 years-10years,

9.      Little Tikes Cape Cottage In Blue

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The contemporary styling of this playhouse makes it a perfect playhouse for your kids. It features 2 working doors, windows and shutters, a mailbox, and a flag holder. We love the brick design, the lightweight which means it can be transported easily.

Also, it is easy to assemble, requires no tool, and can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

10.  Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber

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This Little Tikes Playhouse with slides is great for backyard fun. It features a tunnel for crawling and hiding, slides for hours of fun activity, and climbers for easy climbing.

We love that this playset is really easy to assemble, portable, and designed with a slope slide for a safe landing.

11.  Little Tikes 2-in-1 Castle Climber

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This playhouse features two platforms, a ladder, plank, slide which encourages imaginative plays. Kids can climb, slide, and have hours of fun. The structure is strong and you needn’t worry about it tipping off. It is also durable, expected to last longs, and suitable for kids between 2- 6 years.

12.  Little Tikes Jr. Jump n’ Slide Bouncer

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Kids will enjoy this inflatable bouncer with its large bounce area and a wide slide. Its wide slide can hold two kids at a time and the jumping area is high enough for the height of kids between 3 – 8 years. It comes with stakes to anchor the bouncer to prevent it from falling, blower stakes, 4 repair patches, and a heavy-duty blower with GCI. After use, you can deflate it and keep its storage bag. It also features three mesh sides so that parents can watch their kids.

The material used for the bouncer is so durable and of high quality so that it is puncture resistant.


Playhouses are of several benefits and your kids will be so happy to have one. Not just anyone, but one that allows hours of activity and encourages imaginative and role-plays.

Little Tikes playhouses do exactly that. The above playhouses are popular, have good ratings and have amazing features your kids will find interesting.

Before you choose a Little Tikes playhouse for your kids, ensure you check through their features to know if it’s the right choice for your kid. Kids have different personalities and their personality should determine your pick.

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