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Kids Playhouse Buyers Guide 2021

Kids’ playhouses are a worthy investment to help your kids entertain themselves and learn great skills.

Many kids love to play outside and a playhouse is a wonderful present to let your child have a private space outside or inside the home.

Why Playhouses Are Good for Kids

Playhouses provide a private place where kids can have time alone and/or have fun. Psychologists and children experts have emphasized on the need for children to have their personal space. One of the best ways you can do that is to get them a playhouse.

Also, playhouses inspire imaginary and pretend play activities which help with children development including their social skills and problem solving skills.

More benefits of playhouses are;

·         Playhouses allow children to entertain themselves. This allows them to be independent, build a sense of self and solve problems on their own.

·         Your kids will expend their energy in a playhouse which makes it easier to sleep at night.

·         It serves as a private space to have a quiet time or retreat into their own world

·         Encourage collaborative play with other kids

What Ages Are Playhouses Good for?

There are a wide range of kids’ playhouses on sale which can serve kids of different ages. Most playhouses are suitable for kids of 1 to 10 years.

However, kids above 10 years can still find playhouses useful. It’s best to let your kids start using a playhouse at a younger age.

What Can I Put in My Kids’ Playhouse?

You can make your child’s playhouse more fun by adding toys, arts and crafts supplies, kid furniture like chairs and tables, a book, a pillow for a nap etc.

How to Choose the Best Playhouses for Your Kids

You probably want to select a playhouse perfect for your kids but with so many options out there choosing one can be difficult. There are so many things to consider when choosing a playhouse for your kid.

After a thorough research, we have compiled a buying guide and tips to help you with your search!

Below are important things to consider before buying a playhouse;

1.  Budget:

Price plays an important role in parent’s choice of playhouse. Playhouses have varying prices usually based on the brand, material, features and sizes.

The playhouse you pick for your kids will depend on what you want for them and your budget.

Based on price differences, playhouses can be categorized into 4 main groups;

·         Wooden Playhouses

These are the most expensive in market and this is due to the wood material used for its construction.

·         Plastic Playhouses

They are the most common and second most expensive playhouses. There are produced from plastic which are modified into diverse variations like the kids’ playhouses with slide.

·         Play tents and Teepees

They are cheaper than plastic kids’ playhouse and are made from fabric.

·         Cardboard Playhouses

They are the cheapest and you can find them for as low as $20

2.  Age

Some playhouses are suitable for kids of all ages while some are designed to suit kids of a particular age group.

Most playhouse products will have the age range on the description to help you choose a design that best suits your kid. Keep your child’s age in mind when choosing a playhouse.

3.  Creative Features

Many parents think a large or expensive playhouse is the best. That isn’t always the case. The best playhouses are those your kids can have utmost fun in. You can go find simple playhouses that would stimulate your child’s creativity. 

There are kids’ playhouses with slides, playhouses with ball pits, playhouses with rooms and furniture and more. Whatever playhouse you pick, make sure it has features that will inspire fun ideas.

4.  Size

Playhouses come in different sizes. There isn’t a wrong sized playhouse because the size you go for would depend on your preference. Therefore, there’s a right size out there to suit everyone.

When you want to buy a playhouse, check for the measurement and see if it’s the right size for your kid(s).  Usually, the size you go for should depend on some factors like;

·         Number of Kids

Go for a playhouse that can take in all your kids at once. Also, remember that kids are always growing and you don’t want a playhouse that becomes too small for them after some years.

·         Location

Where will you be placing the playhouse? This is an important consideration when choosing a size. Look at the surrounding and go for a size that will fit the desired location. Ensure that there is enough space for the playhouse you pick.

Also, will the playhouse be placed indoor or outdoor? Indoor playhouses should be smaller, portable and easy to move around.

5.  Assembly

Playhouses have different assembly process. For example, cardboard playhouse can take up to 20 minutes to set up and some playhouses need the product specialist to assemble it.

When going for a playhouse, consider how the set-up is and if you can handle it. If you can’t handle it, is there someone available to help?

6.  Accessories

Your kid would have more fun in a playhouse with fun accessories like kitchen, mailbox, slides, picnic chairs, bus etc. For instance, a kids’ playhouse with slide encourages more hours of playtime.

Go for a playhouse with interesting features that will let your kids have a lot of fun activities and play pretend.

7.  Educational Value

Some playhouses are designed to increase kids’ knowledge on certain topics and improve their motor skills. Go for a tent that offers entertainment options as well as learning functions.

Educational functions could be about animals, sea, space, number, colors, and lots more.

8.  Safety

The safety of your kids is a topmost priority when picking a playhouse.  Check the age criteria, ensure the playhouse is well built and the material meets safety standards.

Also, a playhouse should have a sizable window for proper ventilation and to let you have a glimpse of your child when they are in.

9.  Maintenance

Some playhouses are easier to clean and maintain than others. Go for one whose maintenance you can deal with.

10.            Material

The two main materials used for playhouses are wood and plastic. When it comes to buying a playhouse, you should know if you’d be going for a wooden or plastic playhouse.

Other options are Play tents from fabric and cardboard playhouse from cardboard.

What’s The Best Playhouse Material?

 The material you go for would depend on your preference and needs.

Plastic playhouses are mostly designed for small children. A plastic playhouse is like a starter home and it’s great as your kid’s first playhouse.


·         Cheaper compared to Wooden playhouse

·         Smaller and great for small kids

·         Lots of themed design

·          Easier to assemble and dismantle

·         Comes in different bright colors

·         Suitable for both outdoor and indoor purposes

·         Portable, lightweight, and easy to transport

·         Easy to clean and maintain


·         Colours may fade out after long exposure to the sun

·         Non-biodegradable, not environmental friendly

·         Not as durable as the wooden playhouse

·         May not match outdoor décor

Wooden Playhouses are constructed from wood. They are usually used as outdoor playhouses.


·         Usually larger in size

·         Can accommodate large accessories

·         They are sturdy and last long

·         Environmental friendly

·         Can be painted and repainted to child-friendly colors

·         Can be more aesthetically pleasing

·         Blends well with outdoor settings’


·         More expensive

·         Difficult to install and set up

·         Requires larger space

·         Heavy, not portable and can’t be moved around except in the case of plywood playhouse

·         Can be affected by insects and termites

Play tents and Teepees

These types of playhouses are usually made from fabrics.


·         Cheap

·         Environmental friendly

·         Colorful designs, interesting patterns

·         Mostly lightweight

·         Easy to assemble

·         Great for both indoor and outdoor use


·         They may not last long

·         Weather can affect its outdoor usage

Cardboard Playhouse are usually lightweight as they are made from corrugated cardboards


·         Very cheap

·         Easy to install

·         Easy to customize and personalize

·         Environmental friendly


·         Very fragile will easily lose its shape

·          May not last long, parents often choose it as the first playhouse while they upgrade later

·         Not suitable for outdoor usage

Building Vs Buying Playhouse

It’s not impossible to build a playhouse (wooden) yourself.

However, while buying requires money, and following the above guide, building a playhouse is more complex and requires more.

There are a lot of things to consider to build a playhouse.

For one, you need the skills and the right tools. Can you handle the carpentry and tools? If you can’t, building a playhouse is a bad option.

Also, you would need not less than $200 to get the materials needed to build a wooden playhouse, therefore you have to consider your budget before starting the project.

Asides from the skills and cost, building a playhouse also means you need to dedicate days and hours to get it done.

Although building a playhouse can be fun (especially if your kids will be involved), there are a lot of factors to consider before investing in the project. To make building easy, you can get a kid’s playhouse plans to guide you through the process.

However, if building one yourself would be difficult, it’s best to buy a playhouse. There are different playhouses on the market that will serve your kids well.

The Best Kids’ Playhouse

The best playhouses are not only safe but provide kids with enough entertainment and creativity options.

Our top picks were carefully chosen by taking the buying guide above into consideration. We also considered the features, customer satisfaction, and reviews. We’ve also thrown in some toy playhouses for buyers on a budget.

Looking for the best outdoor or indoor playhouses? Affordable wooden playhouses or a plastic option? Regardless of the type, you’re looking for, the list below has got you covered.

1.  Little Tikes Cape Cottage

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This plastic playhouse has a lightweight design which makes it easy to transport, assemble, and move around.

We love the modern style of the cottage with its brick details, windows, shutters, and arched door.  It also includes fun role accessories like a flag holder and a mail slot.

Overall, this playhouse will allow for a lot of play pretend roles and spark your kids’ imagination. It will make a perfect first playhouse for your kid and it’s suitable for kids of 2-6 years,


·         Can serve as an outdoor and indoor playhouse

·         Easy assembly

·         Mail slot

·         Flag holder

·         2 doors and windows

2.  Backyard Discovery Victorian Inn Playhouse

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This is popular for the best wooden kids’ playhouse for sale because it’s made from 100% cedarwood. This means it is insect and rot resistant which makes it durable and well worth its price.

The design will transport kids to the Victorian Times. It has a large bay window, classic serving station, front porch, bench, and a fully stocked kitchen.

The Kitchen comes with a telephone, mounted sink, faucet, vegetable basket with Velcro food, plastic knife, cutting board, and burner. It’s designed for kids of 2- 10 years and the penalized walls make assembly easy.


·         Kitchen with a complete set

·         Plastic flower pot holders

·         Victorian-style design

·         Patented safe-t-fuse hardware for easy assembly

3.            Melissa & Doug Cardboard Cottage Playhouse

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Reviewers found this cardboard playhouse very adorable with the beautiful artwork and designs. The designs include a chimney, windows and doors, a vegetable garden, tire swing and working mail slot.

This playhouse is a good option to help your kids with a private space for imaginative play.

When installed, it measures 54” H x 39” W x 33.4” L which is large enough to take in multiple kids.

Also, we love that the corrugated cardboard material of the playhouse is very thick and sturdy.


·         Beautifully designed artwork

·         Durable material

·         Easy to assemble

·         Well-constructed parts

4.  KidKraft Disney’s Frozen 2 Arendelle Playhouse

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Customers love this Disney inspired, backyard kids’ playhouse. It features a scalloped aqua roof, intricate snowflake spires, ornate double doors and crisscross windows.

Disney’s Frozen 2 Arendelle Playhouse fairytale design consists of features such as regal graphics on the exterior and interior bottom of the house that are vibrant and inspire imaginative play. Also included is a serving window with awnings to let your kids serve their friends play-food.

The design of this playhouse was the reason it’s featured on our list. Chalkboard insets let kids practice drawing characters from the Frozen Movie. We are sure this a great playhouse option for your kids between 3-8 years and the neighbors.


  • Unique double front door design
  • Plastic roof spires designed to reflect the aesthetic of Arendelle castle
  • 2 window planters
  • Custom ice sculpted windows
  • Front door graphics inspired by Elsa’s room door

5.            Kids’ Teepee Playhouse

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This kid’s teepee playhouse is made from 100% high quality natural products. The Teepee is suitable for kids of 3 to 10 years and they can sleep, read, play with their toys.  Kids can also personalize the tents with paints, stickers, lights, glow in dark stars to suit their creative skills.

We love that it’s easy to assemble, easy to clean, and made from sturdy material that is highly durable. You can check out more kids play tent here.


·         Made from 100% safe materials

·         Easy to assemble

·         Good for both indoor and outdoor purposes

6.            Little Tikes Picnic On the Patio Playhouse

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This playhouse is great for kids to play pretend as chefs.  The Little Tikes Picnic Playhouse comes with a kitchenette, kitchen accessories including spoons, stove, knives and play food, benches and a mail slot

There is also an electric doorbell that makes 6 different sounds. The playhouse also has a window where kids can pass meals to others at the patio

The Little Tikes Playhouse is made in USA made from good and safe plastic and its suitable for kids of 18 months and above

Also comes with lots of accessories including play food, picture windows, oven cupboards and more


·         Easy to assemble

·         Lightweight and easy to move around

7.  Bankers Box Unicorn Playhouse

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This is a great buy for kids who love art and coloring. With this 2-piece cardboard playhouse set, your kid can customize and color their house the way they want! It features bold unicorn designs, windows, and doors.

The corrugated board it’s made from has kid-friendly edges to prevent paper cut during plays. Also, the Bankers Box Unicorn Playhouse is of strong construction and safe material.

Customers love how it offers hours of enjoyment as kids can make use of pencils, crayons, markers to color in the wall,

The set-up is also super easy and it folds up and breaks downs so easy for storage.


·         Easy assembly

·         Unicorn design

·         Strong corrugated boards

·         Customizable

·         Sturdy

·         Large enough for two kids

8.  KidKraft Mansion Dollhouse

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Kids love play-pretend and the Kidkraft Mansion Dollhouse is a perfect choice for long hours of fun.

This playhouse is the most furnished on our list with about 34 pieces of furniture. Kids not only get to play-pretend but have so much fun redecorating and decorating their space. It’s multicolored, 12’ tall, and a great option for little kids.

Reviewers say the wood construction is sturdy and although the assembly time may last up to 2 hours, the step-by-step assembly manual makes it easy.


·         8 rooms and 4 levels

·         A working Garage door

·         A gliding elevator

·         Center staircase

·         Multicolour

9.  Peepa Pig Wooden Playhouse

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This affordable wooden playhouse is definitely at the top of our list with its amazing and beautiful features. There’s enough room for everyone in the Peepa Pig playhouse as it features 3 floors and 8 different rooms and accessories. Note that this playhouse can’t fit kids, it’s more of a carry around playhouse toy for kids.

The top floor features an attic playroom and an office with a skylight and telescope. Other floors consist of a kitchen, living room, hall, bathroom, 2 bedrooms. In addition to the rooms are furniture and accessories including bunk beds, musical light, sofa, phone holder, and more.

It’s also well built and sturdy and rest assured your kid will find the design adorable. It’s suitable for kids of 3 and above.


·         8 rooms

·         Over 20 pieces of furniture

·         2 exclusive Peppa and George figures

·         A sound FX and a glowing cooker

10.  Kiddie Play Princess Playhouse

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Kids love beautiful designs and this Princess Playhouse combines bright colors with beautiful princess-themed aesthetics.

Made from 100% polyester fabric and plastic tube frames, you require only a little time for assembly.

Parents with more than2 kids will love this one because it’s large enough for 4 kids at the same time.  This tent is also suitable for long hours of play pretend, hide, and seek and can be used as a ball pit.


·         No tool required for assembly

·         Includes an optional floor to insert at the bottom for outdoor purposes

·         2 back and front doors

11.  Tiny Land Ice Cream Playhouse

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This is a beautiful indoor playhouse great for learning and child development. Although it’s made from polyester fabric, it features a cotton canvas cover, iron poles, and plastic connectors.

The creative ice-cream design makes it a great fit for role plays and encourages basic entrepreneurship and math skills.

Asides from being a playhouse, the bright color and designs make it a great decoration to your child’s bedroom. It’s suitable for kids of 3 years and above.


·         Durable and safe materials

·         Can work as an outdoor playhouse

·         Easy to assemble

12.  Toyster’s Police Headquarters Playhouse

View on Amaz


This one of the most affordable wooden playhouses on our list and it’s so functional.

The toyhouse has a police station theme with toy sets that encourages creative games and helps with developmental skills. The playhouse comes with different accessories including a burglar, police car, helicopter, emergency bell, and more.

The wood material used is non-toxic and kid-friendly with a smooth finish. Toyster Police Headquarters Playhouse is suitable for both boys and girls for long hours of playtime.


·         Finished with a non-toxic paint with no odor

·         Easy to assemble

·         Durable materials


A playhouse will benefit your kid in so many ways. It provides a private and safe place for kids to have fun and explore.

Whatever playhouse you choose, rest assured your kid will enjoy spending time in it.

The 12 playhouses in this buying guide are customers’ favorite and they all have amazing features that make them great options for kids.  With any one of them, you are surely getting a nice and durable quality at a worthy price.

Regardless of anyone you choose, ensure you have enough space to fit in or outside your house. Also, check the features, the accessories, materials, installation requirements and ensure it is the right fit for you and your kids.

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