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Kidkraft Playhouse Review 2021

KidKraft is a fantastic children’s toys brand. They produce unique children products ranging from dollhouses, play kitchens, and playhouses.

Most of their playhouses are of wood material, and they have beautiful designs and structures that look quite a lot like a real home. Wood playhouses are also of excellent quality, and they work outdoors very well compared to other playhouse materials.

Like other brands, KidKraft playhouses of different types and features. While some come as a swing set, some work as sandboxes, some come with slides and some just have beautiful designs that kids will adore.

We have compiled some of the best KidKraft Playhouses we are sure you and your kids will love.

1.     Kidkraft Lewiston Retreat Cedar Wood Swing Set

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This playhouse is fully packed. It’s not just a playhouse but the whole playground. It features a two-story apartment, a play kitchen, and a clubhouse. The lower clubhouse features a door, mailbox with a flag, clock with hands, roof, and a faux stone chimney. The kitchenette comes with a stove, sink and other kitchen utensils. The playhouse also includes two slides; a high rail wave slides and Twist N’ tube slide.

Also attached to the playhouse a monkey bar, swing and a climber. This playhouse will need an extra hand to assemble but trust us that it will make an incredible addition to your kids’ playground. Kids will get to experience different activities on one set.

2.    KidKraft Modern Outdoor Wooden Playhouse

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We absolutely love this modern playhouse. It looks a lot like a real house and kids will enjoy it. It’s made from high-quality Sanmu wood material, and the wood appears so natural that it can fit any space. Also, the bare look makes it easy for parents and kids to DIY or personalize the playhouse to suit their taste. The wooden panels are reinforced so that they can survive any weather. They are water-resistant and will suffer no warp.

Some features of the modern wooden playhouse include;

·         Espresso Picnic table with 2 benches attached

·         Mailbox with flag

·         Outdoor grill

·         Fabric curtains

·         Chalk wall

·         Open window for the grill

·         Door that opens and work

·         And  a lot of modern-designed windows

This playhouse is one of the customer’s favorites and we are not surprised it’s one of the bestselling KidKraft playhouses.

3.    KidKraft Disney’s Frozen 2 Arendelle Playhouse

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A Disney-themed playhouse with incredible designs? This is the one. This playhouse would make a perfect gift for kids who love Disney’s Frozen. It features beautiful scenery with a scalloped aqua roof, snowflakes spires, ornate double doors and more features that make it look like something out of Frozen. The designs are very vibrant. Elsa’s room inspired the front door design graphics, the plastic roof spires were designed to reflect the beauty of Arendelle castle.

Another favorite about this playhouse is the 2 chalkboard panels where kids can practice drawing, writing and have more fun.

4.    KidKraft Cooper Playhouse

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The Cooper Playhouse has a simple yet unique design. Kids will enjoy decorating and personalizing this playhouse to suit their style. It features open side windows that work not just for proper ventilation but pretend plays like puppet shows and imaginary food delivery.

Made from Cedarwood, expect this playhouse to last a long time without developing any major fault. The roof is also quite pretty, requires no maintenance and is weather resistant. The playhouse is easy to assemble, and buyers get a five-year warranty on purchase.

5.    KidKraft Greystone Cottage Playhouse

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This cottage is quite spacious and can take in up to 5 kids between the age of 2 and 10. We love the design, which looks like a real home. It’s made from Cedarwood and has very smooth wood details. It’s aesthetically pleasing and of durable quality that will stay a long time in your backyard. It features a play kitchen with kitchen accessories where kids can cook up pretend food for friends.

·         A mailbox with a chalkboard surface

·         A chimney

·         Large windows with plastic decorative frames

·         Working doorbell

·         Flag

·         Pegs for play pans

The assembly is 3D interactive, and you can get it through the free BILT app.

6.    KidKraft Backyard Wooden Seaside Cottage Outdoor Playhouse

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Compact-sized, adorable, and of high quality, this playhouse is a top choice for good reasons. The design is quite pretty and kids will enjoy having it as their own private space. I feature an exterior with a bench where kids can sit or welcome friends, a mini canopy over the bench, attached planter boxes for flowers or sand, a clock, a chalkboard to write or practice drawing more features. It’s made with wood, thus very durable. Customers love its small size, which makes it a great option for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They also commended the overall quality of the playhouse. One customer gushed about how this playhouse has stood the test of time in their backyard without any fault.

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7.    KidKraft Garden View Outdoor Playhouse

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Kids will have a lot of fun playing in this playhouse. Built with many fun features, kids will spend hours playing here. Some of the beautiful parts are the working doorbell, the mailbox, the clock and the phone with clicking buttons.

It features 2 chalkboards, 3 decorative windows, 2 upper windows and 2 serving windows with a café counter and hanging planter box. It has an EZ Kraft assembly, which means you will spend less time assembling it. It’s also of small size with a height that can fit indoors. So kids get to play in the playhouse both outdoor and indoor.

8.    KidKraft Braewood Wooden Outdoor Playhouse

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This gorgeous playhouse has a very unique architecture that will look so good in any part of your home. It features a gabled double-level wooden roof, vertical windows and a door with windows and a functional mailbox.

It also includes a flip inside-outside bench, an adjustable serving station, a play kitchen with accessories, a storage bag to store toys,2 clocks, and 2 chalkboards. The door has a magnetic feature for secure closure. Some of the kitchen features include a sink, faucet with knobs, cooktop, burner, pan, spatula and more. Trust that your kids will have amazing fun with this playhouse.

9.    KidKraft Appleton Cedar Wood Playset

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Want a complete playset that will keep your kids engaged with different activities for hours? This Appleton playset will make a great option for kids. It comes with double belted swings, a rock wall climbing ladder, a playhouse and a high wave slide. It also features a sandbox underneath the upper deck where kids can have a digging adventure, a chalk wall to practice letter or number writing, sketching or any imaginative skill.

The Appleton playhouse is large enough to hold up to 6 kids at once. It’s of high quality, made from 100% cedarwood that is non-toxic and easy to assemble.

10.  KidKraft Creston Lodge Kids Playset

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This will make a perfect addition to any backyard. Kids will have hours of fun time and have an incredible outdoor experience. The playset comes with many features, including a playhouse and kitchenette, a Twist-N-Ride tube slide, swings, monkey bars, a climbing ladder with climbing stones, a clock, a mailbox and lots more.

The set can allow 10 kids to play at once, making it a great way to encourage interactive playtime amongst kids. It’s constructed from premium cedar wood that is durable, pre-cut and pre-drilled for easy installation. It’s also non-toxic, durable, has smooth edges and is suitable for kids of 3 to 10 years.

11.  KidKraft Cabana Sandbox

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Let your kids have a fun adventure by getting them this playhouse. This playhouse doubles as a sandbox. It features a ball pit kids can fill up with sand and a roll-up cover that serves as protection and gives them a space they can call their own. The structure is wooden, weather-resistant and features a cabana cover with windows that covers the frame. It also comes with 3 storage bins, a plastic liner that goes under the sand. The sandbox is well built hence very sturdy and strong. It’s easy to assemble and suitable for kids of 2- 15 years.

12.  KidKraft Treasure Cove Wooden Swing Set

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This playset is packed with features that can keep 8 kids busy at the same time. It’s quite large and has two storeys, a playhouse and a lower clubhouse where kids can have fun and transform it to anything they want with their imagination. It also features amenities like;

·         A rock climbing wall to climb to the upper playhouse

·         2 high wave slides with safe slopes

·         2 belt swings to have fun right in  the air

·         Acro bar

·         And a solid swing beam.

The playset is of high quality, made from 100% cedarwood with predrilled and pre-assembled panels that makes assembly easy.


Listed above are some of the best KidKraft playhouses. They are all made from durable and high quality material that promises a prolonged use. Also, the products have high praises from previous customers and come with features that will engage every kid. Get any of them for your kids for an interesting and creative playtime.

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