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10 Ways To Clean An Outdoor Playhouse

Sand, water, leaves, birds droppings. There is a lot of dirt that can get in an outdoor playhouse. That’s why it’s really important to ensure your kid’s outdoor playhouse is clean before they start playing in it.

Asides from making it safe and hygienic for kids, cleaning is also a good way to maintain the quality and aesthetics of a playhouse.

Are you ready to keep your kid’s toys sparkling clean? Here are some of the best methods to get your kids ready for for a clean and safe playhouse.

How to Clean Plastic Playhouses

Plastic playhouses often need the most cleaning, especially if left outside often. Meanwhile, they are also the easiest to clean. First of all, it’s really recommended to keep plastic playhouses of direct sunlight to prevent a breakdown. You can place it under a shade of your home or under a tree for more protection.

Below are some tips to keep them clean;

  • Use Disposable Cleaning Wipes to Clear Bird Droppings

It’s not uncommon for birds and small animals to turn an outdoor playhouse into their playground. If you notice bird droppings, use cleaning wipes to clear them off before starting the main cleaning.

  • Use a Broom for Dirt

If there is excess dirt on the floor of the playhouse, pack it up with a broom.


  • Soap and Water Mix

Mix a washing liquid in water to remove grease and dust quickly. Soak a sponge, or an old tooth brush in the soapy mix and rub it in a circular motion over the surface. Then, use water to rinse off the excess bubbles and a dry cloth to clear away faint smears that may be left.

  • Try a Vinegar and Water Mix

Mix about 2 cups of vinegar to 2 gallons of warm water and some lemon juice. Then using a sponge, scrub the mixture over the playhouse and rinse clean when done. This will help cut through the grime.

  • Try Baking Soda Paste

Baking Soda is a valuable household item that can help you with cleaning an outdoor playhouse. Mix baking soda with water to make a paste, then, using a brush or sponge, scrub onto the surface of the playhouse. This method will eliminate odor and cut through strong stains and grain.


  • Get the Playhouse into The Kid’s Pool

You can clean your playhouse in the kid’s pool. This is especially great for small playhouses that can be carried or disassembled easily. Make a lather using dishwashing soap, then put it in the playhouse. After some minutes in the pool, scrub, remove and rinse with a hose.

  • Use Magic Eraser

Using magic erasers will help you cut through tough stains and grease faster. Use them to wash over the surface and consider using big erasers to cover more surfaces at a time.

  • Cover When Not In Use

To prevent excess dirt on the playhouse, cover up your kid’s playhouse when they are not using it. This will protect it from wind, dust, bird droppings, sunlight, and other elements. Covering them also means less work for you during cleaning.


How to Clean Wooden Playhouses

Wooden playhouses, unlike plastic playhouses, don’t need regular cleaning. However, this largely depends on the type of wood and stains. Some wood materials like cedar are quite durable and won’t needs repainting or repolishing. However, some wood like pine require treating with wood preservers to prevent rots and infestations.

  • Check Out For Loose Nails and Bolts

Before cleaning a wooden playhouse, inspect it to ensure there are no structural imperfections. Check for loosening bolts, nuts, and nails and any other damage. Ensure you fix any problem before starting the cleaning process.


  • Sweep the Floor

The floor of a wooden playhouse is usually the dirtiest part. Start by clearing off the dirt and sand with a broom.

  • Make a Cleaning Mixture with Bleach and Liquid Soap

Mix up a spoon of bleach with 5 spoons of dish detergent in a gallon of water. Then use a soft sponge or brush to clean off dirt on the wood. Use a damp towel or water to get rid of the lather and running dirt. It’s best to let it dry up in sunlight before play. You can also try a vinegar wash or baking soda wash. 


  • Repaint of Re-polish

When you are done cleaning, and the playhouse is dried, check if the wood needs a new coat of paint. This will be apparent through the color. Is the color of the wood fading? Is the paint peeling? You can repaint or stain with the original paint color or try another paint for a new look. You can also use a spray.

You may also need to sand down the surface, especially if it a gloss paint, to help the new paint hold well. Meanwhile, ensure you use the right paint or stain or spray.

  • Use a Wood Preserver

Although wood can be quite durable, it’s also susceptible to natural elements like damp, insects, fungi, which may cause decay and rot. Wood preserver helps treat, preserve and protect wooden playhouses against these elements as well as maintain the appearance. 

There are different types of wood preserver you can get your hands, get one that suits your project and budget. 

  • Cover Up

Wooden playhouses left in a damp weather for a long time are susceptible to rotting and decay. It’s best to with a plastic cover, especially during rainy days. 

Bottom Line

Playhouses are durable, safe, and can last a while. However, they are also susceptible to dirt and deterioration. The remedy for restoring and maintaining them is by regular cleaning.

Give these tips a try for a thoroughly clean outdoor playhouse and let your kids have fun in the clean space.

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