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10 Best Mats For Kids Playroom

Your kid’s playroom deserves the best. From playing with toys, working on arts and other playing activities, the floor may get messy. Mats are a great way to decorate your kids’ playroom flooring and keep the place clean and safe.

Also, there are playmats that not only serve as cover but as an activity mat with plenty of fun and learning opportunities.

Importance of Mats

Playmats can offer a lot of benefits. Apart from providing soft and pretty flooring, they can help in kid’s development. Some benefits of mats include;

1.     Entertainment

Kids can get bored very quickly, and they love to be busy with something fun. A mat with bright colours and entertainment options can be a source of fun. Kids would enjoy playing, exploring and even learning on their mats.

2.    Development

Some mats are designed specifically to encourage child development. They have interactive and learning features like alphabets, removable puzzles, animals, shapes, sounds and lights, which can promote children’s motor skills, reasoning and spatial awareness.

3.    Safety

Playtime is a necessary time for kids, and it’s ideal to have them play on the mat rather than a floor. Floors are not very hygienic. Also, mats are very comfortable compared to the hard floors.

4.    Sensory Stimulation

Playmats come in a variety of bright colours, textured surfaces, and features that can provide kids with a sensory experience.

5.    Portability

Not all kids’ toys are easy to carry around. However, playmats fold very easily, making them easy to set up, store and carry around for travelling. They are also washable, and a quick wash will get all dirt and germs away.

Things To Look Out For When Buying;

Below is a short buying guide for kids playmat;

  • Material

There are a wide variety of mat materials. Ensure to purchase a breathable mat made from non-toxic material. Also, invest in padded mats, especially if you are dealing with toddlers.

  • Size

Ensure you get a mat that’s the right size for the playing area and the kids. For example, you may want to get something smaller for toddlers because they can’t move around much.

  • Portability

A foldable mat is very versatile and has easy carriage. You can carry it around from room to room or during quick travels. We recommend you get a foldable mat that is easy to carry around.

  • Features

Playmats come in many options. They can range from having simple designs to having puzzles, alphabets and cartoon designs. While some are simple and designed just for flooring, some have additional features like lights, music, puzzles etc. Your mat of choice will depend on your preference and the degree of entertainment option you want from it.

Our 10 Best Mats

Here are the best mats for kids playroom ;

1.     PartyKingdom Kids Play Mat

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The educational features of this mat make it a top choice amongst customers. It features alphabets (ABC) represented with matching animals, objects, shapes, all in different vivid colours. These educational features can be very helpful in kids’ early education and development.

Furthermore, this mat is large, measuring 78.7 x 59 inches and will undoubtedly have full coverage in your kid’s playroom.

Why We Love It

·         Made from premium sponge materials

·         Slip-resistant features a non-slip backing with fine sewing for kids protection

·         Foldable and easy to store and carry anywhere

·         Very soft and comfortable

2.    ProSource Kids Foam Play Mat

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Geometric shapes and vivid colours make this one of the best interlocking foam mats and the right choice for parents who want pretty aesthetics as well as a learning tool for their kids. It features 36 ”12 x 12” puzzle pieces, and when combined, you get a mat above standard size. The attachment can be so engaging for kids, and the colours and shapes can help in kid’s development and cognitive skills.

Why We Love It

·         Very durable

·         Easy to assemble and disassemble

·         Offers a comfortable foam flooring

·         Made from non-toxic materials

3.    LiveBox Hopscotch Kids Play Mat

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Teach your little ones to learn while they play with this medium-sized playmat. It features vivid printed designs of numbers, toy cars, animals, roads, and graphics that kids will find interesting. Also, this mat is durable and made from an exceedingly soft flannel top.

The safety features also make it a top choice. It has shock-absorbing features, which makes it ideal for crawling babies. Also, it features durable dots on the underside, which helps to keep the mat in place and provides a firm grip for kids.

Why We Love It

·         Very soft and durable

·         Lightweight, foldable and easy to carry out

·         Features advanced printed designs

·         Easy to clean

4.    Fun Little Toys Play Mat For Crawling

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Works as a baby floor mat for crawling? Check. Durable, thick and made from non-toxic material? Absolutely. Interesting educational features? Tick too. 

This playmat features 9 tiles playmats, 12 tiles fence mats, and 4 tiles gate mats that are easy to interlock. The fence and gate give it a distinctive design that makes it a good choice as crawling foam mats for kids. It also features  9 different vehicle patterns kids will find interactive.

Why We Love It

·         Waterproof and stain resistant

·         Soft, delicate texture

·         Easy to store

·         Interlocks tightly

5.    Road Toy Playroom Mat

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Like other interlocking foam mats, this mat tile flooring set can be easily installed to give a large rug. The mat is easy to connect and detach and also features a road surface for a fun and interactive experience.

Why We Love It

·         It is water-resistant

·         Durable and easy to clean

·         It is non-toxic and suitable for kids of all ages

·         Quick and easy to assembly


6.    Terrug Kids Carpet Playmat Rug

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This seamless looking one-piece mat includes ABCs and letters/phrases in American Sign Language. It’s made from high-quality nylon material, and the mat is super soft and cozy for kids. It also features a non-skid latex to ensure the kid’s safety. The designs are vivid, educational and would encourage learning in kids.

Why We Love It

·         Easy to clean, durable and soft

·         Easy to fold and roll up

· High-quality craftsmanship

·         Great for educational purposes

7.    StillCool Baby Play Mat

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This StillCool mat features a smooth surface with a bright design that your baby will love. The animal patterns are removable and will engage kids for hours.

 It is made from a high-density EVA foam, which is durable yet lightweight. The mat is well cushioned and can serve as a baby crawling play mat. Very thick(O.4 inches thick) and soft, ensuring your kid’s comfort and safety.

Why We Love It

·         Easy to clean and maintain

·         Anti-microbial and hypoallergenic

·         Features a fence to keep toys from rolling away

·         Waterproof and stain resistant

8.    Beiens Extra Large Baby Crawling Mat

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 Beiens is big on safety, and their play mat is made from standard materials that are non-toxic, EVA free, Mercury-free, lead-free and odourless. It also features an anti-skid surface with numbers and ABCs to help children learn. 

The Beiens mat also includes interesting patterns that will engage kids’ imagination. Our favorite thing about the mat is its double-sided design. On one side is the design of antelopes and giraffes in a forest, while the other side has chicks and rabbits on a farm.

The dimension of this toddler play mat is 77 x 70 x 0.4 inches and is a great option for parents looking for something large.

Why We Love It

·         Very safe for kids to use

·         Water-resistant

·         Very thick yet foldable

·         Comes with a bag for storage

9.    Childlike Behavior Play Mat

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This mat is made up of 5 interlocking floors and 10 playmat edges that come in a bag for easy storage. Customers love that the mat is extra large and offers full coverage for the kids’ playroom. Also, the material is comfy and soft. The craftsmanship is durable, and the design is stylish and chic.

Kids will find this mat very convenient to play, crawl, tumble and have fun.

Why We Love It:

·         Odor resistant and waterproof

·         Easy to clean

·         Unique design with calming effects

·         Includes 2 extra edge pieces for backup

10. Bammax Play Mat

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Extra-large? You have it. Waterproof and easy to clean? Yes.   Non-toxic and safe for kids? Indeed! This double-sided mat will make a great addition to your kids’ playroom. It has an antiskid design with a soft surface safe for kids to use. It also has moisture proof, anti noise and educational features.

Why We Love It

·         Offers a shock absorption

·         Has a 5 layer folding design for easy storage

·         Waterproof and dirt proof

·         Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

·         Offers double-sided printing patterns


If you are looking for quality mats for a playroom, rest assured that one of those on our compiled list will make a good choice. They were compiled taking into consideration their cute features, craftsmanship, durability, and of course, ratings from previous buyers. Just ensure you pick the right size and features your kids will enjoy.

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