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10 Best Kids Kitchen Sets for 2021

Do you want to spark more imagination and enhance creativity in your kid? Kids kitchen set should be among your preferred choice of toys. These sets do not only prepare young ones as future chefs 😉 but also helps them identify colors, count, improve on their motor and organizational skills.

Finding the best kitchen set can be tasking. However, we’ve outlined some of the best kitchen sets for kids in the market. Let’s get started!

What to Look for in a Kitchen Set for Kids

As you know, the best kitchen sets for kids often come in different models. The one you eventually choose depends on your budget, personal preference, and the needs of your child. Here are factors to consider when choosing the right one.


While choosing a play kitchen set, you’ll need to consider the size first. You’ll need to ensure that there is plenty of space in your home to accommodate the kitchen playset. Also, you’ll have to make sure there is enough play space for your kid and their sibilings/friends.

The Accessories

The number and type of accessories that come with the kitchen set play an important role in imaginative play and creativity. An ideal kitchen set should include bowls, pots, and pans which enable kids to create imaginary dishes for their friends to enjoy. While some models come with a number of utensils, others come with a wide range of cooking utensils and even realistic-looking food.

Interactive Elements

For an interactive and life-like experience, some play kitchens include oven timers and beep, and faucets that turn. This will keep kids entertained for hours.


Kitchen playsets are either made of wood or plastic. While wooden sets are more durable than plastic sets, the assembly process is usually trickier. Typically, wooden types tend to look smarter. Plastic is a more preferable choice for kids since it’s user-friendly. Regardless of the materials used, ensure the kitchen set is solid, sturdy, and safe.

The Assembly

While some kitchen sets can be assembled within few minutes, others may take hours to put together. This is usually determined by the size and complexity of the model that you settle for. Irrespective of the type of model you choose, make sure it comes with a manual to guide the assembly process.

Best Kids Kitchen Play Sets

Step2 Cozy Kitchen

Step 2 Cozy Kitchen

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Perfect for little chefs learning pretend-play cooking and baking skills. This kitchen playset contains all the realistic kitchen features you can think of.

With Step2 Cozy Kitchen, your little one can run their own kitchen by exploring features like working ovens and refrigerator doors. They can even pretend to do some dishes in the molded-in sink with faucet and entertain guests.

With the kitchen playset’s stovetop feature and clickable knob, your ward will enjoy cooking. Though this kitchen is a smaller model, it’s not short on storage space. They can store accessories in the upper cabinets and hanging hooks when they’re done playing.

All your little one need in their kitchen is included in the playset. What’s left is to take a trip to the pretend grocery store for some play food!

Step2 Fun With Friends Kids Play Kitchen

Step 2 Fun with friends play kitchen

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With over 7,000 reviews, Step2 Fun With Friends Kids Play Kitchen is a regular sellout recommended for kids – ages 24 months old to 10 years old.

Two kids can play side by side in the kitchen. From the designed coffee station and realistic amenities to the modern detailing and working appliance doors, this comfy play kitchen is loaded with many kid-friendly functionalities!

This classy Step2 pretend play kitchen features a molded-in sink, pretend appliances, realistic stovetop burner with lights and sounds. Your little chef can’t wait to entertain their friends and pretend pets in this large play kitchen. This pretend-kitchen role play helps kids to think creatively.

With kitchen play, they can practice engaging social play like storytelling and problem-solving. Pretend washing and putting dishes away after playtime will foster good habits thus making them responsible.

Step2 Downtown Delights Play Kitchen

Step 2 Downtime Delights play kitchen

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Little cooks will love the small and modern style of the Downtown Delights Play Kitchen by Step2. Watch your kid prepare their favorite meal on the pretend play stovetop burner or bake some delicious cookies in the slate-style oven.

Featuring a refrigerator and anoven door with look through preview windows for cooks to see what’s inside, this kitchen playset will be such a delight for your little one. It’ll also keep them busy for hours to come.

A perfect fit in the living room, the tons of features will keep your child busy. How can we forget the gender-neutral gray tones which makes it ideal for all, even without contrasting with your living room decor.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

Melissa Doug Chefs Pretend Play Kitchen

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The Melissa and Doug Play Toy Kitchen is known for its realistic look and well-designed details. With this beautifully designed, charcoal-colored modern play kitchen, budding young chefs can hone their cooking skills.

The chef’s kitchen is easy to assemble and has a refrigerator/freezer with an inventive working ice maker that dispenses “ice” cubes. Having an oven and stovetop with dials that turn, sink with moving faucet and handle, your child will definitely fall in love with cooking.

With detailed, illustrated instructions, this kitchen can be easily set up. Standing at a height of over 3 feet and length of 3.5 feet, this play kitchen can accommodate more kids at once.

The kitchen which is made up of sturdy and high-quality wooden construction can stand years of creative make-believe meal-making! To spice up your kid’s cooking experience, add the Melissa & Doug Kitchen Accessories set.

KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set

KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set

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Boasting of realistic details, the 18-set accessory play kitchen toy saves parents the stress of purchasing play kitchen toys with accessories separately.

One distinct feature of this playset is the adorable window with planted carrots and onions that can be chopped on the cutting board with the wooden knife.

Your kid will learn the art of washing hands before and after cooking with the Large farmhouse sink, which features lights and running water sounds! Kids will find the arrangement of the two wood-print storage crates as fun and exciting.

Having convenient hanging hooks to hold the spatula, pot, and pan and a large chalkboard to display the daily specials, this kitchen creates lots of cooking memories for little chefs.
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Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset

Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset

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Looking for a good kitchen playset to help your kid improve on their social skills? Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset to the rescue!

From the opening and closing of the refrigerator and oven doors to sounds and lights, the playset seems like a real kitchen. Kids will have great time serving delicious pretend brewed coffee to guests with the coffee pot.

The open design and fresh colors complement the play area such that it permits engaging social play. As the kids share play kitchen’s accessories and appliances, they get to interact with each other thereby building social skills as they cook and play the day away!

Teamson Kids Wooden Play Set

Teamson Kids Wooden Play Set

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If you want to keep your young ones entertained for long periods, you should get them a Teamson Kids Wooden Play Set.

Available in different colors, the durable kitchen set has features that’ll create an interesting cooking experience for your little ones. The retro kitchen chalkboard helps the kids keep track of important plans, grocery lists, or to-do lists.

Attached to the kitchen is a cordless phone where kids can keep in touch with their loved ones when preparing their perfect meal. The kitchen has a removable sink for washing dishes and cleaning veggies for a healthy meal. Create real-life cooking moments for your kids with easy-to-grip stove knobs!

Temi Kids Kitchen Playset

Temi Kids Kitchen Playset

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This small space-friendly kitchen set can fit just anywhere. The multi-storage lattice, kitchen utensils and real-looking food products make up for its lack of space. With this toy kitchen, your child can whip up some lunch!

The realistic interface and door enhance the child’s hands-on ability. With the 34 pieces pretend-n-play kitchen kit set, children can perform role play and stage different games.

Step2 Fixin’ Fun Outdoor Grill

Step2 Fixin' Fun Outdoor Grill

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No space for a kitchen set indoor? This toy grill will allow your little one grill right next to you. Improve imaginative reasoning in your kids with this outdoor play grill.

Young chefs will enjoy grilling burgers and hot dogs on this realistic toy grill. Having grill knobs that make real clicking sounds and a molded-in side burner for extra cooking area, your child is definitely going to enjoy their pretend cookout.

Little Tikes Cook ‘n Grow BBQ Grill and Grillin’ Goodies Bundle

Little Tikes Cook and Grill

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Just like a real gas grill, the Little Tikes Cook ‘n Grow BBQ Grill has a dual grill, lid, side burners, starter button, and clicking knobs. Anytime is grilling time with this toy grill barbecue set. Bring out the cooking skills in your child with this kitchen playset.

Kitchen sets are great toys that help in the all-round development of a growing child. Just like shopping needs, take your time to go through the kitchen sets and make your choice based on your child’s needs, product quality, features, available space, and cost.

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