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Backyard Discovery Playhouse Review

Backyard Discovery Playhouse is a top choice in the children’s toys department. They are mostly made from wood, making them very durable, and sturdy. They also have an appearance that easily blends with any outdoor space.

Meanwhile, that isn’t the only reason this playhouse is widely popular and loved. Some of the reasons people love Backyard Discovery Playhouses include;

1.     Features:

Many backyard discovery playhouses come with functional and exciting features like slides, swings, climbers, and more. Many of them are more than just playhouses; they are playsets with many play toys/accessories attached to them. This means kids get to have their own private space and have access to a lot of fun options to engage them during playtime.

2.    Safety

Backyard discovery focused not just on the features of their playhouses but also their safety. They are made from high-quality wood with non-toxic finishing.     

 The wood edges are round and smooth, with no sharp corners that can harm kids. All their playhouses exceed the safety standards set for children’s toys.

3.    Aesthetics

Their playhouses have adorable and natural aesthetics. They are lovely, look like a real home, and will blend with any outdoor spaces. This natural look gives them a homely feeling that makes kids see it as their own private space.

4. High-Quality Materials

Backyard Discovery works with durable and high-quality materials that promise long term use. The materials are not prone to insects or extreme weather; thus, kids will enjoy it for many years without any significant damage.

Top Backyard Discovery

Below are short reviews of the best backyard discovery playhouses that will make great gifts for your kids;

1.     Backyard Discovery Aspen All Cedar Outdoor Wooden Playhouse

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This playhouse is made from 100% cedar wood and will last a long time. It features many exciting parts, including the white gable triangles, white windows, split door, side serving table and bench, flower pot holders, wall curtains, mailbox, wall toy light, and a dinner bell.

It also includes a kitchenette with sliceable Velcro fruits and vegetables and cutting utensils. Backyard Discovery Aspen Playhouse also comes with a sink, faucet, and burner where kids can have fun playing as chefs.

Why We Love It:

·         The beautiful wall curtains add some coziness and personality to the playhouse

·         It’s suitable for multiple kids to play at once

·         Features a kitchenette

2.    Backyard Discovery Scenic All Cedar Outdoor Wooden Playhouse

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The Scenic playhouse is quite adorable with its beautiful design and features. It allows for hours of imaginative plays without the kids getting tired. It has a scalloped roofline, wide-open windows, and sunburst gables. The exterior also has flowerpot shelves for kids to plant flowers, a snack window, and a bench. Other exterior parts are the sink, phone, and play stove.

It also includes a half door with a latch that makes it easy to open and close.

Why We Love It?

·         Easy to assemble. There is a 3D interactive assembly instruction available for the Scenic playhouse on the free BILT app.

·         Has a cute design

·         Features flowerpot holders where kids can add plants to add some personality to their space

3.    Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set

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Want something suitable for kids’ playground? This Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set will make a perfect addition to your backyard. It has many interesting parts like the two swings with heavy-duty belts, chalkboard, long slide, and ladder and climbing stones. It also includes two decks: the upper deck has mesh enclosed walls for protection while the open lower fort is open. The ladder allows an easy entry to the upper fort and the playhouse includes safety handles for a firm grip,

Why We Love It?

·         Backyard Discovery offers a year warranty and an extended 5 year prorated warranty on the wood

·         Suitable for kids between 3-10 years

·         Easy to assembly

4.    Backyard Discovery Oakmont All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

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The Oakmont swing set is on the big size and can allow up to 10 kids to play at once. Its features include;

·         Snack window and bench for pretend restaurant games

·         Doors and windows

·         An 8 ft long speedy slide

·         2 belt beam

·         An acrobat bar

It has 2 forts, the upper fort with a colorful roof and the lower fort with the snack stand window.

The cedar wood meets the highest safety standards. It is weather-resistant and can naturally resist mold and decay.

Why We Love It

·         Has 3D interactive assembly instructions

·         Super safe and durable

·         One of the highest-rated Back yard Discovery Playhouse

5.    Backyard Discovery Scenic Heights All Cedar Playhouse

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Customers love the large size of this playhouse and how much it looks like a real home. Kids will enjoy having a home of their own. It has a natural look with essentials that allow for hours of playtime. Some of those features are;

·         A swinging front door

·         A step ladder to access the door

·         A side porch entrance

·         Sink

·         Toy boxes for toy storage

It’s made from 100% cedar wood with t-fuse hardware that makes assembly easy. It is weather and decay-resistant with a very smooth appearance.

Why We Love It

·         Great for small backyards

·         Colorful and cute design

·         Lot of accessories for endless fun.

6.    Backyard Discovery Atlantis All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

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This playset allows for many fun activities, including imaginative kitchen play, climbing, swinging, sliding, and more. Some of the features include a raised clubhouse, sun porch, sandbox compartment, snack shelf, two belt swings, glider, ladder, rock wall, and more. The playhouse has exclusive safe t-fuse locking nuts for tight and strong assembly.

Why We Love It:

·         Has high rated reviews from customers

·         Easy to assembly

·         Full of features that will keep kids busy

7.    Backyard Discovery Woodridge Elite Swing Set

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The Woodridge Swing Set is huge and will make a great feature for kids’ playgrounds. This will make the right choice for multiple kids, as there are numerous features that will engage them at once.

          Some of those features include;

·         A crawl-through tunnel with porthole windows for ventilation

·         Rock wall ladder and crow’s nest

·         Upper and Lower forts

·         3 belt swings

·         An acrobat bar

·         10 feet wave slide

·         Wood floor with covered sandbox

This playset will encourage a lot of creative, imaginative, and active playtime.

Why We Love It:

·         Very large with plenty of room to play

·         Designed to meet ASTM standards

·         Offers 1-year warranty

8.    Backyard Discovery Monticello All Cedar Wood Playset

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This is a playhouse and climbing set all in one. It comes with 3 position swing beam and monkey bars to promote active playtime for strength. Other parts are the slide, bench, ladder, sandbox area, raised sun porch, toy box, raised fort with end gables, and more.

Like other Backyard Discovery playhouses, the Monticello wood swing set meets ASTM standards, has impressive features, and will surely be the envy of your neighborhood.

Why We Love It:

·         Can take maximum children of 9

·         Features obstacles course kids will have fun with

·         Very durable with a unique design

9.    Backyard Discovery Dayton All Cedar Wood Playset

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The Dayton playset is full of fun features that allow acrivities like climbing, sliding, swinging, and more. It has an upper and lover fort. The upper fort has a closed design that provides enough shade, and the sturdy lower fort gives the upper font support and comes with features like a ladder to get to the upper fort.

The playset also comes with 2 swings, a trapeze bar, a slide, and a climbing wall.

Why We Love It:

·         Features a multicolor canopy cover on the upper deck

·         Made from cedar wood that is weather and mold/decay-resistant

·         Comes with all the hardware required for its assembly

10. Backyard Discovery Mount Mckinley All Cedar Wood

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One of the favorite features of this playset is its large climbing wall with stones. It also features a ladder, slide, swing beam, climbing robe, steering wheel, telescope, and more. Kids will have a lot of imaginative and active fun on this playset. Your kids will feel as though they are on an adventure and will be enthusiastic about every playtime.

The Mount Mckinley is made from 100% cedarwood, which means it is durable, weather, and mold resistant and will last a long time. It’s large and open design also encourages social interaction as multiple kids can play at once.

Why We Love It?

·         Offers an adventurous playtime for kids

·         Safe for kids to use

·         Easy to assembly


Backyard Discovery Playhouses are one of the best playhouse brands on market. Any one of the above-listed playhouses will turn your playground to the envy of the neighbourhood. They are very durable, with amazing features that will keep kids engaged for hours. Just ensure you pick something of the right size to fit your playground.

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