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20 Puzzle Mats Kids Love

Puzzle mats are interlocking floor mat tiles specially designed to fit any space, provide comfort and floor protection.

Made in a wide variety of materials, puzzle mats can be easily installed, removed and configured to suit any area.

They are available in different sizes, thicknesses, colours, surface materials and quality grades.

Looking for a puzzle mat for your kiddo? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of puzzle mats you can get for your child.

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1. Pauwer Puzzle Floor Mat

Pauwer Puzzle Floor Mat

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Create a safe play area for your kids with this interlocking baby floor mat. Its lightweight design transforms any hard floor into a comfortable area for baby to crawl, sit, and play.

Each cushioned kids’ floor mat is tailored with soft colours for protecting baby’s eyes. Playing on this mat develops baby’s muscles, balance and coordination.

Having a waterproof surface, you need just a clean cloth to wipe it. Made with foam, this floor mat provides a haven for baby to play, crawl, reducing the risk of baby falling.

Perfect for a playroom decor or nursery room, Pauwer puzzle floor mat is fully equipped with 25 pieces, including 9 tiles playmats, 12 tiles fence mats and 4 tiles gate mats.

Fully packed with 9 different animal patterns, the foam mat enable your child to learn patterns and get acquainted with the animals.

With this playset, your child’s gross motor skills, kid’s imagination, cognitive abilities, hand-eye coordination, and visual sensory growth gets enhanced.

Puzzle pieces are sturdy, easy to couple and remove for quick storage. The baby play mat is stain resistant, hypoallergenic and suits the child’s sensitive skin.

The multifunction floor mat doubles as protection play mat and can be made into various 2D and 3D shapes, like boxes and cubes!

2. ProSource Kids Foam Puzzle Floor Play Mat

ProSource Kids Foam Puzzle

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Stimulate your child’s development with this brightly coloured, cushioned play space!

Ideal for bedrooms, daycares, preschool, and other play areas, the ProSource Kids Solid Puzzle Play Mat is easy-to-assemble and safe for playing on any hard surface.

The water-resistant feature makes it easy to clean. Gently textured material reduces slipping and sliding while kids play.

For exceptional cushion and comfort, the foam is durable, thick and soft to touch. The floor play mat comes with 24 border pieces which can be used to customise kids’ play area or achieve a finished look.

3. Kangler Kids Foam Puzzle Play Mat

Kangler Kids Foam Puzzle Play Mat

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Made from soft, thick and durable EVA foam, this puzzle play mat make an excellent gift for children as it helps their imagination, visual sensory development and hand-eye coordination.

The interlocking and lightweight feature makes it easy to set up. Having 36 colourful pieces of alphabet letters and numbers, this floor mat will spark your child’s interest and draw their attention.

With Kangler Kids Foam Puzzle Mat, kids will be familiar with their letters and alphabets while having fun.

Playmat is extra cushioned to reduce slips and falls when baby tries to crawl and stand up during tummy time.

4. TC Bunny Extra Large Baby Play Mat

TC Bunny Extra Large Baby Play Mat

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Made up of 6 interlocking floor tiles and 10 toddler play mat edges, TC Bunny play mat is tested to meet children’s product safety standards.

The gender-neutral design offers a safe and inviting surface for little ones. It’s also a great addition to nursery, playroom or living room.

Having a waterproof and washable surface, the floor tiles can be easily wiped with a damp cloth.

Add this comfy puzzle playmat to your baby registry or present it as a shower gift to an expectant mother!

5. Foam Floor Alphabet and Number Puzzle Mat

Foam Floor Alphabet

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Let your child learn numbers and letters through playing with this puzzle mat.

Featuring 36 colorful 12″ x 12″ foam tiles, 26 pop-out letters and 10 pop-out numbers, this foam floor alphabet and number puzzle mat provides a safe and soft play surface for both indoor and outdoor fun.

The versatile tiles interlock, providing flat or three-dimensional building fun.

6. Sorbus Traffic Puzzle Play Mat

Sorbus Traffic Puzzle Play Mat

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The city-inspired mat comes with 9 assorted foam tiles which provide a comfy surface for interactive learning and playtime.

Kids develop gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and visual sensory growth playing with the interlocking pieces.

With the durable, cushioned foam, your little one is assured of a safe landing when they slip or fall.

Toddlers will enjoy driving their favourite cars, trucks, and trains through a community of roads. This mat can turn any play area into a stylish and fun place.

7. Yes4All Foam Alphabet & Shape Puzzle Play Mat

Yes4All Foam Alphabet

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Build up physical, cognitive and emotional skills in children with this playset.

The interchangeable puzzles which come in various colours enhance your child’s creative thinking.

Whether used as a flooring mat or toy, it enables your children to learn the new colours, alphabet, and numbers or shapes while playing.

Puzzles are sturdy and easily detachable, so kids can play and arrange the alphabet, numbers or shapes effortlessly.

8. Children Kids Baby Puzzle Play Mat

Children Kids Baby Puzzle Play Mat 

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Let your child’s imagination run wild playing on this puzzle playmat! Children can build boxes, towers, tunnels and castles out of these puzzles.

Each piece measures 12x 12″ with a total size of 70.86 x 70.86″. Floor tiles include each letter of the alphabet with numbers zero to nine.

9. Tadpoles Baby Play Mat

Tadpoles Baby Play Mat

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Tadpole Baby Play Mat is a 16-piece die cut playmat which comes with brightly coloured and cute removable shaped centres to improve your child’s imagination and creativity while playing.

This unique statement piece can be assembled to form a distinct look. Create a special place for your child while providing a soft base and cushioning little one against cold floors.

From the playroom to den, bedroom, kitchen, basement or even garage, this non-toxic playmat can be used anywhere a padded floor is needed.

10. DIMPLE Baby Foam Play Mat

DIMPLE Baby Foam Play Mat

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The fun, interlocking puzzle mat will make your child develop interest in letters, numbers and colours.

This children’s foam play mat features bright, coloured letters and numbers that interlink to create a fun play area.

DIMPLE playmat comes in a wide array of stimulating colours which sparks your child’s imagination, help their physical development, keep them engaged while having fun.

Each puzzle mat has a 1-year warranty to ensure durability, reliability and genuine quality assurance.

Nothing makes learning more fun than a giant 36-Piece EVA Foam Play Mat that turns playtime in a truly interactive experience!

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11. SAFEST Non-Toxic Alphabet Puzzle Mat

SAFEST Non-Toxic Alphabet Puzzle Mat

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Rest assured your child’s sensitive skin is safe and protected while playing on this non-toxic, hypoallergenic and skin-safe EVA foam puzzle mat.

Your little tot will enjoy combining puzzle pieces to spell words or make numbers while going through the learning process.

Thick is the new soft! For children’s comfort, playmats are made 1/2 inch thicker than other puzzle mats. Your child won’t feel the slightest discomfort.

SAFEST Non-Toxic Alphabet Puzzle Mat comes in lovely colours and can effectively be adjusted to fit your kid’s preference.

There’s also a bonus package of e-book filled with great activities and tips where children can learn while having fun with the mats.

12. Sorbus Baby Play Mat Tiles

Sorbus Baby Play Mat Tiles

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The puzzle floor mat has a total of 4 fun tile patterns: Butterfly, Star, Heart, and Flower shapes.

Sorbus puzzle pieces can be used to build creative shapes and figures. They can also be rearranged based on your child’s preference.

Let your youngster view the world in bright, bold patterns with foam mat puzzle pieces that create a comfortable, interactive play experience.

13. Bammax Puzzle Exercise Playmat

Bammax Puzzle Exercise Playmat

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Having concave and convex texture on the surface, Bammax puzzle play mat is built to protect babies’ hands and feet.

Made to withstand stains, spills, and the hands and mouths of curious babies, the double-sided design is free from toxic materials.

Resembling a trendy rug, the baby play mat comes in various prints to complement home decor.

14. Superjare Interlocking Floor Tiles

Superjare Interlocking Floor Tiles

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Add elegance to your home using Superjare Interlocking Floor Tiles! The black and white tiles blend perfectly with any home decor.

Each detachable tile can be used for a corner, as a border tile or centrepiece.

If you’re going camping or to your grandma’s for the weekend with your children, this will come in handy.

15. StillCool Kids Foam Puzzle Floor Play Mat

StillCool Kids Foam Puzzle Floor Play Mat

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The top of the mat is layered with a non-skid bottom for safety and protection. Whether used indoor or outdoor, your child will enjoy learning with this interactive piece.

Gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, logic reasoning, and visual sensory growth are developed in children while they play with the puzzle pieces.

Still Cool Kids Foam Puzzle Mat is an awesome mat for hard floors and soft heads!

16. Dooboe Foam Floor Mats for Kids

Dooboe Foam Floor Mats

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This animal puzzle mat offers a unique way for children to learn their colours and animals while playing on comfortable, cushioned foam mat.

Animals on the mat include a squirrel, fish, butterfly, elephant, frog, octopus, snail, horse, rabbit, and duck. These interlocking tiles make a perfect gift for mummies to be.

17. Boley Traffic Foam Play Mat

Boley Traffic Foam Play Mat

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Perfectly sized for your child’s playroom, this adorable cityscape playmat can be easily set up whenever your child is ready for adventure.

Boley Traffic Foam Play Mat comes with 3 small toy cars for realistic scene. The picturesque yet modern illustration features a backdrop of streets, buildings, and other elements of a growing neighbourhood.

18. SoftTiles Kids Foam Play Mat

SoftTiles Kids Foam Play Mat

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This monochromatic play mat blends with your child’s colourful toys.

Black, grey and white foam play mats give playroom and nursery a modern, stylish and distinctive look.

Turn hard spaces into soft, inviting play areas with these SoftTiles.

19. Hey! Play! Foam Floor Animal Puzzle Mat

Hey! Play! Foam Floor Animal Puzzle

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Besides being a learning tool, the learning mat doubles as a puzzle and cushioned play area.

It’s fully packed with 16 different animal shapes that pop out to teach basic animal and colour recognition.

With this puzzle mat, kids of all ages can be involved in engaging activities, intrinsic plays and games.

20. SHAUBEI Puzzle Floor Play Mats

SHAUBEI Puzzle Floor Play Mats

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The extra-thick puzzle playmat cushion kids against any hard floor.

Ideal for playroom, sitting-room, indoor playground, outdoor camping, and more, SHAUBEI floor mat offers a conducive learning environment for children.

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