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20 Kids Pop Up Tents Parents Love

Kids’ pop up play tents will make a great gift for your little ones. Every kid loves the idea of having a personal space and an exciting play time. With a play tent, kids can have lots of fun during their playtime and do whatever they love to do. Play tent also enhances creativity and allows for imaginative play ideas.

Kids pop up tents are available in different varieties. They exist in different colors, styles and themes to suit all children.

If you are searching for a pop up play tent for your little one, we’ve got you! The following pop up play tents are some of the best options parents love. They have great features that will excite kids, perfect craftsmanship that will please parents and positive ratingss from hundreds of satisfied customers.

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1.      LimitlessFunN Kids Play Tent

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 This cute tent would be perfect for your girl and boy. It features glow in the dark star lights for a beautiful personal space and for  a full imaginative experience. Parents love that it’s easy to set up, folds up easily and can be easy stored and transported. Kids will love it for its fun design and colour.

2.      Kiddey Fire Truck Tent

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We love the attractive fire truck design of this play tent which allows for realistic plans and enhances imagination. Kids can have a setting for their role plays. Made from weather-proof fabric, rest assure this tent will last many years.

3.      USA Toyz Mermaid Kids Tent

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USA Toyz are known for their imaginative designs and that’s why parents love it. This tent features beautiful illustrations of the undersea and oceanic world. It’s spacious, can take up to 3 kids at a time, easy to set up, clean and also comes with a kaleidoscope toy for a more enjoyable fun time.

4.      Imprilux Dragon and Knight Castle

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Designed to look like a mediaeval castle, this tent will enhance the growing imagination of your kids. Customers love the well-illustrated design that features dragons, horses. Knights and more,

The quality of this tent is unique, with precise stitches, durable materials and sturdy poles.

5.      Utex 8 in 1 Pop Up Kids Tent

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This pop play tent with tunnel is a top choice for several reasons. It’s an 8 piece play tent! It comes with two play tents, 4 tunnels and 2 square tents which allows kids to occupy themselves with games and fun for hours. Kids can use the tent together and as separate items. Also, the tent is really colorful, easy to set up all at an affordable price.

6.      Kiddie Kids Play Tent

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No assembly is required for this brightly colored play tent. This pop up play house is brightly colored and extra spacious for a bigger fun time. The Kiddie tent pops up easily and comes with secure nails and tie down roof for outdoor use. A very great choice for parents looking for a big sized kids tent.

7.      Tiny Land Store Kids Tepee Tent

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This tepee tent comes with a mat and fairy star lights for a comfortable and convenient personal space. Made from 100% cotton with no chemicals, this tent is safe and would last for a long time.

The tent is also customizable and kids can adorn it with more accessories for a personalized space.

8.      Foxprint Princess Castle Play Tent

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This vibrant-colored play tent features decorated hearts and glow-in-the-dark star lights which makes it a beautiful space that every princess would want. It’s also safe for kids to use because the poles are sturdy and the tent won’t tip over during play. It’s pop up design makes it easy to assemble, its fold down door and peep through window allows for more fun and proper aeration.

9.      Wilwofer Dinosaur Play Tent

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This animal pop up tent comes with 3 dinosaur toys to enhance your kid’s growing imagination and transport them to the prehistoric world of dinosaurs. Asides from the toys, the tent is well illustrated with detailed dinosaurs’ designs. And when it comes to safety and durability, this Wilwofer tent is well stitched with strong fiberglass rods to withstand your kids’ hours of fun.

10.  Momokids 3pc Kids Ball Pit Tent

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Some the best pop up play tents are those with features that accommodates fun game options. This 3 in 1 kids pop up tent features an ocean illustrated tent, ball pit and tunnel for fun play time. We love the ocean illustration, the featured pitching basket and the high quality of the material.

11.  Kidodo Pop Up Tent

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Fairy tales’ lovers would love the cute frozen patterns of this tent.  It’s of high quality, with a soft fabric which features mesh designs for cross ventilation. Can take in your kids toys and allows suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

12.  Pacific Play Tents Pink Camo Dome Tent

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This pop-up play house comes with a sleeping bag and chair all in an adorable pink camouflage design. The sleeping bag has a polyester lining and fiber batting fill. The tent is also durable and combines quality material with sturdy poles for a long term use.

13.  BestParty Rocket Ship Kids Play Tent

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This tent will engage your kids rocket dreams. It has a pretty design and patterns that look like a spaceship. With the tent, kids will be catapulted to a world of spaceships, galaxies and planets.

14.  Space World Play Tent

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Kids would love the unique designs of the space world. Apart from the beautiful illustrtauon of space, this tent is of high quality, is made from a water repellent polyester material which is durable and easy to clean. It’s also roomy which  makes it a great choice if you need a spacious tent.

15.  Homfu Play Tent

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The Homfu Play Tent has beautiful Viking patterns and features 6 customizable flags. Kids will love the Viking design of their new personal space and parents would love the high quality and perfect handwork of the pop up play house.

In addition, It is lightweight, easy to assemble and fold when not in use. Comes with a bag of fiberglass rods for strong support. Great for indoor and outdoor purposes, birthdays, beach , parks etc.

16.  Mitchien Kids Camping Play Tent

Mitchien Kids Camping Play Tent

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This tent will stimulate a real camping experience in kids. It features a camping set which contains accessories like binoculars, oil lamp, bonfire which makes realistic sounds, marshmallow, play food, barbeque and more. The play tent is easy to set up, clean and perfect for pretend plays for kids of 3 years and above.

17.  Pep Step Teepee Tent

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This roomy play tent can fit in many toys and extra friends for a fun play. The tent is quite colourful and also features a skylight. It is really sturdy, easy to set up and pack up and comes in a beautiful box which makes it ideal for gifting.

18.   Fun2Give Pop-It-Up Tent

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Affordable play tent made from 100% polyester and features a race themed mat to engage your little race fans. It allows for imaginative car play and race and also features 2 doors and removable roof. It’s easy to set up, easy to fold away into a compact size that can be carried anywhere. It’s a great option for toddlers and kids.

19.  Imprilux Unicorn Play Tent

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Features a beautiful unicorn design that will impress unicorn lovers and enhance their imagination. Asides the unicorn design, the tent also features illustrations of rainbow, lakes, waterfall, fairy. Also, the floor of the tent has a playland illustration for even more fun play time.

The material of the play tent is durable, with fine stitching and strong rods. It’s also easy to assemble and can be made into a compact size for storage and travel.

20.  Sunny Days Entertainment Barbie Dream Tent

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This colourful tent is so pretty featuring vibrant colors and realistic Barbie designs for Barbie lovers to enjoy. It has multiple openings including roof openings, is very spacious and allows for imaginative play. Parents love that they can pop it up quickly without stress and can fold it flat for storage. Parents can buy the tent alongside Barbie toys for even more imaginative plays.


Our list of the best pop up play tents will provide you with different options for a gift for your kids. The products are mostly made from polyester and a few from cotton which are great material choices for play tents.

Also, they come in different designs and illustrations like rocket space, dinosaur-like, princess-like, mermaid, undersea and more so it’s advised to know what your kids love best before picking a choice.

Another thoughtful feature of our choices is the easy installation methods So parents require little work to assemble their kids’ play space.

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