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20 Indoor Play Tents Your Kids Would Love

Indoor Play tents are very valuable gifts for your kids. They offer a personal space where kids can have time alone, have fun, read and improve their knowledge and motor skills.

When it comes to choosing a play tent for your kids, you’d definitely be faced with a lot of options, like thousands of options. From the brands, to the colors and features, it may get hard to identify which would be the best choice for your kid.

That is why we have compiled some of the top indoor play tents to help you narrow down your search.

Check Out Our Quick Review Of The Best Indoor Play Tents For Your Kids.

1.      5pc Hide N Side Ball Pit Tent

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This a great tent that can serve as an indoor as well as an outdoor tent. The package comes with two tents: a triangular and square tent, a ball pit that can take in about 400-600 balls, crawl tunnels and a carrying case. This Hide N Side Tent serves as the perfect space for kids to occupy themselves with fun activities for hours.

2.      Narmay Space World Dome Tent

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This play tent screams space, features three well designed space scenes and has a very vibrant feel. The Narmay play tent also features a top mesh and hook to promote air circulation and makes it easy for parents to check on their kids. We absolutely love that the tunnel port is designed as a capsule door which will stimulate your little astronaut’s imagination.

3.  Nedvi Play Tent

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 We recommend this play tent for three reasons. It has a very vibrant colour scheme and design which will attract your kid’s imagination. It can serve both indoor and outdoor activities. It is very spacious!

4.      Princess Castle Pop Up Tent

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This play tent looks really awesome. The material is decorated with sequin, it features lacy  pink curtains and serves as a little fairy castle for your kids. Reviewers love its thick fabric which shows it durable and the sturdy fiberglass poles which protects it from easy breaking.

5.      Board Masters Volkswagen Pop Up Kids Play Tent

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We love tents that look like real things. They excite kids and because they look realistic, they encourage them to have fun for hours. We have no doubt that kids will love this tent designed to look like a Volkswagen van. It’s pop up design makes it easy to set up and compress for storage.

6.      Vimpro Roaring Rocket Play Tent

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This play tent has a detailed illustration of the planet and galaxy. It’s also designed to look like a rocket ship and it’s spacious enough for 3 kids. Overall, it is easy to clean, is of high quality and will fit any indoor space.

7.      Alvantor Kids Indoor Tent

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This rainbow colored tent looks like an actual tent which makes it versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. We love its large size which can fit 3 kids, the easy set up and the back tunnel door that makes it easy to connect with a tunnel for more fun options.

8.      Mitcien Kids Camping Tent

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This tent is one of the best indoor tents for toddlers featuring multitudes camping tools and toys including a BBQ stove. The collapsible playhouse tent will keep your kids engaged with different pretend camping activities and give them a feel of a camping adventure. The tent is really easy to set up that even your kids can try by themselves. Some of the camping tools included in the tent are an oil lantern that actually works, a first aid kit, kitchen accessories, watch and many more.

9.  Kiddie Play Supermarket Playhouse Tent

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Kids will love this large playhouse tent designed to look like a real supermarket. The details are vibrant and decorated with real supermarket illustrations. Because of the large size, kids can use it as a large ball pit and for hide and seek games. We love that it’s easy to assemble and very strong to take in multiple kids at a time without stressing the tent out.

10.  Unicorn Princess Castle Play Tent

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The design and colour of this kids indoor play tent is very pretty and will surely excite your kids. Unicorn Princess play tent is one of the top Unicorn play tents on Amazon featuring a tunnel and  ball pit with a basketball hoop for additional fun.

11.  Wilwofer Teepee Tent

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This unpainted tepee tent offers a personal space that is customizable for kids. It sparks kids imagination and creativity and their tent can be decorated and adorned however they want. It’s made from 100% non toxic cotton and sturdy pine wood.

12.  LimitlessFunN Teepee Kids Play Tent

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This tepee tent is very colourful, features led glow-in-the dark lights and gives room for plenty of imaginative activities. It is lightweight and you can set it up in minutes. It’s also easy to clean and a great choice if you want a vibrant teepee style tent.

13.  Love Tree Teepee Tent

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We love this pink kids tent house for its large size and attractive details. It is sturdy and kids can have hours of fun without worrying about it falling apart. It also features 4 windows, 2 side doors with zipper closure for proper air circulation and easy entrance and exit.

14.  Swehouse Clubhouse Play Tent

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 The graphics of this kids play tent is really adorable. This indoor playhouse looks like a secret clubhouse and gives enough room for a vibrant imagination and fun activities. We love its material, its durable, easy to maintain and non-toxic for kids.

15.  W & O Dinosaur Discovery Kids Tent

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There are different dinosaur play tents, however the roar button feature of the W & O play tent makes it a best choice. Asides the detailed dinosaur design, this tent features a button that makes 6 different dinosaur-like sounds and a dinosaur discovery eBook so that your kids can learn as they play.

16.  Sunny Days Entertainment Batman Pop Up Play Tent

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 What’s better than a play tent with the illustration of your kid’s super heroes? This kids pop up play tent has a Batman and Robin art illustration that will excite batman lovers. Also, the tent has enough room for play, it’s easy to assemble and durable.

17.  Playhut Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Play Tent

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 This is a great choice for kids that love Ninja Turtles. Asides the Nickelodeon Cartoon Character illustration, this play tent has enough space and features a ball pit for additional fun options. It is easy to set up, collapsible therefore easy to store and move around.

18.  Pacific Play Tents Kids Cottage

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 We love the simplicity and beautiful graphics of this play tent. It is large enough for different types of games and provides space for 3 or more friends. This pacific play tent also features a front door and a tunnel port which allows for easy hide and seek game. The material of the tent is durable, well stitched and easy to clean.

19.  POCO DIVO Circus Play Tent

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 The red, yellow and blue color scheme makes it look just like a circus tent. It is a great choice for parents who are looking for a compact sized play tent. They can fit in any space, lightweight and can be transported easily. The assembly doesn’t require tools and can be done in minutes. Also, it’s made from 100% polyester fabric that is easy to clean.

20.  Liberty Import Police Kids Pop Up Play Tent

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 Almost every kid has at some point been involved in police games and this police play tent gives more opportunity for an endless adventure playing as police.

It  is roomy, has two openings on the ceiling and an open flab at the rear of the vehicle pop up to enhance the police games. This brand also has alternative designs including the Ice Cream Truck, School Bus, Locomotive Train all which allows for a fun pretend play.


Our tip picks weren’t random at all. They were chosen after looking at their features, reviews from past buyers and quality. And we are sure that any of the tents from our list of best indoor play tents would make your kids happy and serve them well. 

Meanwhile, before you make a choice, ensure that you pick a tent that matches your kid’s interests and personalities. For instance, if your kids love fairies and princesses, the TinyLand Princess Castle Play Tent would be a great choice.

However, if your kids have an interest in outer space, the Vimpro Rocket play tent would work best while the 5pcs Hide N Side Play Tent would be a great option for kids who want a tent that doubles as a fun playset. Hopefully, the short review of each indoor play tent on our list will help guide your choice.

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