Best Teepee Tents for Kids
Kids Play Tent

20 Best Teepee Play Tent for Kids

Ever notice your little one always building a cozy, little space or hideaway for themselves somewhere in the house? A teepee tent might just be what you need!

Everyone including kids need a private sanctuary of theirs. From reading, playing to taking a nap, teepees are quite adorable, portable, and can be set up either indoors or outdoors.

With so many options out there, finding the right teepee for your little one can be a daunting task. In this article, we compiled a list of 20 best teepee tents for kids. Let’s dive in!

How To Choose The Right Teepee For Your Child

Below are factors to be considered when choosing the perfect Teepee for your child:

1. Size

The size of the teepee depends on the number of children you want to accommodate in it. Most teepee tents can fit in 2 or more kids at once.

To find the right size, you need to ask yourself these questions: “How many children will you need to accommodate?” and “How much room do you have indoors for a tent set up?”

If it’s just one or two kids, a smaller option will do just fine. But if the kids are more, opt for the bigger version. You’ll also need to consider the space to set up the tent.

2. Age

While some teepees are perfect for toddlers and big kids, others are only suitable for older children. It’s expedient you check the age recommendation of a teepee before you make a purchase.

3. Installation

Featuring about 4 to 5 poles, Teepee tents are usually easy to set up. The poles have to be thrust into the sleeves of the canvas, which then have to be fastened at the top with a thick rope.

Teepees with wooden piece may have to be connected at the intersection of the poles for extra stability.

4. Material

Teepees for children should be durable, well-ventilated and free of toxic chemicals. Always go for either natural cotton canvas or polycotton. For the poles, most teepees have poles that are made from natural pinewood and a non-toxic material.

5. Design

Most teepees for kids are usually made of simple or traditional designs. Some may have flap doors, while others may feature roll-up doors. Windows are important parts of teepee tents and help breathability. A mesh window is more preferable as it helps keep bugs and insects away.

6. Safety

This is a key factor to be considered before making your purchase. Most brands and parents are concerned about the safety of children. Before buying a tent, check for features like a door, windows, poles, etc. Ensure they’re in good condition and suit your needs before getting them.

20 Teepee Tents for Kids

1. Tiny Land Huge Teepee Luxury Lace Tent

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Spun with pure, beautiful lace, this 85 inches pentagon teepee tent is large enough to fit in 2 adults or quite a few kids. The sturdy five-pole design makes it safe for kids.

Providing a private, exotic feel, this semi-transparent large teepee can be used and enjoyed anywhere. These decorative lace teepees which come with a canvas carry bag can be easily assembled and disassemble.

Due to its sophisticated features, the lace teepee could enliven your slumber party, wedding ceremony or even make an excellent photo prop.

Are you looking for a fun, unique tent that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors, Tiny Land Lace Teepee Tent is your best bet!

2. Kids Teepee Tent for Girls

Kids Teepee Tent

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If you’re looking for a gift for your girl, this Kids Teepee Tent is an excellent gift for girls. It can be used as a play area, reading nook, or gaming spot. Your child’s imagination will run wild while playing in this tent.

Though it works best for outdoor events, you can use it on a lawn or patio without you having to worry about decay. Having many kid-friendly features that your little one will love, you’re guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

3. Tiny Land Teepee Tent for Kids with Mat

Tiny Land Teepee

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Regardless of where you set up this tent, it doesn’t feel out of place. Tiny Land Teepee Tent is made up of 100% natural, non-toxic, unpainted cotton canvas.

Unlike other tent, the mat is padded and prevents kids from slipping thus making it a safe and comfortable place to play, read or take a nap.

The tent poles are crafted from sturdy pinewood and are free from toxic substances and chemical odours.

4. Avrsol Kids Teepee Tent for Girls


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Its unique design makes Avrsol a perfect aesthetic for kids’ rooms or play areas. The cover is spun with thick lace which makes it distinct from afar.

Mounted on a solid frame made from pinewood, the tent is well-ventilated and relaxing. Kids can lay in it after school, to do their homework. Avrsol Kids Teepee Tent makes a good gift item.

In designing this teepee tent, the safety of kids was highly considered. The tents are free of toxic substances and chemical odours.

Weighing 6.2 pounds, Avrsol Teepee is quite spacious and portable, making it easy to set up within minutes.

5. Senodeer Teepee Tent for Kids

Senodeer Tent

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Designed to fit in every corner of the room, Senodeer Teepee Tent for Kids complements the décor of your home with its neutral theme (white).

With a floor mat, a heavy-duty carrying case, and ferry lights that add charm, your kids will have moments of fun in this teepee tent.

Measuring approximately 47.2×47.2-inches, which can accommodate up to two kids comfortably, this tent is quite fluffy, comfy and doesn’t irritate the skin.

Built from quality cotton canvas and smooth polished wooden poles, this kids’ tent can withstand years of fun and pressure from children. The teepee tent has a window on the side for your tot to feel the cool breeze as they play.

Are you in need of space but intend saving up on weight? This toy is a perfect choice for a lightweight but still roomy design.

6. Lavievert Indian Canvas Teepee Children Playhouse Tent

Lavievert Indian Canvas

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Produced from 100% cotton canvas and 4 premium pine poles, Lavievert’s children Teepee Tent has an appealing rustic look which makes it perfect for indoors and outdoors.

The eco-friendly tent is quite roomy and possess many innovative features which makes it suitable for reading or playing at home. Having a classic Indian style design, your kid will enjoy playing in this tent.

This tent improves interpersonal skills and build team spirit in your kid. It also enhance social skills in kids as they get to interact with their parents and next-door buddies.

The coffee edge matches with the cotton canvas and most home furnishings. With the curtain feature, kids are able to share their little secrets, become independent and respectful.

Your kid can store all their toys, books and snacks in an inner pocket. This teepee tent can be easily assemble by a single adult or you can decide to install it with your kids while having fun.

Are you going camping with your family? This tent is indeed a perfect choice as it foster interaction aith your kid’s and enhance family bond.

7. Wilwolfer Teepee Tent for Kids

Wilwolfer Teepee Tent

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Whether indoors or outdoors, this foldable play tent can easily be set up in any given space. The expansive kid’s tent can fit more than one child comfortably.

Made from non-toxic cotton materials, it aids breathability and prevents suffocation of kids and irritation of the skin. The kids-friendly designed tent creates a magical moment for kids when they’re involved in indoor and outdoor activities.

With Wilwolfer teepee tent, you’re guaranteed a safe haven for your kids while they run with their imagination in their own special space.

8. Sumbababy Teepee Tent for Kids with Carrying Case

Sumbababy Teepee Tent

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This unisex teepee is big enough to accommodate mom and kid while they play in the tent. Do you want to spend more time with your kid? This tent gives you the right spot to interact and play with them.

The colourful design makes it an interior aesthetic for your kid’s room. Easy to assemble, Sumbababy offers a comfortable area for boys and girls to play in.

The 100% satisfaction guarantee reflects the quality of the teepee tent. Want a safe and comfortable tent that your child can read and play in? Check out Sumbababy.

9. JoyNote Teepee Tent for Kids

JoyNote Teepee Tent f

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Do your kids enjoy playing with Pokemon toys or any other toys? This might just be the right play area for them.

JoyNote teepee tent is specially designed with cotton canvas, sturdy wood and free from chemical odours to create a safe space for kids to play in.

The silicone sleeves on the bottom of the wood, cute pompom ball design, the window and the inner pocket make up a beautiful fairy tale play house for boys and girls.

10. PEP STEP Teepee Tent for Kids

PEP STEP Teepee Tent

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The conspicuous white theme makes PEP STEP teepee tent stand out both indoors and outdoors. At 7 feet tall, this tent has a breathable cotton canvas with five poles for support.

When set up well, the risk of your child tripping or falling off is quite low. It creates a private reading area for children of all ages. The tent which has a weather proof design can be used both indoors and outdoors.

With easy install-able accessories, your kids are definitely going to enjoy hours of playtime, reading and movie time.

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11. Scriptract Teepee Tent

Scriptract Teepee Tent

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Irrespective of the colour you choose, the white feather arrow pattern one or gray and white striped combo, this Scriptract Teepee Tent will sure put smile on your kid’s face.

Made from pure cotton canvas and pre-selected pine wood poles, this teepee tent provides a safe and comfortable space for kids. Do you want your child to be independent?

Scriptract Teepee Tent offers your kids some privacy and fosters self confidence in them. With windows and curtain, parents can easily check in on their kids while they decorate the tent and enjoy their alone time.

The tent comes with an easy to follow detailed instructions manual which helps assembling and disassembling of tent.

12. Lebze Teepee Tent For Kids

Lebze Teepee Tent

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Looking for an exceptional gift for your girl? This will come handy. With this lace teepee tent, your girl’s dream of being a princess will come true.

Featuring windows which enables parents monitor their kids. The tent is made up of plain cotton canvas supported by sturdy pine woods which are free of chemical odors and harmful substances.

13. Rong Fa Classic Teepee Tent

Rongfa Teepee Tent for Kids

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Simple, classic and elegant best define this teepee tent. The white canvas and 4-pole design make this teepee tent fit any living room or nursery. Rong Fa Classic Teepee Tent enhances creativity and imagination in kids.

An ideal decoration for playroom, this play tent can also be used as children’s photography prop. When not in use, it can be folded like an umbrella and kept aside.

14. LimitlessFunN Kids Tent

LimitlessFunN Kids Tent

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For your kid’s imaginative experience, this tent is all you need. LimitlessFunN Kids Tent can be transformed into a beautiful castle for your child when it’s playtime.

Lightweight and easy to set up in seconds, this teepee tent can be modified into a magical cave, fort or a secret hiding place for children. The fold down decor and peep through window encourages role play, adventure and fun.

features battery-powered star lights which illuminates the tent and creates a welcoming ambience for your child. A great perk to this tent is the 100% guarantee refund policy which covers full refund or replacement.

With LimitlessFunN Kids Tent, your search for the perfect toy for your little one is over.

15. DalosDream Kids Teepee Tent

Dalos Dreamhouse

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Requiring minimal assembly, this DalosDream Kids Teepee Tent is a great addition to your kid’s room! This fun-designed tent blends with any room in the house.

Featuring a flap door and mesh window for easy ventilation, this amazing teepee also comes with natural wooden poles and plastic connectors for support and stability.

We bet you, your little one is going to love this adorable teepee tent. With DalosDream Kids Teepee Tent, your child’s safety, durability and years of safe play is guaranteed!

16. Little Dove Kids Teepee Tent

little dove kids

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Standing tall at 6 feet, this tent has the perfect height for a nursery room or apartment. This 5-sided pentagon teepee is large enough for 2-3 children to play in.

Crafted with original cotton canvas and fortified with pinewood poles, this teepee tent is long-lasting and can withstand pressure from kids.

The upper part of the teepee is meshed with polka dot fabric while the entryway flaps are embellished with white pom-poms. You can add feathers, string lights and cushions for more decoration and cushy feel!

17. CO-Z Teepee Tent

 CO-Z Teepee Tent

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Create a personal and cozy space for your kids with this teepee tent. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor, this teepee tent enables your kid display their creative and imaginative skills through painting or drawings.

This off white tent can be adorned with a string of burgees and a tiny, downy ornament.

This makes playtime more fun! Measuring 49” x 49” x 85”, this kids’ teepee can accommodate about 3 children and it’s also CPST-certified for children’s safety.

18. Sorbus Teepee Tent


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To add a classic touch to your kid’s room, choose Sorbus Teepee Tent. In it, your kids can have a cozy time to lounge and play for fun.

The tent has a foldable frame, crawl in entrance, and peep through window where parents can keep an eye on their kids. With this, your kids can have some alone time and invite their friends to their imaginary home.

Etched with rugby style stripes, you can transform your kid’s room while giving them their own little fort-like experience.

Made from soft polyester and cotton canvas material, this teepee tent can resist many years of imaginative play. It’s recommended for children aged 2-7 years.

19. MoonFly Teepee Tent for Kids

MoonFly Teepee Tent for Kids

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High quality and eco-friendly best describe this teepee tent! Besides being the first choice for play and games, it’s a decorative element for your kid’s room.

The eco-friendly and natural cotton canvas materials makes it safe and ideal for kids.

Instil co-operative and social skills in your kids with this tent. Easy to assemble and disassemble, MoonFly Teepee Tent is just right for travelling and camping.

20. HAN-MM Teepee Tent For Kids


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Having fairy lights, feathers and buntings, this tent create a fairy tale experience for your child. The decorative elements make the teepee more colourful and sophisticated.

Whether outdoor or indoor, this tent can be used as a play tent or a nook, or however you choose to use it! Featuring curtains, front flaps with sturdy tent poles, we’re sure this tent will suit your kid’s need. 

Now you know the best teepees to settle for. Unleash the creative skills in your child by getting them one of these teepee tents.

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