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20 Best Swing Sets for Active Kids

Swing sets are the perfect gifts to keep your kids active and happy.  Meanwhile, when picking a swing set to buy for your kid, you have to consider important factors like space, location, material, and assembly.

The material will say a lot about the sturdiness and safety of the swing set. The most common materials are metals, plastic, and wooden.

Looking out for the ease of Assembly of a swing set is essential if you want something with simple installation you can handle on your own. Another thing to look out for is the location. Swing sets can work both outside and inside the house. You just have to ensure you go for a size that will fit in the space you intend to keep it.

Also, when choosing a swing set, consider the age of your kids. Some swing sets are designed for a specific age group in mind, while some have a flexible age range.

Are you looking for quality yet cheap swing sets to buy? Then check our list of the best Amazon swing sets below. Compare and pick the one that’s best for you and the kids.

Our Top Swing Sets

1.      Aleko Wooden Swing

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Wooden Swing sets are usually sturdy, and the Aleko playset is made from China-fir and Spruce wood, making it strong. It’s common for many swing sets to focus on the material while ignoring features like aesthetics and functions. However, this swing set manages to combine a sturdy material with beautiful features, aesthetics, and ease of installation.

2.      Ealing 4-in-1 Slide and Swing Basketball Set

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This Ealing set takes fun and beautiful design seriously. It features a swing with a seat belt, a safe slide, a basketball hoop, and climb stairs for easy access. Kids will have a lot of fun playing on this set indoors or outdoors. We also love how durable the material is, the plastic is non-toxic, and the accessories including the swing abs slides have smooth edges, safe and comfortable for kids.

3.      Ninja Warrior Slackline with Swing

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This outdoor set features amazing play attachments, including a swing, monkey bars, gym rings, rope knots, a ladder, and a hanging disc. With so many offerings, your kids would definitely have a fun time engaging in active play on this swing.

4.      Khomo Gear Swing

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We love the outstanding design, durability, and safety of this swing. The Khomo Gear handwoven swing is large, which allows for different sitting positions. It’s also  UV resistant and features a tensile polyethylene rope that strong and comfortable.

5.      Aleko Swing Set

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This steel swing set features 2 swings and a glider, which makes a fun choice for playtime. Reviewers really love the comfortability and safety of the playing attachments. It’s also straightforward to assemble and sturdy enough to withstand kids’ weight.

6.      Eastern Jungle Gym DIY Swing Set Hardware Kit

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This kit is an excellent option for parents looking to DIY a swing set for their kids. It comes with parts and accessories needed to build a playset. It contains frame brackets, sling swings, Trapeze bar combos, swing hangers, and all the anchors and hooks needed to fit them together.

7.      YKB Swing Seat

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The YKB swing seat is sturdy, well-constructed, and very comfortable. It’s available in 5 colors –red, orange, pink, green, and blue. The seat also comes with hooks and hanging strap kits for easy hanging and installation.

8.      HoaKang Baby Swing

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Hoakang swing is so attractive, and kids will find it interesting to play with it. The steel frame is thick and sturdy, and the swing seat is comfortable and safe for kids between 6 months and 2 years to use. It’s also quite easy to assemble and dissemble.

9.      FASPUP Wood Swing Set

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This swing seat is made of beech wood, which makes it strong and durable. It has a unique design, and the seat is well-polished and vanished with safe paint. It also features a thick hemp rope that is comfortable and safe for kids to use. The FASPUP swing is a perfect accessory for an outdoor playground.

10.  Outdoor Round Tree Swing

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With two strong trees or a playground bar or set, you can hang this beautiful multi-colored swing to the delight of your kids. This swing is beautifully crafted and has a very resistant steel frame and comfortable saucer swing that can hold up to 400lbs at once.

The kit also features a pillow, 2 straps, a key wrench, and 2 carabineers for easy hanging and comfortable use. The web swing also has a large sitting space that will balance your kid comfortably.

11.  Trekassy Swing Set

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You can assemble this swing in 2 ways –either you hang it with two carabiners to swing back and forth, or you hang it with a swivel for a 360 degrees’ rotation. We love that it has a large space and a steel frame that is weather-resistant and durable.

12.  Hearthsong 2-in-1 Tree Swing

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This swing offers an extra bounce that provides a great way for kids to have fun. Kids can either ride on the bungee-supported swing like a traditional swing or the bungee straps for a bounce. You can easily remove or add the bungee straps depending on your kid’s preference. The swing also includes hanging rings and can carry a weight of 115lbs.

13.  Sportivikids Ninja Slackline with Swing

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You get a swing set, a 5 step ladder, 2 monkey bars, straps, and rings from this set. The swing set has adjustable straps, a waterproof seat, and strong enough to carry the kids’ weight. We love the extra playing accessories on this set and how it can serve as a whole jungle gym or a playground for children.

14.  Swing-N-Slide Stand Up Swing

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A stand-up swing offers a unique way for kids to have fun. Instead of sitting, the kids can stand on this Swing-N-Slide swing comfortably. It is very durable, strong, and can carry a weight of 115 pounds.

15.  Aleko Toddler Outddor Swing

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Looking for something that would fit a toddler or baby? This swing is one of our best choices for babies, and it would be an excellent choice for any baby. Our favorite thing about this set is how it takes the safety of your kids seriously.  Designed for kids of 9 to 36 months in mind, the swing set has a seat with a full strap and seat belt design to secure your kids while they have fun.         

16.  Eastern Jungle Gym Horse Glider Swing

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You can easily mount this unique swing to any wooden swing beam for optimum fun for kids. The glider swing is constructed with steal and is long and adjustable to carry any size. The design makes it possible for two kids to swing at once. The swing also features footrests and handholds to secure the kids and keep them comfortable.   

17.  AGPTEK Swing Set

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This pink swing features anti-rust metal parts that makes it more stable and durable. It also features 66 inches ling chains, and about 30 inches are coated with thermoplastic, which is soft and comfortable for kids’ use. The swing is also strong, chemical and crack resistant, and well worth its price.

18.   DreamReality 40’ Ninja Slackline

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This Ninja slackline features 9 accessories, including a comfortable swing with a backrest, gymnast rings, and a climbing disc. It’s very easy to set up, and the set is constructed from high-quality materials. Also, the straps are adjustable, customizable, and allow a better grip. Our favorite thing about his set is how it offers different obstacles that will keep kids busy for hours. It also allows multiple kids to play at once.

19.  Rolenune 3 in 1 Swing Set

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Who wouldn’t love the outstanding design of this swing set? The design is so unique, the material so smooth and very comfortable. Asides from the aesthetics, this swing has fun features that will keep kids busy and occupied. It features a swing with comfortable handles that can be adjusted according to the baby’s height, a slide with climbing ladders, and an adjustable basketball hoop. It’s also quite easy to install and contains all the hardware necessary for its installation.

20.   Little Tikes 2-in-1 Swing

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This swing is a perfect option for babies. It features a t-bar and straps that will hold your baby in place while swinging comfortably. And the best thing is, you can remove them as your child grows. This swing is suitable for kids of 9 months – 4 years and can conveniently carry 50 lbs.


Swings come in different shapes and designs. Some swings on our list can be used independently, while some are accessories that need to be attached to a swing bar, trees, or any structure around.

Check out our list to get a swing set that suits you best depending on what you want and the materials available in your home. Also, go through our list of Monkey Bars and List of Hammocks that your kids will love!

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