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20 Best Play Tents for Boys

Creating a private space for your boy can be so fun. Every kid loves the idea of their personal space, a secret space that belongs to them alone. Luckily, a kids’ play tent can do the job and more.  Asides from offering a private space, play tents also encourage imaginative and creative plays.

Our Top Picks

The market is filled with varieties of play tents for boys which means parents have huge options to consider. Every one of these tents has something to offer.

Some of these are kids pop up play tents, easy to set-up, others require more time to assemble. Some are designed for just indoor purposes while others can work both as indoor and outdoor. And then the designs and styles are so diverse that it may get overwhelming to choose the “right one”. 

To help you with the right pick, we have helped with a list of awesome play tents that would be fantastic for your boys.

1.       Narway Camo Dome Play Tent

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Reviewers love this camo disguise play tent not just because of its unique military design but also the high quality and water-resistant material. The tent’s interior is coated with silver as a shield from UV light and it’s waterproofed to keep kids dry during outdoor activities.

Also, this camo play tent features sturdy fiberglass poles, a canopy to resist rainwater, a mesh top for ventilation, and a tent peg to reinforce the tent when playing outdoor.

2.      Felcigeely  3 in 1 Kids Play Tent

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This kids’ pop up play tent requires no tools and little effort to set up. It features a ball pit and tunnels which makes it fantastic for games your boy will enjoy. Its material is safe, non-toxic, and of very high quality.

Also, pink isn’t for girls alone! Boys will love this cute pink color and the fairy design.

3.      MountRhino Under Sea Play Tent

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This play tent features stunning designs of the undersea world which makes a good choice to inspire imagination and encourage critical thinking.  Asides from learning more about sea creatures, this tent is perfect for fun games like hide and seek, role-playing, and playing toys.

4.      POCO DIVO Fire Station Play Tent

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This fire station playhouse would make a great gift for your boy. Its bold fire station theme makes it suitable for imaginative pretend plays. The POCO DIVO play tent is portable and can fit in anywhere indoor or outdoor.

Customers say the play tent is very easy to set up and its lightweight makes it convenient to take it anywhere.

5.      Imprilux Dinosaur Play Tent

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Your kid can have his Jurassic playland right in the home with this beautiful play tent. Although the main appeal of this play tent is its dinosaur theme and design, we also love the meticulous craftsmanship. The fabric is of high quality and well stitched, the fiber rod glass is strong which makes the tent very durable.

Now back to the design, we believe the well-detailed dinosaur drawings will inspire your kid’s imagination and teach them more about the world of dinosaurs.

6.      Pacific Play Tent Barnyard Play Tent

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The Barnyard play tent features stunning barn graphics that would stimulate your kid’s imagination. Produced from polyester and shock-corded fiberglass, we are sure the tent is durable enough to last your kid a long time. The tent is large enough for 3 or more kids and great for both outdoor and indoor fun.

7.      Swehouse Clubhouse Tent

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The bright color and design of this indoor kids tent house makes it a great choice for both toddlers and kids. Swehouse tent has two roll-up doors and windows and a waterproof roof which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Customers love that this play tent would transport boys into their own magical land and offers them a secret base where their vibrant imagination comes to play.

8.      Sunny Days Entertainment Thomas and Friend Train Tent

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This is one of the play tents on Amazon with the highest ratings and we are not surprised at all. Boys love adventures and the Tank Engine design of this tent promotes exactly that. Your boy can have a private space to read, play or imagine an adventure where he’s racing down the tracks.

9.      Love Tree Kids’ Play Tent

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This kids’ tent house comes in 3 colors, beige, black, and pink. What we love most about this Love Tree play tent is how spacious it is, enough to take in multiple kids, lots of toys, and even kids’ furniture. The tent features 4 windows for proper ventilation, sturdy fiberglass poles, and a huge door opening with zipper closure for easy entrance and exit.

10.  Fun2Give School Play Tent

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This Pop-up School play tent has an engaging school graphics and a unique clock with movable hands that promotes teaching/learning plays.

We love that it’s easy to assemble and great for both indoor and outdoor activities.

11.  USA Toyz Rocket Ship Play Tent

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This remarkable kids pop up play tent is great for boys with an interest in space. They can create scenarios and have pretend-plays where they go on an exciting adventure in space. With the bonus projector and Slides disc feature that will allow your kid to project 24 color images of the galaxy, this tent will bring out the little astronaut in them.

12.  Mitcien Kids Camping Play Tent

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The Mitcien Play tent inspires a camp adventure and we are sure your boy will enjoy it. The most outstanding feature of this tent is the camping set that inspires multiple role-plays and sparks the imagination. The camping set contains numerous camping-inspired toys including a lantern, a bonfire with real campfire sounds, a telescope, play food marshmallow, and more. Parents love that this tent is easy to clean and set up, even kids can try to assemble it themselves.

13.  Pacific Play Tent Me Too Dome Tent

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This multi-colored play tent looks like an actual tent and there is no doubt kids will have much one in it. Each side of the Me Too Dome Tent has a distinctive color that kids will find very appealing. The tent is large enough for 3 or more kids and sturdy enough to last a long time.

14.  Hide N Side Play Tent

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This 6-piece tent is perfect for kids between ages 1-6. The Hide N Side pop-up tent features a target toss game, basketball hoops, and 4 Velcro darts balls. We love that kids will enjoy hours of fun and games like ball throwing, basketball, darts, and more.

All pieces of the tent can be used separately or connected together for a more exciting experience.

15.  CO-Z Teepee Play Tent

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This 85 inches tall white Teepee tent is large enough to take in 3 kids. The blank canva of the tent encourages kids to customize and personalize the tent by painting, drawing, or attaching some ornaments to it.

The Co-Z tent comes with floor protectors to protect your floor from getting scratched and free ornaments to add color to the tent.

16.  Forts STEM Building Play Tent

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This fun STEM tent allows kids to design anything they want and develop some basic engineering skills. Kids can get creative by building forts, tents, pyramids, houses, giant structures, and more. Suitable for kids of 4 years and above, we are sure they will find this play fort thrilling.

17.   EasyGo Play Tent

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Reviewers love that this play tent is multifunctional. It can serve as a play tent as well as a comfortable sleeping space. It features a double layer roof which blocks light for s great daylight sleep. This indoor play tent is made from materials that are safe, durable, and non-toxic for kids.

18.  Liberty Imports Kids’ Pop Up Play Tent

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The school theme of this play tent encourages long hours of adventure and role-playing. It is roomy, designed to fit multiple kids, and encourages cooperative play among kids. Parents will also find its maintenance easy because it’s easy to clean and strong.

19.  Playhut City Camping Play Tent

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The play hut play tent is a great choice for kids of 3 months and above. It pops up easily and features strong support rods.

We love the well-detailed illustration of the tent, the Velcro straps to close the tunnel, and the free owl accessory it comes with.

20.  Fun2Give Pitstop Play Tent

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This pitstop tent encourages imaginative car play as it features a printed race-themed play mat. It also features 2 doors and a detachable roof. Fun2Give play tent is lightweight, easy to set up, and comes with a carrying case for convenient traveling.


Kids can have a lot of fun in a play tent. Our favorites play tents have features that even encourage more play and improve the imagination and motor skills of boys. Each play tent on the list will appeal to different personalities. Whether your little one dreams of traveling into outer space or building pyramids, there’s always something for him.

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