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10 Best Unicorn Play Tent for Kids

Unicorn play tent is a great tool to spark your child’s creativity and let their imagination come to play.

Playtime is important for every child’s development. One of the best ways to make playtime beneficial and fun for kids is to make their playtime tools and toys imaginative.

Why Unicorn Tents is a Good Choice for Kids

1.      Kids Love Unicorns

Many kids love fairy tales and magical creatures and unicorns. Unicorns are mythical creatures with radiant light and a pure, true self. Your kid will really enjoy a tent that represents that he or she loves. If your kids can stop gushing about magical creatures and fairytales, then you may want to add a unicorn tent to their gift.

2.      Encourages Imaginative Plays

Unicorns are a great way to add magic to your kid’s life. Unicorns are portrayed as magical beings and that is enough to encourage dreamy thoughts and imaginative plays for kids. The thought of meeting a unicorn or being turned into a princess by a unicorn is enough for an exciting play time and developed senses.

3.  Sense of Self.

Asides what unicorn stands for, kids also love unicorns because of its beauty. It has an ethereal and intriguing beauty that attracts kids. Kids would find some of their qualities in unicorn toys  and that would give them a sense of self.

4.      Aesthetics

You would barely find an ugly unicorn tent. The illustration of the unicorns is enough aesthetics. Meanwhile, many play tent brands make their unicorn tents in different designs and colours, adding a lot of interesting details that are pleasing to the eyes.

5.      Encourages Make Believe

It’s a new world where kids are pushed to adulthood fast. A make believe plays will help them make the most out of their years.

Therefore, if you want your kids to have pretend plays and improved imagination during their playtime, check out the list of some of the best unicorn toys that kids would love.

The Best Unicorn Toys

1.  Bluenido Unicorn Princess Play Tent

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The princess unicorn tent house has an attractive unicorn theme with well-illustrated unicorns, painted walls, colorful rainbows that kids will love. The Bluenido features mesh top panels, 4 windows, and a door. It’s made with breathable materials for good ventilation. The material is also durable and expected to last long.

In addition, this play tent is easy to install, within minutes, you can set up this play tent for your kid.

Why We Love It

·         Made from durable polyester material

·         The poles are bamboo, this makes it strong and sturdy enough to withstand hours of play time

·         Features bright original graphics that encourage imagination

·         Large enough for sleepovers and playdates

2.  USA Toyz Unicorn Play Tent

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This indoor play tent is a great way to build a fantasy fort for your kid. The USA Toys Unicorn tent is spacious, can take in up to 3 kids at once and enough toys . 

It also features sturdy poles, fantastic graphics, floor anchor for stability, roof anchors and secure ties. The tent is also equipped with breathable mesh windows and a door with flap. The materials are safe, meets the US toys safety regulations standard hence are nontoxic for kids.

Why We Love It

·         It’s very comfortable

·         It’s a pop up tent thus easy to set up and assemble

·         Comes with a bonus headband for even more fun playtime

3.  Playz Unicorn Play Tent

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The best play tents are those that can keep kids engaged for hours. This is what you get with this adorable unicorn tent. It features a ring toss with 6 rainbow hoops for a toss game.

Also features a Tic Tac Toe grid and 9 playing pieces for engaging playtime. 4 badges for a unicorn name game and a unicorn candy board game.

Why We Love It

·         It’s a 4 built in games that encourages fun enjoyable game time

·         Has a spacious interior that can accommodate 3 kids

·         Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

·         Durable and sturdy

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4.  Wilwolfer Unicorn Tent with Tunnel

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Every play tent with tunnel encourages fun activities and this unicorn tent with tunnel is no different. It also features a ball pit and basketball hoop for additional games and fun. It’s made from quality materials with unique manufacturing techniques that ensure it lasts long.

It is equipped with a bottom solid grove, mesh windows, sturdy frames, and carbon steel poles, and very beautiful graphics.

Why We Love It

·         Features a bonus drawing book to help kids with their creative and expression skills

·         Encourages fun games and activities

·         Comfortable and spacious enough for 3 kids

5.  MountRhino Unicorn Play Tent

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Reviewers love this unicorn tent house for its large space  and the structure design that looks like a real camping tent.

It features a very comfortable floor, 2 doors and mesh panel designs that promotes good ventilation and keeps mosquitoes/worms away. It’s further equipped with straps for a more comfortable use. Because of its size, this tent would be suitable for hide and seek games, crawling games and more activities.

Why We Love It

·         Very safe materials were used in production

·         Perfect for indoor and outdoor

·         Easy to assemble

6.  ImpriLux Unicorn Play TENT

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The designs are so unique and beautiful! Every kid would find this tent appealing for its well-detailed illustrations. The illustrations include unicorns, rainbows, fairy, Pegasus, lakes, castles and so much more.

It also features a play land illustration on the tent floor for more imaginative games, mesh windows for proper ventilation.

Why We Love It

·         The graphic designs are so detailed and stunning

·         Easy   to assemble and clean up

·         Perfect for both indoor and outdoor space

7.  Sumbababy Kids Play Tent

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This adorable unicorn tent house will make the perfect gift for kids that love unicorns. The tent is designed with unicorns, rainbows and clouds that are very appealing and will make your kids’ imagination soar.

It fits perfectly for parents looking for a compact-sized tent that can fit in anywhere.  The material is breathable, durable, and very easy to clean. It’s also with secure ties and connection set for easy setup and comfortable use.

Why We Love It

·         Quite colourful, you would find ribbons, rainbows, the colour pink, blue, purple and more.

·         Features sturdy poles

·         Lightweight, hence easy to assemble and carry anywhere

8.  HUFUN Unicorn  Kids Play Tent

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This pretty play tent is great as a private and playing space for kids. It features a rainbow design and beautiful graphics. It also comes with a rainbow horn on the roof of the tent and a pretty headband with glitters and flower decoration suitable to wear by both boys and girls.

The mesh panels encourage ventilation and the door features a curtain design that can be rolled up easily. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use and your kid won’t be exposed to sun in the tent.

Why We Love It

·         Equipped with an easy to follow install instruction

·         The tent is foldable and can easily be carried anywhere

·         A great tent option for girls

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9.  Atlasonix Unicorn Teepee Tent

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This design is so convenient, minimalist and beautiful. It would make a good space for reading, relaxing or just having fun.  It’s manufactured using durable oxford fabric that is safe for kids use, and easy to clean. The Atlasonix Teepee Tent is spacious and can take in 4 kids and many toys, pillows and kids furniture.

It also features a pretty unicorn bracelet your kid would love, skylight and a covered floor.

Why We Love It

·         Comes in two pretty colours, pink and blue

·         Easy to assemble

·         Perfect size for parents with more than one kid

·         Lightweight and portable

10.   JOJOOKIDS Pink Unicorn Play Tent

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Customers love the beautiful and colourful unicorns features on this JOJOOKIDS play tent. It allows for role play and lets imagination run wild. It features breathable mesh windows and a roll up door.

The pop up is very easy to set up and has enough room for kids to play, sleep, or read. The girl-inspired designs are unique, the poles are sturdy and the interior space is spacious.

Why We Love It

·         Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

·         Backed by a year warranty

·         Manufactured using high quality materials that are durable and safe for use


Even adults are fascinated by unicorns and after several years, unicorns are still an adorable trend in the world. So a unicorn play tent is a good gift for kids to play and improve their development.

When choosing a play tent, it is important to consider some factors like design, durability, features and more.

We compiled our best Unicorn Play Tents considering these important factors. Most of the play tents are pink, a colour that is not only beautiful but also fun for kids. Asides the pretty color, they have stunning graphic designs that will impress your kids.

Also, they are safe for use, durable enough to last long and withstand kids activities. Get your child that adorable Unicorn tent that he/she would forever love.

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