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10 Best Play Tent For Girls

There is something about play tents that makes them very special for children’s playtime.  No doubt, they provide the best enjoyment and playtime options for kids.

Also, with a play tent, kids have that special place where they can hide away, enjoy privacy as well as enjoy all their favorite activities. Play tents even encourage kids to put their imagination to use, learn more things or even grab a book to read.

There are a lot of play tents out there that girls would find very magical.  Many of these play tents include some designs like fairy lights, princess-like patterns that make them perfect for girls.

Girls love a small place of their own where they can put their imagination, play pretend and dream up magical scenarios.

Top 10 Best Play Tent For Girls

As a parent, you have to be deliberate with your choice of play tent.

This is because the type of play tent you pick will greatly influence how much fun your kids would have in it. There are different themes, shapes, colors, designs, manufacturers, and many more options to consider from.

To save you from the stress of searching the market for the right play tent for your girls, we have compiled a list of some of the best play tents for girls. Whether you are looking for the best indoor play tents for toddlers, play tents for 10-year-olds, best kids pop up play tents, or other types, this list has got you.

From comfortability to designs and set-up, our top picks tick every box of what a good play tent should offer.

Take a look at some of our top play tents for girls.

1.      Love Tree Teepee Tent

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This tent is very colorful with a girl-friendly design. It’s perfect for girls between 3 and 10 years. Your girl will enjoy this minimalist decorated play tent. Absolutely perfect for the not so girly girl.

The supporting fiberglass poles are sturdy, durable, and very easy to assemble. The polyester material means it’s easy to clean and the simple design is perfect for your girl’s imagination and all the fun activities they plan to have.

It also has up to 4 mesh windows perfect for cross ventilation and allows parents to check on their kids without outrightly invading their privacy. The Love Tree Teepee Tent provides enough room for 2-3 girls and extra room to make it more comfortable.

Key Features:

·         Safe polyester fabric

·         Much sturdier than other play tents

·         Easy to set up

·         Lightweight and comes with a carrying case

·         Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities

2.      Miyaya Princess Fairy Tale Castle Play Tent

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Looking for an adorable play tent that will foster hours of imaginative plays for your girl? The Miyaya Princess Play Tent is the ideal choice. It has a hexagonal shape which is of a large capacity that can hold up to 3 kids. It also comes with led lights that make the tent even more pretty.

Reviewers say the set-up is so easy that even your girl can assemble the castle.

Key Features:

·         Easy setup

·         Portable, easy to store

·         Sturdy poles

·         Easy to clean

3.      Sunny Days Barbie Dream Pop Up Play Tent

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The unique concept of this tent makes it one of the best kids pop up play tents in market. The easy pop up design makes it a top choice for parents who want a stress-free assembly. It requires no tools, just pop up, attach the support beam and it’s ready for use.

This pretty tent features a Barbie and friend design and lovely colors that will stimulate your kids imagination. The Suuny Day Barbie Tent will also encourage realistic role-plays and fun adventures. Your kid will also enjoy the extra roomy and multiple openings of the tent which allows for more fun activities like a peek-a-boo game.

The Play tent is also portable, lightweight and easy to store and more around.

Key Features;

·         The Barbie design is great for creative play

·         Enough space for 2-3 kids

·         Safe and durable material that will last many years

·         Easy assembly

4.      Imprilux Mermaid Pop Up Play Tent

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Girls would love this kid’s pop up play tent as it will inspire their imagination. It’s beautifully illustrated with the magical world of mermaids, sea animals, coral and many more designs.  Its floor also has a play land illustration.

We love the well-detailed designs, the waterproofed fabric which is easy to clean and well stitched, the mesh windows and fiberglass poles.

Key Features:

·         Easy setup and cleanup

·         High quality fabric

·         Perfect for indoor and outdoor space

5.      Avrsol Princess Castle Play Tent

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Customers love that this tent is very spacious. It can take in more kids, enough toys for plays and kid-sized furniture. The space is enough not just for fun activities but for a nap while parents carry on with their daily activities.

The castle-design sparks children’s wildest imaginations and encourages them to grow their magical world.

This tent makes our list of best indoor play tents for toddlers and children, not just because of the beautiful enjoyable color but also the safe materials it’s made from. We also love that the tent is sturdy which prevents it from breaking apart easily.

Key Features:

·         Easy installation, comes with an installation manual

·         Very large space

·         Bonus battery-operated Starlights

·         100% safe materials

6.      Pacific Play Tents Kids Castle Bed Tent

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What we love most about this play tent is the secret twin bed feature which makes it a perfect space to transport children into a fun world.  You can fit in standard twin bed and the tent can be used on or off bed, during the day and at night.

It also features fiberglass shock corded poles, colourful printed fabric, accessory pocket, a carrying bag and a Velcro closure T style door.

Key Features:

·         Wide door for easy exit and entry

·         Mesh panel for proper airflow

·         Sturdy poles to prevent shattering

·         Great for kids with sleeping issues

·         Tafetta fabric that is easy to clean

7.      Utex 3 in 1 Pop Up Play Tent

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This is one of the best indoor play tents for toddlers, it is suitable for girls of 6 months and above. The Utex 3-in 1 kids pop up play tent is designed in a way that allows a lot of fun activities. It features a tent, crawl-tunnel, and a ball pit for crawling, jumping, and lying. The tent and tunnel can be used as separate items or together.

Parents love how the tent encourages fun physical games like ball pit playground, racing tunnels, mazes that will keep kids busy for hours. Also, multiple kids can enjoy this tent at the same time.

Key Features

·         Easy to clean

·         Easy to store and assemble

·         Can be of use for pets

·         Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities

8.      Mitcien Princess Castle Play Tent

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We think this is perfect play tent for your girl to play pretend-role as princesses. It is beautifully designed to look like a palace and the manufacturer are so thoughtful with it’s concept. The tent comes with;

o   Full set of tea party toys including plates, kettles, knives, cups, pots, toy cake and desert

o   Two pretty crowns

Customers love the classical design and well-ventilated space suitable for kids to play, read or nap for hours. Even toddlers who have short attention span will adore this play tent.

Key Features:

·         Royal castle design with toys

·         Suitable for toddlers

·         Easy to set up and clean

9.      Pacific Play Tent Kids Galaxy Dome

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Children would love this colorful tent which features a space design and is perfect for hide, play and explore. We love that the design would allow kids to have hours of fun while improving their motor skills and imagination.

Overall, reviewers love the galaxy design, glow-in-the-dark stars feature, the mesh panels that allows parents observe their kids and the high quality material of the tent.

Key Features:

·         Large size

·         Sturdy poles

·         Imaginative designs

·         Water and fire resistant material

10.  Bestparty Rocket Ship Play Tent

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Want a play tent that will improve your girl’s imagination and cognitive skills? Go for this Rocket Ship play tent that would bring out the inner astronaut in your girl!

This tent is perfect for kids who loves the outer space as it would make them feel like they are on their way to there.

The colourful rocket ship pattern encourages children to have fun and stimulates their imagination.

Key Features:

·         Well detailed outer space design

·         Easy to set up and disengage

·         Non-toxic material

·         Mesh windows to regulate temperature

Choosing the best play tent for your girl can be a conflicting process. There are so many great designs available to appeal to kids.

Our top play tents for girls are made from quality, non-toxic material, are easy to clean and can suit the different personalities of different girls.

Also, they are quite beautiful, durable, functional and will stimulate a child’s imagination. Go for one these and rest assured your girl will enjoy long hours of playtime.  

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