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10 Best Play Food that Look Real

Do you have a little chef at home? Is your child obsessed with food? Play foods are one of the popular and best kids’ toys out there.

They’re also an exciting addition to pretend play. Suitable for kids of all ages and genders, this play set creates room for make-believe cooking, grilling and washing dishes.

This type of pretend play often result from mimicking tasks that they see their parents performing. It’s no surprise that little ones conceive imaginative play.

Play kitchen begat play food! Play foods are great way for your child to learn about different types of foods.

Want to get those yummy (pretend) meals for your child? Here are play food that look real.

How to pick play food for kids

You’re probably thinking of the best products to go for. We’re here to help you. We’ve created a short guide on how to choose the best option from a wide range of products.


Kids’ toys are meant to last long due to their versatile use. If you want the best quality, it’s best you choose wood or hard plastic. These materials can withstand years of rough play and hard hits.


Teething babies are likely to bite into any thing. It’s advisable to get toys that are safe for babies to chew on. They also love large and colourful toys. Since toddlers and preschoolers are more involved in imaginative play, it’s best to get them food items that come in pieces so they can cut them. Older children will prefer toys that look realistic. Shopping scenarios and food related themes are best pretend play experiences.


In choosing food play toys, bear in mind that there’s a high probability that these toys will be eaten by kids, so it’s important to choose non-toxic toys. For safety precautions, select toys without sharp or pointed edges. If they’re made of wooden materials, ensure the surface is smooth to prevent splinters. Whichever material you go for, ensure you don’t give your kids small pieces so as to avoid choking incident.

10 Best Play Food that Look Real

1. Melissa & Doug Sandwich Making Set

5. Melissa & Doug Sandwich Making Set

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Ignite imagination and wonder in kids with this sandwich making set! Suitable for children aged 3-5 years, this playset do not only entertain your kids but educates them.

Stack your sandwich however you wish on the wooden sandwich kit. With the wooden knife, you can slice pieces, providing a crunch sound that indicates that your ingredients are fresh.

This play food set features a sturdy wooden storage tray for keeping your valuable sandwich ingredients organized.

Made from high quality materials, Melissa & Doug Sandwich Making Set inspire a world of discovery and hands-on learning.

2. Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set

Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set

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Let your child’s imagination run wild with this play food set!

Featuring 30 different fruits and vegetables, five plastic baskets, stick-on labels, and an activity guide, your children will be able to learn about their foods, colors and the importance of healthy eating.

Besides that, the fun food game can help little one develop counting skills. Crafted from very durable plastic material, this pretend food set will last long.

Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set is a great learning tool for young ones as it helps in their all round development.

3. Step2 101 Piece Play Food Assortment

Step2 101 Piece Play Food Assortment

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This play food set is a must-have for playtime cooking. With 101 pieces of pretend food like vegetables, snacks, and dessert items, your kid is going to enjoy cooking.

Their imagination will be broadened as they cook up some recipes. The various food choices enable kids recognise foods and colours, create and serve meals as well as run a pretend grocery store.

Food look so real that little kids may want to bite into it. Do your child has a play kitchen? This food assortment set will just be right for them!

4. Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House

Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House

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For colorful, imaginative grocery-store play, stock up your child’s pretend pantry with closed cardboard play-food cans.

The cans are made of sturdy and colourful cardboard sides while the lids are crafted from premium plastic.

There’s a pretend play flavour for every taste. Grocery cans are about 10 and they are of different sizes and designs.

With Melissa & Doug grocery cans, your kids can learn sorting, grouping, identify colours and know more about food varieties.

Ideal for children aged 3 and above, this playset promotes motor skills and improve vocabulary of children.

5. Wooden Pizza Toy for Kids

Wooden Pizza Toy for Kids

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Do your child love pizza? They’ll love this pizza themed set. They can even open up their pizza place, serving guests and even getting paid for it!

The set features six pizza slices with different toppings like tomatoes, onions, and olives.

Toppings are attached to the pizza with velcro so they won’t slide off when the pizza is placed in the cardboard oven.

Featuring a chef’s hat, six mustaches, and a menu for ordering, your child will enjoy cooking with this set.

To make the play more realistic, there’s a cash register and bills for recording sales and check time.

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6. Tea Time Chocolate Pastry Tower with Two-Tier Classic Blue Dessert Tower

Tea Time Chocolate

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Your little one will definitely love this chocolatey treats!

From the tantalizing tiramisu to delectable donut, sensational sweet swirl, cocoa cupcakes, creamy cake slices, and tasty torte, this chocolatey pastry tower looks rich and delicious that they’ll melt in your mouth.

Tea parties are a great way to inculcate social skills as the kids learn to serve one another and share.

It’ll be delightful to see your child fill up their tea cup, stir in a little milk, and taste some of these delectable treats!

Created from wood and adorned with safe, water-based paints, these wooden pastries are uniquely designed for extra tea time fun.

This pastry tower makes one sensational centerpiece!

7. LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

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Do your child dream of running their own ice cream cart? Get them this food play set!

With this LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart, your kid can create a variety of imaginative and tasty-looking ice cream combinations using four flavors of ice cream, three toppings and three syrup flavors.

They can build customer orders by using the magic scooper to scoop up the ice cream and toppings.

While counting to ten, they can add pretend syrup by pressing the syrup pump or coin button.

The six cute animal order cards helps build memory and sequencing skills in children.

Exploring the cart’s features and six activity cards introduces the kids to colours, numbers, flavours and so much more!

Moving the cart around builds gross motor skills while listening to upbeat songs and music. Taking customers’ orders is fun when you sing along.

8. Mommy Please Play Food Set for Kids & Toy Food

Mommy Please Play food

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This deluxe play food set is a fabulous choice for aged three and above.

Your toddler will be busy pretending to shop for groceries, play kitchen, and preparing delicious pretend meals for the family to munch.

Having about 125 pieces of BPA free pretend play food, this food set offers more food options than others.

From cheese lunch and organic macaroni to a variety of healthy pretend breakfast foods and pizza, your child will have fun learning and pretending.

These toy foods can be used alongside Melissa & Doug and KidKraft kitchen sets.

Inspire hours of imagination and grocery cart play with this pretend play food!

9. Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set

Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set

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Have your child prepare you delicious fruit platter with this cute set!

Featuring seven pieces of sliceable fruit that can be divided into 17 pieces, this cutting fruit set has an attractive wooden crate for storing the pieces for easy travel and organization.

Held together by Velcro, the fruits create a crunch sound when sliced with a wooden knife.

The kids learn the concept of a quarter, half, and whole while cutting the fruits. Not only that, they learn the basics of knife safety as well.

10. JaxoJoy 122-Piece Deluxe Pretend Play Food Set


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With this play food set, variety is indeed the spice of life.

Boasting of 122 pieces, ranging from simple fruit and vegetables to condiments and cans of food, your children will feel like they have their own little food store.

Kids emulate their parents as they pretend to shop, cook a meal and serve breakfast, lunch or Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set. Built from BPA free plastic, each piece is durable and will last long.

This great accessory will enhance the children’s reading and creative skills, promising endless hours of fun.

Play food sets are indispensable to the growth and development of kids. They stimulate creativity, improve co-ordination and social skills in children.

Kids can spend hours whipping up different recipes. Parents can instil basic concepts like kitchen safety and table manners in young ones.

In choosing a play food set, consider the needs of your child. While some sets are perfect for existing play kitchen set, others offer something different. Choose the right one for your kid!

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