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10 Best Painting Set for Kids

 Kids love colours and drawings. A lot of time, kids may lose interest or, if encouraged, get better at it. Painting is a fun and creative learning tool for kids. Painting, like other art forms, is a great way to express their emotions and build their art skills. One great way to encourage your kids to let loose their creativity and stimulate their development is to invest in a painting set.

A painting set will help kids improve their skills, express their emotions and have a full painting experience.

Instead of buying painting items separately, you can gift your kid a painting set for a more creative experience. Below is the list of 10 painting sets your kids would absolutely enjoy;

These painting sets include different selection and variations of painting tools

1.      ColorCrayz Paint Set for Kids

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The best painting set includes various painting tools that help with your kids’ versatility and creativity. This painting set contains 12 washable paints, 8 x 10 printed canvases, paintbrushes, art smock, colour guide, flower palette, art easel and a storage bag for safekeeping. The total number of pieces of art materials in this set is 27. We love the fact that the paints are washable and non-toxic to use.

2.      Homofy Kids Painting Set

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Another painting set 27 pieces of paint tools including 12 acrylic colours, 6 paintbrushes, flower palettes, colour guide, different sized canvases, a tabletop easel and a smock to protect from stains. The set is suitable for kids of 4 – 12 years, and the painting items can last several years and provide hours of enjoyment for kids.

3.      BLOT Early Learning Kids Paint Set

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Asides from the fact that the paint colours of this set are non-toxic, the painting tools are also kid-friendly with smooth surfaces that are safe for kids.

The painting tools are all-inclusive and multifunctional. You’d find 4 roller sponges, 6 paint brushes and 8 sponge brushes and shovels in the set. The paints are also of high quality, washable and clean off easily. This set is ideal for kids of age 3 and above who are new to the world of painting.

4.      Zicoto Kids Paint Set

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This paint set is quite durable, featuring 33 pieces of kids painting supplies. We love the premium acrylic paints available in 12 vibrant colours and kid-friendly for use.

The kit also features canvas boards, easels, different sized paintbrushes, an art apron, a painting cup and a mixing guide to learn how to create new colours from available paints. The set also comes in a colourful zipper bag for easy storage and a good gifting choice.

5.      AOJOYS Watercolors Paint Set

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This painting kit comes in an adorable case that opens and closes like a box. The case also makes it easy to store the paints and accessories in an organized manner and carry it anywhere with you.

The set has 48 watercolours made from pure and high-quality pigment and a mixing palette to help you decide the best colours for your kids’ project. The colours dry quickly, and they give crisp and smooth results.

You will also find watercolour accessories like 8 watercolour papers, a brush pen, a drawing pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, sponge and Chinese white for a convenient job.

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6.      Art 101 Wood Art Set

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Art 101 is one of the top brands when it comes to art supplies, and this beautiful art set is enough to confirm how they got to the spot. This kit looks entirely professional and contains a lot of painting items to last many years.

Reviewers commented on the elegant wooden case, which looks like a briefcase, and the variety of tools and paints it contains. This set will provide kids with enough room to express themselves and learn new forms of painting.

It includes 24 colour pencils, 60 crayons. 24 watercolours, 24 oil pastels, 3 mixing palettes, 2 paintbrushes, 2 sketch pencils, an eraser, and a pen sharpener.

7.      Magnetic Mini Tile Art Set

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Kids would love to display their finished paint works, and this set is a great way to encourage them to do so. Your kid can attach a magnet on the back of their painted tile to display on any metal surface like the fridge or locker.

The set comes with a 2 by 2 tile, which kids can turn into art using the paint brushes and paints included in the pack. The 12 magnets are highly functional, and your child’s work will remain on display as long as he or she wants. This set works well for kids to create decorative and personalized pieces.

8.      Faber- Castell Paint Set for Kids

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Beginner artists would really appreciate this paint set. It includes every starter artist needs, from colours to paintbrushes and sheets of paper. The colours of the paints are washable and safe for kids to use.

Customers’ favourite thing about the set is the fully illustrated instruction manual that teaches colour mixing and painting. The brushes come in different sizes and have kid-friendly handles convenient for a toddler’s grip.

9.      US Art Supply Children Washable Paint Set

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Kids would definitely find it boring to keep painting with one or 2 colours. That’s why this 32 colours set is perfect for kids to express their creativity and put their imagination to work.

The set features 32 colour tempera, which includes 18 primary colours, 7 pearl colours and 7 neon colours. The colours are rich and thick and provide excellent coverage. Also, the colours clean up easily with soap and water.

10.  Crayola Color Caddy

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Crayola makes some of the best colouring and painting materials. You will find this 90 Piece Crayola set perfect for encouraging the little painter in your kids. The set includes 24 crayons, 18 short coloured pencils, 18 broad line markers, 2 glitter glue sticks, 15 sheets of line art, 15 blank sheets, a pair of scissors and a cute storage caddy.


The painting set on our list would make perfect gifts for kids. Any one of these painting sets will not only create a fun time for kids but also push out their creative skills and interests. It doesn’t matter if your kid is a beginner or an expert; these sets will surely help them nurture their artistic tendencies and development. Also, check out our list of best swings and monkey bars, which can help create a healthy, fun time for kids.

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