Best Monkey Bars For Kids 2020
Monkey Bars

10 Best Monkey Bars for Backyard 2021

Kids love to play on monkey bars, and many parents often include them as a part of their kids playing accessories.  Monkey bars would keep your child active and allow them to have a lot of fun right in the home.

Monkey bars usually feature ladders and bars for kids to swing. This would keep them healthy, happy, and fuel up their athletic spirit.

If you’re new to this backyard playset, you will face many options and brands, which could be tricky when trying to make a pick.

Below are some factors to consider to guide you to picking the right choice;

1.      Safety

Your kids playing set must be safe. Thus, a monkey bar should be strong enough to withstand their activities without any risk of breaking or falling apart. Also, it should have safety features like grips, handles, soft edges to prevent injuries.

2.      Material

A kid-friendly material should cover the framework of a monkey bar. Also, ensure that the framework is strong and well built to withstand the child’s weight. Other features to look out for in the material is its ability to withstand different weather conditions, UV resistance, etc. The most popular materials for monkey bars are steel and high-density plastics.

3.      Installation

You don’t want a monkey bar that takes long hours, days, and the need to hire professionals to install them. We advise you to go for monkey bars that easy to assemble, preferably on your own. Also, check for the installation manual to confirm if the steps are easy to follow.

4.      Space

The size of the monkey bar you pick should fit in your playground with enough space around the equipment. Therefore, evaluate the dimensions of the equipment and the space available.

5.      Number of Kids

The number of kids expected to use the monkey bars would also influence the size you pick. Make sure the size you go for can accommodate the participants and the playground size.

We have compiled a review of the top monkey bars in 2020—our picks of different brands, models, and features that would be an excellent fit for your kids.

Here are the best 10 monkey bars for kids 2020

1.  PUPZO Gymnastics Bars For Kid

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This gymnastics bar is solid, stable, and can accommodate up to 160lbs weight. It features two pedestals with a shock absorption mat for grip and safety. It also includes four slip-resistant rubber floor rings to support the bar’s base to ensure the set’s stability.

The set has a foldable design, which makes it easy to assemble and store. The stainless steel material ensures its durability and safety.

Our favorite thing about this bar is that it can be adjusted to 5 different heights to meet different needs and measurement of kids. It also includes a year warranty period on sale.

2.  Gentle Booms Sports Ninja Warrior Line

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Make your kids’ Ninja training fun with this Gentle Booms kit. The kit features a slackline, auxiliary line, rope ladder, 2 monkey bars, monkey fist, two tree protectors, 10 square buckles set, locking delta clips. The set accommodates different skill levels and has countless setup and challenging features for a fun challenge and playtime.

The set is strong and can withstand a maximum weight of 440llbs. It is easy to set up and comes with a carry case for easy transportation. You can also use the Ninja line as a slackline once you remove all the obstacles.


3.  Jugader Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

 Jugader Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

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This set is perfect for keeping the entire family entertained and in shape. A set of Jugader Ninja Warrior is equipped with a Ninja line and slackline with ratchet, 6 stair rope ladder, gymnastics rings, 3 monkey bars, 10 Carabiner and triangle clips, nylon rope knots, tree protectors. We love that the obstacles are adjustable, and you can customize the obstacle’s distance to fit your kid’s convenience.

The design of the Ninja Line and Slackline is durable and fit to accommodate your kids’ weight while keeping them balanced and safe. Whether your kid is a beginner or already on the way to become a pro, this set will accommodate their skill levels.

4.  Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center

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This portable dome can accommodate up to 600lb weight capacity. This model features weather and rust-resistant steel bent over to form a dome shape.  It can stand n its own without the need for support or cement. Also, the climbing grips have a strong design, and the set will continue to maintain its strength and color even after years of use.

5.  Rainbow Craft Ninja Obstacles Climbing Attachment

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This climbing accessory is a good choice if you already have a swing set or ninja line in the backyard. If you don’t, you will need to buy an additional slackline alongside this set.

The set includes a cargo net, rope ladder, 4pc Ninja ring, 2pc Trapeze bar. These accessories are strong and can take a weight of 300lbs. We love how colorful the accessories set are as kids would enjoy playing with them. The materials and designs are also safe for kids to use and meet the standards for secure play.

6.  BraveWay Ninja Warrior Obstacles Kit

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BraveWay is known for its high-quality slacklines, and this product isn’t excluded. This set features 2 40 ft long slackline, 2 heavy-duty ratchets, all of the different weight loads. 

It also features 2 gymnastics rings, 2 monkey bars, 3 monkey fists, tree protectors, hanging hooks, a support line, a carrying bag, and a gift box.

This set is suitable for the whole family for entertainment and to keep in shape. Reviewers loved that it’s easy to install; all you need is to connect the ninja line with two trees or pillars, bars, beams.

The walking lines are easy to walk on, strong, and can carry up to 660lbs. Also, the Ninja line is long enough for up to 15 swing set accessories, and you can add extra accessories if you deem fit.

The additional gift box makes it a perfect choice of gif for kids.

7.  Yarkor Ninja Slackline With Monkey Bars

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Let your kids train just like their heroes on TV with this durable playset. This ninja course is manufactured with heavy-duty materials, durable nylon, and stainless steel for maximum stability.

You will be getting a slackline with ratchet, 2 monkey bars, 3 rope knots, 2 gymnastics rings, tree protectors, clips, and storage back from a complete kit.

The obstacles aren’t fixed, so you can adjust the distance to accommodate your kids’ skill levels. This set would serve both indoor and outdoor games. It’s also lightweight, which makes it easy to transport.

8.  DreamGym Swing Trapeze Bar

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This a perfect pick to let your kids have a lot of fun indoor. Kids can swing, twist, somersault, and climb for hours on this swing. 

It features 2 hanging straps, spring clips trapeze bar, and gymnastics rings, allowing kids to stay physically active for hours. You can adjust the gymnastic rings to the height of the kids as they grow.

It can take up to 220llbs, which means adults can also join in the fun. This set can fit into a 26” to 36” wide door frame, and we love how easy it is to install.


9.  Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

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Kids will have so much fun with this monkey bars climbing tower. It features interlocking plastic tubes and connectors with double self-locking springs.

The set also features a detachable top, which makes it easy to fit doorways, a wide base that is strong, and has no risk of tipping over. The plastic material can resistant to weather elements, including heat and cold. The color won’t fade no matter how long it stays in the sun, and there is no rusting risk.

Also, the set is easy to assemble, lightweight, and convenient to move around. It’s the right size for parents looking for something portable to fit into small spaces, including indoor.

10.  Aoneky 3 Monkey Bars

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These monkey bars will serve as extra accessories for Aoneky monkey bar climbers. It is made from smooth wood, and you add up to 6 different monkey bars to the climber, depending on the distance you want. It can take up to 220 pounds and is suitable for kids of 6 years and above.


Monkey bars make excellent playground equipment for kids. They serve as an exciting way to help in the development of kids while they are having fun. They can also help young athletes build a sporting spirit.

In summary, investing in one for kids is totally worth the purchase. We compiled our 10 best monkey tops focusing on important factors like their quality, features, durability, customer reviews, and ratings. If you are looking for a great climbing frame, one of the varieties listed above would definitely be a good pick.

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