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10 Best Kids Step Stool

Step stools can be very helpful for kids around the house. It’s a great way for kids to show off their independence. From helping you in the kitchen to grabbing a book from a high shelf or even brushing their teeth; with the right stool, nothing would be out of reach for your kids.

Why Get a Stool?

There comes an age where kids want to do everything by themselves. This usually starts as soon as they can walk comfortably on their two feet. Except your sinks, countertops and shelves and low enough to reach, they’ll need some help. 

Step stools are perfect gifts to add those extra inches for your kids to reach high sinks and tables. Also, as a parent, you would appreciate not needing to lift and carry your kid every second. Stools would also help their development and encourage their independence and exploration.

What to Look Out For?

There are some essential features to look out for when getting a step stool for your kid. They  include

1.      Height

There are different stools out there with varying heights. It is best to know the specific place your toddler has to reach to get the appropriate height to serve the purpose. For example, if the stool is for a kitchen, a taller step stool would be appropriate compared to if it’s to get on the toilet.

You don’t want a stool your kid would still need to tiptoe on during use.

2.      Stability

Your kids’ safety is paramount. You want a balanced stool, steady and sturdy enough to hold your kid.

3.      Width

Ensure the width of the stool is enough for your kids to step safely and small enough to pass through confined spaces.

4.      Easy to Carry

You don’t want your kid to handle or carry a heavy piece of furniture. If the stool is going to be for multiple uses, consider getting something lightweight.

5.      Getting More Than One

It’s a great idea to invest in more than one stool if your kid needs it for more than one purpose. For example, you can have one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom, so you wouldn’t need to drag it from one place to another.

Our Best Kids Step Stool

We have compiled a list of some of the best stools for your kids’ use. They are safe and functional stools at affordable prices.

1.      Dual Height Step Stool

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We love this stool for two significant reasons. First, it has a dual height; the lowest step will add 5.5 inches’ height while the top step gives 10.5 inches.

Second, this white stool features 4 thick anti-slip rubber foot pads, making it safe for kids to use. The surface has a non-slip rubber, which makes it comfortable for kids. Also, the stool is quite stylish and made from safe & eco-friendly materials.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Wide steps that can accommodate large feet

·         Very sturdy and safe for kids

·         A set of 2 stools

·         Features handles on the left and right side for easy carriage

·         Lightweight

2.      Wood City Step Stool

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Another stylish stool with dual height. Made from 100% natural wood, this stool features smooth surfaces with rounded corners and a firm design.

The right-angle structure design makes it easy to fit the wall perpendicularly comfortably. It also features 4 slip-resistant mats to keep kids firm and balanced.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Has a durable construction that will last long without breaking or cracking

·         Handles on both sides for easy carriage

·         Lightweight

·         Can hold up to 200 pounds

·         Easy to clean

3.      Tiawudi Step Stool (2 packs)

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This step stool comes in 2 packs, almost at the price of one. The surface is coated with anti-slip material to help kids stand comfortably. The surface also has dots to maximize the kid’s safety. The non-slip feature is also present on the underside to reduce the risk of falling.

It’s made from nontoxic materials safe for kids to use and features round edges to keep kids from getting hurt.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Can hold up to 170lbs

·         Great for potty training

·         Easy to clean

·         Lightweight and easy to carry

4.      Folding Step Stool

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It’s difficult to find a stool that is very attractive, functional and safe. This folding step stool ticks all the boxes. It features a grip dot texture kids will love and anti-skid foot pads that hold it in place.

We love its foldable design, which makes it space-efficient and easy to carry around.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Its foldable design makes it easy to fit through any passage

·         It’s quite sturdy, sturdy enough for even adults

·         It’s easy to clean and use

·         Can be stored easily

5.      Sibling Step Stool

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Sibling Step Stool is designed for two kids to stand side by side. It has a dual height and can accommodate kids of different heights.

It’s a great option if you have more than one kid as they can use the stool together and work side by side. You can also flip the stool to use as a seat or to get a levelled height.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Extra wide

·         Features a footprint to guide kids on the right part to step

·         Can hold up to 300 pounds

·         Features anti-slip floor pads for safety

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6.      Disney Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers

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Kids will always be kids, and having their favorite cartoon on their stool would make them happy. The Disney stool features bright pink and purple colours with a large sticker of Minnie Mouse at the front. The stool is durable, made from high-quality materials and can hold up to 200 pounds. Over 5 inches in height, this stool is perfect for toilet training and even features a curve that fits the toilet stand.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Features cute Disney theme

·         Has a non-slip rubber on the surface and underside

·         Lightweight and sturdy

7.      B.Spaces by Battat Peek-a-Boost Wooden Two-Step Stool

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We love the unique tip proof shape of this step stool. It’s classic construction and mint colour makes it a perfect option that will seamlessly blend with home décor.

The stool has two steps which are wide, well-constructed and can hold up to 154lbs. It’s quite portable, easy to carry around and made from nontoxic materials.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         It’s easy to assembly, also includes a hex wrench for its set up

·         Suitable for kids of 3 years and above

·         Features handles for easy carriage

·         The steps feature textured patterns

8.      Rubbermaid Step Stool

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Moulded from high quality material, expect to use this stool for a long time without wear or tear. This large width stool can support up to 300lbs and features a non-slip grip to prevent the risk of falling. It also features cut out handles for easy carriage and sturdy structure to secure it in place.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Buyers get a one-year warranty on this product

·         It is lightweight

·         Features a non-marring feet to protect tge floor from scratches

·         Offers a tall (7’10’) height reach

9.      Step Stool with Safety Rails

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This step stool is very big on safety. It features four-sided railings that provide kids perfect support once they are inside. This railing reassures their safety and ensures there is no risk of tripping. It also features anti-slip strips on the 4 stands for enhanced safety.

This stool is made from solid pine which makes it quite durable and finished with polyurethane paint which makes it easy to clean.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Made from safe non-toxic materials and paint

·         Has 150lbs load bearing

·         Easy to assemble

·       Offers a 6 month free reason to return and a lifetime guarantee on the free parts.

10.  Bumbo Step Stool

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Bumbo step stool is a one step stool that requires no assembly. It features a slip-resistant base and surface, a sturdy structure and a cute design. You can get the stool in a variety of colours and its portable design makes it great for travelling. Great for potty training, to reach up the sink, tables and shelves. It’s also very lightweight and convenient for kids to carry room to room.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Supports up to 110lbs

·         Sturdy and lightweight

·      Can be stacked with another Bumbo stool for extra height

·      Doesn’t take much space and can easily fit through passages and small spaces


Help your little kid become independent with one of the step stools on our list. As said earlier, step stools are valuable for many reasons, for potty training, to help with small work in the kitchen, to reach tall heights, and many more.

The stools on our list are functional, loved by customers, and have the right safety features like sturdy construction and an anti-slip base. We hope you find a favourite step stool on our list.

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