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10 Best Kids Slides for the Playground

Kids slides are the best way to utilize your outdoor space to the satisfaction of your kids. One way to keep your kids active and have creative fun is to make their playtime enjoyable. Getting them toys like kids’ slides is an excellent way to get your kids ready to explore, active and happy.

Also, kids’ slides are safe for kids and asides from keeping kids busy; they can help kids’ cognitive and social development.

The Best Kids Slides – Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing any products for kids, it’s essential to consider certain factors to help you choose the best products. There are many Kids’ slides suitable for a backyard playground, and it may get confusing when trying to pick one for your kids.

Below are some things you should consider when getting a slide for your kid:

1.      Materials

Plastic swing sets, wooden swing sets and metal swing sets are the most common slide types on the market. When making a choice, regardless of the material you decide on, ensure the material is safe and sturdy enough to accommodate your kids’ weight. Also, ensure that the material is non-toxic and the slide is smooth and well-constructed in a way that doesn’t pose harm or injuries to the kids.

2.      Space

The size of the kids slide you go for would depend on the backyard playground you have. Go for something that can comfortably sit in your playground space.

3.      Age

Some slides are created with a particular age group in mind. You don’t want to get a slide for 10 years old for a preschooler. We recommend you go for a model made for the age group of your kid.

Also, you should consider the number of kids that would be using the slide. Slides have different weight capacities, and you should get one that can carry multiple kids’ weight.

4.      Safety

Safety is essential when selecting something for your kids. Ensure the slide’s texture is right, the ladder is stable, the material nontoxic, and the weight capacity reasonable enough.

5.      Extra Features

You may want to consider if your slide has extra features like swings, basketball hoops, tunnels for a more exciting experience for your kids.

List of Best Kids Slides for Kids

Looking for a good slide for your kids? We have reviewed the top 10 slides for kids’ playgrounds that are of high quality. The slides on our lists are smooth, durable and safe for kids to have fun and exercise. See our list below;

1.      Ynkoo Children Swing and Slide Set

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A swing with extra features is a great bargain! This swing offers 4 features, a slide, swing, music player and a basketball hoop. These features will ensure your kids get fun playtime. Aside from the features, the surface of the swing is smooth with nor sharp edges that can harm kids. It also features a butterfly base plate that can be injected with water and sand.

Why Should You Get This?

·         Offers 4 in 1 feature for an exciting playtime.’

·         Little stress to assemble and disassemble it

·         Suitable for kids of 1 – 12 years

·         Can hold a weight up to 200 lbs

2.      5 Ft Turbo Tube Slide

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This slide is a great way to upgrade the kids’ playground.  It is a durable slide that supports up to 250 pounds. The Turbo slide is easy to assemble and has a design that provides a full 360 degrees turn. It’s available in 3 colours, blue, green and yellow and would make an exciting addition for kids.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         It has an enclosed design and 360 turn for a new level of enjoyment

·         It is very durable and can resist breaks and cracks

·         Has a good design that is pre-drilled for easy assembly on deck surfaces

·         Suitable for kids of 3 – 10 years

·         Includes all the hardware and instruction guides needed for its installation.

3.      Aleko Outdoor Wooden Swing Play Set

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Let your kid have safe fun on this wooden swing set. This set is a combination of a 2 belt classic swing, a 7-foot slide, a playhouse, a climbing rope and a rock climbing wall ladder. We love the upper forth design a lot. It features side fences and roofing, which offers comfort and UV protection.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Suitable for kids of 3 months and above

·         The swing set is pre-cut and pre-drilled, which makes it anchor and assembly easy

·         Can support a maximum of 6 kids at a time and a weight of 550 lbs

·         Has a gorgeous design which will offer great aesthetics for your playground

4.      Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer

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An enjoyable playtime is crucial to make kids happy, and this inflatable bouncer can do that work. It features a slide and a large bounce area with a canopy. Kids would have fun jumping, bouncing and sliding on this arched canopy. The material is puncture-resistant, and the bouncer features three mesh slides that protect kids during play and allows parents to monitor them.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Include all the accessories, including a heavy-duty blower needed for its installation

·         The material is quite soft and smooth; thus threatens no harm against kids

·         Can take maximum kids of 3 and weight of 250 lbs

·         Has broad jumping and sliding surface

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5.      HedgX 6-in-1 Toddler Slide and Swing Set

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Looking for a functional plastic swing set with extra features to keep your kids engaged? The HedgX offers a slide, basketball hoop, soccer goal, ring toss game, music player and a swing. We love how colourful this set is and how smooth the material is.

The playset also comes with a simple assembly and includes all the hardware needed for its set up.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Made from non-toxic HDPE material that is safe for kids

·         Suitable for kids of 3 years and above

·         6-in-1 combos for a fun playtime

·         The slide has a gentle slope for a smooth slide

6.      Eezy Peezy 3 in 1 Jungle Gym

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We love the 3 in 1 jungle gym set for many reasons, but our favourite is the ball pit with 50 colourful balls. Looking for something kids between ages 1 and 3 would have fun with, we recommend this playset. Asides from the set, kids would enjoy their 50 coloured balls, the ball pit and the ball toss target.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Very durable and has a weight load of 150 lbs

·         Features interlocking plastic tubes and connectors with double self-locking springs for a firm and sturdy assembly

·         Large enough for 2 kids at a time

·         Features a climbing structure

7.      JOYLDIAS Freestanding Kids Slide

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This playset features a  long slide that provides a soft and safe landing. It also features a basketball hoop, a ball and a stable enclosed step. We also love the hollowed-out bear hands for easy grasp and the two non-slip chassis at the bottom for a firm standing.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         It has a foldable design that is easy to assembly and can be easily folded when not in use

·         Safe for kids of 12 months and above

·         Features a design that ensures kids safety

·         The surface is smooth yet not easily prone to scratches and deformation

8.      Little Tikes Go Green Play Slide

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The Little Tikes Slide is the ideal slide for parents looking for a compact size. The slide features a foldable design that is easy to store and move around. We love the simple design of this slide and its smooth design.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Made from recycled material hence an excellent choice for parents who are environment conscious

·         Suitable for kids of 18 months – 4 years

·         Easy to set up requires no tool for its assembly

·         Strong and sturdy for toddlers’ use

9.      Children Car Slide Set

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With multiple functions, your kids will surely enjoy fun playtime with this car slide set. The bus design makes it quite desirable and a top choice for toddlers who would find it appealing. It also features a hoop and storage and a foldable design for convenient safekeeping.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         The height of the slide is adjustable

·         Suitable for kids of 1 and above

·         Made from durable and non-toxic plastic

·         Has a load bearing of 165 lbs

10.  Jupiduu Kids Slide

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This famous slide is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The slide is manufactured in Germany with high quality wooden materials and great polishing. Reviewers confirmed the sturdiness, thickness and durability of the slide.

Why Should You Buy This?

·         Has a unique and timeless design

·         Suitable for kids of 1.5 years – 4 years

·         Can hold up to 110 lbs


Our list of best kids slides are of high quality and will serve your kids well. The designs are lightweight,  beautiful, and have functional features that will deliver outstanding performance.

Selecting any of the models above is sure to create an exciting experience for your kids. Just go through our list to choose something age-appropriate for your kids for a fun, happy playtime and a memorable childhood. You might also want to check out our list of best jungle gyms your kids will love.

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