Best Kids Jungle Gyms
Kids Jungle Gym

10 Best Kids Jungle Gym 2021

The roars of laughter breaking through the melodious squeak of swing chairs, the warmth of metal bars against your palms and pounding feet on sand – these are childhood memories you probably had playing on jungle gyms.

Just like every parent, you want your child to enjoy active play. Play is an essential aspect of a child’s life.

It’s the period they learn and cultivate skills through role-playing, exploring and pretending. Check out our list of 10 best kids jungle gyms.

This article also explains the factors to put into consideration when making the right choice.

How to Choose the Best Jungle Gym for Kids

With so many options on the market, you need to have a clear idea of what type of jungle gym you want for your child. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make the right choice.

Weight Capacity

You should know your child’s weight before making a purchase. Besides that, you need to consider the number of kids that will play on it.

If your child plays alone, a smaller weight limit will be fine. But if they like to have friends around, you should go for one with a more significant weight limit.

Manufacturers often indicate the weight limit and the number of children of a specific age group that can play on the jungle gym at once.


Many jungle gyms are used outdoor and indoor, so you might want to consider the purpose before getting a jungle gym for your youngster.

You will have to move the equipment around, in the yard, outside or inside your home. Think about the weight and size of the entire set.


Playset should have many accessories for more fun and entertainment. Some jungle gym feature domes, climbing bars, monkey bars, ladders, and ropes for versatility.

Besides playtime, children get to develop their physical and social skills.


Jungle gyms are built to last for a while. Durability depends entirely on materials used in constructing them. They’re made of steel, plastic or wood.

Steel is the toughest material, made to last long under all types of weather conditions. Plastic, which is the cheapest of all is the least durable, so it’s ideal for toddler models.

Ease of Assembly

The assembly process varies from one jungle gym to the other. While some can take few minutes to set up, others may take at least an hour to assemble.


How much do you intend to spend on the best jungle gym for your child? It’s advised you come up with a budget before starting your search for the right choice for your kid. You really don’t want to spend more than you budgeted for.

10 Best Kids Jungle Gym

1. Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center

Lifetime Dome

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An excellent choice for fun and adventure, the Lifetime Climbing Dome is built from rust-resistant, powder-coated steel. The jungle gym makes a perfect option for kids aged 3 -10 years.

It comes in either blue or brown colour with a year warranty. With the rock climbing hand grips, your kids get to develop strong muscles and coordination.

They will have fun playing new games and scenarios with their friends on the backyard jungle gym.

2. Eazy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

Eazy Peezy Monkey Bars

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Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, this jungle gym is going to provide endless hours of fun for your little ones.

Made from quality plastic with UV resistant material, this climbing tower is built for lasting playtime.

Featuring interlocking plastic tubes and connectors with double self-locking springs, this playset is lightweight and easy to set up. Its lightweight property makes it easy to move, whether indoor or outdoor.

The robust structure can bear the weight of children aged 3-8 years. Playing on Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower can help your kids learn balance, become physically active, develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Jungle gym can bear about 150 pounds of dangling and climbing kid energy.

3. Jungle Gym Kids Play Set

Jungle Gym Kids Play Set

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The indoor/outdoor playground equipment features gymnastic rings, a climbing ladder and a disk rope swing. They can be attached to the ceiling, doorway, gym bar or tree.

Made from natural wood and covered with oil, this activity playset is considered 100% safe for children.

Designed with wooden materials, jungle gym kids playset is soft to touch, providing a comfortable experience for young ones. Kids will enjoy swinging, climbing, and playing on the gymnastics gift set.

Looking for swing sets or kids playset accessories for your children? This gorilla gym playset will make a fine choice!

4. Space Dome Climber

Space Dome Climber

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Do your child like climbing and hanging? This will be a lovely jungle gym for them. The small footprint design makes it perfect for backyard setting.

Constructed from high quality, durable, rust and UV-resistant steel, children will enjoy playing for hours without worrying about getting rust particles on their hands or clothes.

With dimensions of 91 x 46 x 91 inches and a maximum capacity of 1,000 pounds, this space dome climber can bear up to 5 kids.

This sturdy gear enable your child develop confidence, balance, strength, agility, interpersonal and social skills.

Space dome climber is great for backyard installation and fenced residential areas where parents get to keep watch over their kids as they play, ensuring their safety and security.

5. Eazy Peezy Active Play 3 in 1 Jungle Gym PlaySet

Eazy Peezy Active Play 3 in 1

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Suitable for youngsters, the Eazy Peezy Activity Playset keeps toddlers engaged and entertained for hours of playtime fun.

Made for endless indoor amusement, little ones will enjoy sliding, climbing, tossing, throwing, and jumping in this playset.

With colourful balls, fun and safe ball pit, slide and toss target, Active Play 3 in 1 Gym Set will become your child’s favourite.

The play area is roomy to support two kids but compact enough to fit in any place in your home.

Crafted from safe and sturdy plastic material with durable interlocking tubes and connectors, this play centre will spark creativity and imaginative play in children.

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6. EVAS Kids gym playset

EVAS Kids gym playset

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Jungle gym set features a single round wooden disk swing and 100% cotton rope with gymnastic rings for junior kids. Climbing ladders are made from oak and have 7 steps.

The EVAS playset has a portable swing with rope for climbing and swinging. It can be used in the backyard, garden, or as a tree swing set for kids.

Monkey jungle gym makes a perfect gift for gymnastics enthusiasts.

7. Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat

Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat

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Have exciting moments of backyard family fun with Jungle Gym Kingdom playground swing set seats! Enjoyed by both kids and adults, this swing set is an important part of outdoor swing set accessories.

The flexible playset seats can hold up to 300-pound weight limit. It can be used alongside Jungle Gym Kingdom 18″ trapeze bar with rings, baby/toddler bucket swings and disc rope swings.

Swing acts as a grip for rock climbing kids. Watch your child sit back, enjoying the comfort that their new swing brings!

8. Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty Plastic Horse Glider Swing Set

Eastern Jungle Gym

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A perfect accessory for any backyard wooden swing set, Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty Plastic Horse Glider is built with highly-durable, heavy-duty polymer plastic.

Suitable for families with many kids, this swing allows two children to sit in comfortably, sharing lots of laughs and fun. In constructing this playset, kids’ safety was considered a number-one priority.

The swing is supported by strong steel, straight-coil chains that are coated in plastisol to prevent pinching and soft aid gripping for even the smallest little fingers!

Designed for residential use, this swing set can be attached to any wooden structure with the help of four-point mounting brackets which are sold separately.

9. Jungle Gym Kingdom Tree Swing

Jungle Gym Kingdom Tree Swing

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Let your kid’s imagination soar by learning skills like climbing and swing with Jungle Gym Kingdom Tree Swing!

The swing set includes a fun disc swing with a 3″ leg protector enhanced by textured 4-inch platforms affixed to a strong climbing rope which is gentle and soft to touch.

Tree swing doubles as a swing and climber for kids’ endless hours of fun. As children swing from tree to tree, they develop balance, coordination and confidence.

Playset serves as the perfect DIY home swing set accessory for any backyard playground or outdoor playhouse.

The dual swing goes with a climber ladder, monkey bars, stand swing, gym rings, climbing rocks holds, safety handles, or tire swing swivel.

10. SENSORY4U Climbing Cargo Net Indoor Outdoor Jungle Gym

SENSORY4U Climbing Cargo Net

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SENSORY4U jungle gym comes with carabiners for attachment and easy installation.

Standing at 6 feet tall and 42 inches wide is this climbing net, a perfect accessory for indoor-outdoor ninja course, playground, playroom, or therapy sensory room.

Made from durable polyester material, this jungle gym is indeed going to last for long. It helps to build endurance, strength, and gross motor skills in children.

Improve your child’s balance, flexibility and hand-eye coordination with this green and blue climbing cargo net.

Irrespective of the type of jungle gym you opt for, ensure you consider your child’s age and safety. Be sure you review the main characteristics, pros, cons, and features which make each option unique. Doing this will help you zero in on the right one for your child.

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