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10 Best Ball Pit Play Tent for Kids

Play tents are cool but play tents with ball pits are way cooler!

Popularly known as ball pool, a ball pit is a large pool of small, hollow playballs or ball pit balls of various colours.

They come in different shapes and sizes. Ball pits can be found in daycare centers, nurseries, amusement parks and other play areas for kids.

You can even decide to construct your own ball pit at home. Kids can jump, hide and skip in this pit.

In this article, we’ve outline things to consider before buying ball pits for your kids. We’ve also listed some of the best ball pits on the market.

Benefits of a Ball Pit

Besides the fun sensory experience, ball pits have therapeutic benefits. Here’s few benefits of a ball pit.

Mindfulness: Ball pits enables your kid to practice mindfulness. Keep some small balls hidden and have your children find the balls with their visual skills. This activity helps children’s focus and concentration.

Co-operative skills: Ball pits promote co-operative and social skills when kids play together in the ball pit.

Eye-hand coordination: The kids learn eye-hand co-ordination as the balls roll out of the pit and they throw them back in.

Relaxation: The ball pits are made from soft materials which aid relaxation and breath ability.

Sensory and motor skills: A ball pit helps to improve your child’s sensory and motor skills. It’s constructed in such a way that your kid develop depth perception. The coloured ball pit balls enable your kid recognize colors and patterns.

Factors to consider before buying a ball pit


Each ball pit is designed to suit children of a particular age group. The measurements of these ball pits is based on the average weight and size of the kids. Check for weight and age specifications before making a purchase.


Ball pits can come either singly as a play tent or with additional attachments like basketball hoops, tunnels etc. More accessories provide your child with massive play area. Your choice should be based on your budget, available space, and preference.


Ensure the option you settle for meets child safety guidelines. Choose products that are made from non-toxic and BPA free materials. Check if the material is durable, long lasting and washable.

Storage and transfer

Look out for ball pit with zipper bag. It helps easy storage and transfer when you travel, go out for a picnic or family vacation.

Construction and design

It’s important that you examine the design of ball pit before buying it. Check for features like foldability, presence of mesh windows, indoor and outdoor use. The mesh windows allows your little one enjoy the beauty around them while they play. You also get to keep an eye on them.

1. Playz 5pc Kid’s Playhouse Ball Pit

Playz 5 pcs kid's playhouse

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There are numerous ways to keep your kid engaged but none can be as effective as a ball pit.

The Playz 5pc Kids’ Playhouse is an innovative version of the normal ball pit. Whether indoor or outdoor, the enormous playground can be set up anywhere.

Consisting of 5 pieces of chambers which are connected together by Velcro, The Playz 5pc Kids’ Playhouse ball pit is one playset your kid will enjoy.

The ball pit can hold about 200 to 1000 balls. Velcro dartboard game occupies the kids, keeping them active and engaged. The playful unit is simple, portable and easy to set up.

2. Eggsnow Kid’s Ball Pit

Eggsnow Kid's ball pit

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Let your kid have fun throwing balls with Eggsnow Kid’s Ball Pit.

Recommended for kids aged 3 – 7, this kids’ ball pit is made from durable polyester fabric, strong and flexible steel holder which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The ball pit is uniquely designed with hexagon theme, blue stars and moon. Non-toxic and non-irritable materials makes it safe for kids to play in.

Let your young ones enjoy throwing ball!

3. Kiddey 6 Sided Ball Pit

Kiddey 6 Sided Ball Pit

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Your kid will be drawn to this vibrantly colored hexagon theme ball pit that features a see-through play tent.

This 6 Sided Ball Pit can be transformed to an amazing sports arena for kids to play in.

If you’re having a barbecue in the backyard or house party in the evening, this will be a lovely piece to keep your kids busy.

Crafted from lightweight and sturdy materials which are washable and resistant to wear and tear.

Measuring 56-inches x 50-inches x 30-inches, this ball pit can fit in a number of kids.

The pit has 6 mesh windows on all sides where by parents can check up on their kids.

4. KUUQA Ball Pit Play Tent

KUUQA Ball Pit Play Tent

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Are you looking for something fun and engaging for your little one? KUUQA Ball Pit Play Tent is a lovely playset for them.

The mini basketball hoop attached to the tent makes the throwing of balls fun.

Colourful polka dot design improves kids’ colour recognition, eye-hand coordination, and foster independence in them. It also stimulate parent-child interaction.

The ball pit has enough space to contain 300 to 500 balls. Inspire your kids while they play in this tent.

5. Playz 3pc Rocket Ship Ball Pit

Playz 3pc Rocket Ship Ball Pit

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Your child is ready to go on space exploration with this 3-piece playhouse castle tent, crawl tunnel & basketball pit with hoop.

The rocket themed ball pit makes their imaginations come alive while they enjoy hours of playing and crawling in the play tent.

It features a crawl tunnel and basketball pits which helps to enhance their motor skills.

Made of soft thick fabric, breathable mesh walls, and flexible padded structure, your child’s safety is guaranteed!

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6. Playz Ball Pit Princess Castle Play Tents for Girls

Playz Ball Pit Princess

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With a detachable roof top, breathable mesh walls and glow in the dark stars, your little girl will definitely have a fairy tale experience.

The playset allows beautiful sun-rays to shine through. Playz Ball Pit is portable, easily set up with carrying bag for convenient storage.

Exceeding all USA CPSC Toy Safety Guidelines, this helps to develop your child’s motor skills and correct sensory processing disorders, ADHD and other developmental issues.

7. Playz 3pc Ball Pit Play Tent

Playz 3pc Ball Pit Play Tent

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Is your child sporty? This Playz 3-in-1 ball pit with basketball hoop is the perfect way to hone his skills.

Besides that, the ball pit has a pop-up play tent and crawl tunnel that your kid can play in all day without being bored.

The ball pit and tunnel are made from soft fabric and a breathable mesh which provides an environment-friendly playground for your toddler.

Rest assured, your child is safe and secure with this tent.

8. SUNBA YOUTH Kids Ball Pit and Play Tent


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Easily foldable and convenient, Sunba Youth 3 pc play tent set offers your kids tons of fun even without their friends.

The ball pit isn’t just a play area for kids but a home for their countless toys.

This play tent will save you the time of picking up toys from the floor and it’ll also inculcate discipline and neatness in your kid.

Crawling in the tunnel will enhance your child’s power of observation. The coloured ball pit spark your kid’s imaginative skills.

With the double stitched and wear resistant fabric, your kid’s safety is guaranteed in every details.

The high density breathable gauze create a mosquito-free and insect-free environment for your kids.

Your little one can either play with the ball pool, play tent /crawl tunnel separately or combine them into 1 set to play with.

9. EocuSun Polka Dot 3-in-1 Ball Pit

Eosun polka dot

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Looking for the best way to keep your child busy and entertained? You should consider this EocuSun Polka Dot 3-in-1 Ball Pit.

The distinct polka dot design makes it attractive to children. Comprising of a tent house, tunnel and ball pit pool, your kid will love to create memories with this play set.

The ball pit is a safe play area for kids as it’s made from soft fabric which is odourless and non-toxic.

Are you planning a birthday party, sleepover or backyard BBQ? This ball pit will come handy!

10. LOJETON 3pc Rocket Ship Ball Pit

LOJETON 3pc Rocket Ship Ball Pit

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This innovative tent isn’t just an adventurous playhouse but a rocket tent with the night sky and star print.

Your kids will get so excited with these features. Let your little one take off to space with this 3-pc playhouse castle tent, crawl tunnel & basketball pit with hoop.

The brightly coloured ball pit can hold up to 300 to 500 balls.

Made with premium quality fabric, thick steel wiring and strong fiberglass rods, your kids are assured of safe, long lasting, and enjoyable play ground experience.

Watch your kid’s imaginations come alive with this one of a kind space rocket ship!

Your child will enjoy hours of endless fun while crawling & playing in the playland ball pit.

Ball pits are visually stimulating, help improve children’s color and shape recognition, creativity, and imagination.

Most of all, they keep the children active and engaged. Which of the options do you want to add to your shopping cart?

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