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10 Best Baby Kitchen Sets

A baby kitchen set is an excellent way for toddlers to have a lot of fun. By getting your kids a kitchen set, they get to be entertained, imaginative, and creative.

Kids may show interest in joining you in the kitchen, and a kitchen set is a good way to keep them engaged while fostering their love for food and the kitchen.

They come in various brand designs, and they have features that will entertain kids boost their imagination, work on their cooperation with other kids, and improve their motor skills.


Our Best Kitchen Set

Getting the perfect kitchen set for your baby can be overwhelming. There are a lot of options, a lot of brands to pick from. We encourage parents to aim for something with excellent features and safe for kids. To help you choose the best, we have rounded up the best kitchen toys for babies.

1.     Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen

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This particular Step 2 kitchen set has more than 10,000 ratings on Amazon, with an average being 4.5. One of the buyers called it a “great buy” and we completely agree.

It features fun features and tools like an Instant Coffee machine, an electronic stovetop with burner lights and realistic sound features, large storage space, refrigerator, oven, microwave, and kitchen accessories include poys pans and plates.

We love its compact size, and the plenty of storage options, including a hanging storage babies can easily reach.

A pack includes a 24-piece of accessory set and an instruction guide for easy installation.


·         Very cute

·         Made from high quality and durable material that

·         Lot of features for endless opportunities to play

2.    Kidkraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set

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We love this kitchen set for many reasons. First, it’s made by Kidkraft, a top toy company known for its durable products. This playset has a lengthy lifespan with functional features.  It has a curved design, which makes it easy to fit your space.

Also, it features burners that light up and make sounds, a washing machine, knobs, buttons and handles, which makes it realistic. Also included are an oven, microwave, hanging pegs, icemaker, cordless phone, freezer, fridge, and many more accessories.

The design is quite pretty, it looks so much like a real modern kitchen, and the white color makes it even more desirable.


·         Made from high-quality solid wood and plastic

·         Large enough for multiple kids to play at once

·         Easy to clean

3.    Temi Kitchen Playset

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This is a lovely and cute toddler play kitchen. It is compact sized yet has a lot of fun features and accessories. It features a sink and water pump system. The most amazing thing about the food accessories is how they change colors when in ice water.

The playset also features play food like vegetables and meat, which makes it more realistic for kids. The burner features light and sounds, and when food is cooked, the lid will show white steam.


·         Very realistic; Lid emits steam, food accessories change colors, has a water system

·         Bright, fun colors kids will love

·         Great option if you want something small

·         Suitable for kids of three months and up

4.    Hape Gourmet Kids Wooden Play Kitchen

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Hape is another popular Kids Toys Brand with an outstanding reputation. If you want something with a neutral color, this wooden kitchen is a great option. We love the exquisite design details and features, including a sink, stove, cabinets, spice shelf, and a lot of storage space.

Every part of this play kitchen was made with care, and attention. The kitchen was made with durable wood and finished with water-based paint. It’s easier to install than other play kitchen sets, and your kid will have a fun culinary experience with this set.


·         Very strong and sturdy

·         Made from safe, non-toxic materials

·         Has realistic features

5.    Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen

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This playset is right for little chefs to enjoy a great culinary experience, have a fun musical experience, and learn exciting skills. It’s very interactive and fun. The kitchen set has a bilingual mode, and kids can learn new phrases in English and Spanish.

This Laugh & Learn Kitchen has about 75 songs, phrases, and words that teach letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and more interesting things that kids will find useful. It also includes play-activities like shape sorting, on/off light switch, clock with a roller, and more.

Aside from this, this set doesn’t require assembly. It’s small and designed so that you can close it up for storage when not in use.


·         Suitable for kids between 6-36 months

·         Easy to carry around

·         Includes a lot of fun activities to keep kids busy and entertained

6.    Cute Stone Shopping Cart Playset

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Cute Stone play kitchen has a shopping cart design with wheels and handles that makes it easy for kids to push around. The set also comes with a faucet and circulating water system for kids to wash food, cookware, and other accessories.

The included accessories include playfood like pepper, egg, maize, and cookware like spoons and pans.

When kids turn on the play stove, some play food will change color to look like they’ve cooked.


·         Made from non-toxic and high-quality ABS plastic

·         Comes with a variety of accessories

·         Displays realistic lights and sounds

7.    Baby Alive Doll Kitchen

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There are many features on the kitchen set, so kids won’t get bored anytime soon. It comes with a 21 piece accessory set, including utensils, condiments, and playfood. The play kitchen also comes with a stove with lights and sounds, a sink with a water pump that works, a clock, and more.

Despite its small size, it has multiple storage compartments to keep accessories for safekeeping. You can also carry it around without having to worry about its assembly because it takes just a little time.


·         Easy to clean and maintain

·         Very sturdy and durable

·         Easy to assemble

8.    UNIH Kids Kitchen Set

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With doors that open, knobs that click, and many storage compartments, we find the details of this kitchen set very impressive. It’s small but has a lot going on in it.

It has a lot of functions, and multiple kids can use it at once. Included in the design are stovetop burners with lights and sounds, toy sink with water pump, sprays, stimulated ovens, and fried and kitchen accessories toys like play food, knife, spatula, pots, and many more. The sprays make cooking realistic as it appears to fizz during cooking.

Our favorite feature of this kitchen set is how the fishes and crabs change colors in the pot, how the food starts to foam when placed in the stove and microwave, and the other stimulating features.


·         It has a very stunning design

·         Very durable and sturdy

·         Comes with 42 piece accessory set

9.    Step2 Best Chef Kitchen Playset

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For those who want a kitchen with cool colors that aren’t too bright, you will find this Step2 kitchen a great choice.

Kids will have a blast pretending to cook on the stovetops and brewing coffee with the coffee maker.

It comes with 25 pieces of accessory set. It also includes a fun pass-through window and realistic appliances like a stovetop with lights and sounds, a refrigerator, coffee maker, shelves, and hanging hooks.

We love the kitchen’s open design, making it convenient for multiple kids to play at once. Made of plastic, this set is of high quality, durable, and lightweight enough to move around.


·         Realistic features, exciting lights, and sizzling sounds

·         Easy to clean

·         An open design that encourages social interaction

10.  Kimicare Kitchen Set

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The Kimicare set is the play kitchen that comes with the most accessories on our list. It comes with 58 pieces of accessories, which means it will keep kids engaged for long hours.

The accessories include 18 pieces of vegetables and fruit toys, 26 kitchen utensils, a cutting board, stovetop, backpack for storage. It’s easy to pack and convenient to carry around.

We love the Velcro design of the playfood, which makes them look and feel so real. Kids can cut the vegetables and fruits and reconnect them at the Velcro opening.


·         Made from environmentally plastic that is non-toxic

·         The accessories are crush resistant

·         High quality, sturdy and durable


The list compiled above isn’t random. We made sure to consider many things, including their visual appeal, features and functions, quality of material, sturdiness, and customers’ ratings.

Any one of them will make an excellent choice for your kids, and your kids will have fun with them.

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