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10 Best Alphabet Foam Mats for Kids

Alphabet foam mats are floor coverings with ABC inscriptions on them. They feature alphabet letters, and many of them come with additional features like words or objects that match each alphabet.

In recent times, alphabet foam mats have become widely purchased items for kids’ playrooms. And this is mainly because they are multifunctional. Not only do they provide a comfortable and friendly environment, but they also improve kids’ learning skills.

Alphabet mats are suitable for kids of all ages, and many of them are ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

Advantages of Alphabet Play Mats

·         Educational

Alphabet play mats can be very educational and will contribute to a child’s development.

·         Heat Insulation

Floors can be cold, and having a child playing there may not be ideal. However, Foam mats generally insulate kids, providing a comfortable temperature all through the year.

·         Safety

Asides from temperature, foam mats provide safety measures for kids. They are soft, comfortable and hygienic. Some also have features like ant-slid notches that make them comfortable for kids, especially kids learning to crawl or walk.

·         Home Décor

Foam mats come in various colors and forms that can serve as a lovely decoration for a kid’s room.

·         Easy to maintain

Not all kids’ items are easy to clean or maintain. That doesn’t include foam mats. You can easily get stains off foam mats.

·         Mobility

Mats are portable and easy to assemble and disassemble.

·         Durability

Foam mats are durable and can maintain their quality and appearance for a long time.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Play Mat

When sourcing for an alphabet foam mat for your kid, it is crucial to consider some factors. These include;

1.      Safety

Your kids’ safety is paramount, and a foam mat should be made from kid-friendly and non-toxic material. Ensure the materials and products used for the mat meets safety requirements. Also, avoid mats with chemicals like BPA, formamide, lead, latex, and phthalates.

2.      Materials

Common materials for playmats are Rubber, Foam (EVA and Polyester. Both have their pros and cons. For example, foam mats are soft hence more comfortable for kids. Rubber mats are easier to clean. Choose something that works for you.

3.      Features

Playmats are available in many colors and forms. Some have their ABC in the form of puzzles so that kids can arrange and rearrange; some mats are of a single color, some have multiple colors, some have words and objects that represent each alphabet.

4.      Size

The thickness and sizes of playmats also vary. There are small mats, medium-sized and large ones. Small mats are suitable for crawling kids and new-borns. Large-sized mats have broader coverage, and medium-sized ones will cover a part of the room. 

You can start by buying small if you have a toddler and then change or add more mats as the child grows. Also, ensure that a play mat is thick enough to protect your kid and withstand their weight.

Our Best Alphabets Foam Mats

Want to shop for the best ABC play mats for kids? Check out our list compiled to make the process less stressful and confusing for you:

1.      KC Cubs ABC Mat

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The KC ABC mat is so unique and out of the box. It’s an American sign language inspired mat that includes ABCs, letters and phrases from the American Sign Language. The alphabets also come with matching words and detailed diagrams of each word. Also, the alphabets have hand signs.

Aside from the ASl feature, this mat is beautiful, large, and will stimulate every kid’s mind and development. Kids will enjoy playing on it, and parents will enjoy watching their kids have fun on the mat.

Why We Love It:

·         So brilliantly detailed

·    The American Sign Language feature makes it so unique.

·         Made from durable material

·         Offers beautiful aesthetics

2.      PartyKingdom Play Mat

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Featuring cute animals and cartoon designs, and bright colors, we assure you that your kid will find the PartyKingdom Mat very entertaining. It features ABC represented by specific words and objects, numbers matched with a corresponding number of fruits and vegetables, and shapes in different colors. 

This mat is so bright, the designs so detailed, and every kid will enjoy playing on it. It’s also large and measures 53.5 x 43.3 inches.

Another thing we love is the non-slip latex features put in place for kids’ safety and balance.

Why We Love It:

·         Lightweight, Easy to fold and take anywhere

·         Very thick

·     Made from high-quality material that is super soft and durable

·     Educative and interesting features. Kids can learn shapes, alphabets, and numbers.

3.      Teytoy Baby Play Mat

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 Teytoy brightly colored mat features alphabets, shapes, animals, and vegetable patterns. Its soft thick material and anti-slip back make it an excellent choice for crawling kids or kids learning how to walk. It’s 59 x 44 inches in size and provides enough surface for kids to crawl. The playmat is suitable for anywhere, including rooms, outdoor, kindergartens, and more.

Why We Love It:

·         Very colorful with vivid designs

·         Slip-proof surface for protection

·         Easy to store and clean

·         Great for crawling kids

4.      Kev & Cooper ABC Rug

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This playtime rug offers a fun and interactive way to teach kids ABCs and animals. Pictures are an excellent way for kids to learn quickly and each alphabet on this mat is matched with a corresponding animal brightly designed. It also offers a non-skid back to create a safe place for kids. It is also large, durable and will retain its color for a long time.

Why We Love It:

·       Available in 3 sizes; 3’3 x 4’7, 5’0 x 8’6, and 8’2 x 9’10

·         Multicolored

·         Easy to clean and maintain

·         Features a non-skid latex rubber backing

5.      LiveBox ABC Kids Play Mat

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Looking for a mat with a minimalist design? This Livebox play mat offers such a simple yet unique design. It’s round, soft, and fluffy and made from 100% polyester; thus, expect it to last long without shedding.

It’s 3ft round and suitable for many activities, including the crawling of kids. Customers love that they can wash it in a machine without experiencing color fade or shedding.

Why We Love It:

·         Machine washable

·         Waterproof

·         Offers Anti-slip backing

·         It is very soft, skin-friendly and comfortable


6.      PartyKingdom Kids Play Rug

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On this foam alphabet mat, ABCs are represented with animals. The mat also includes months and seasons represented by specific objects and shaped in different colors.

It offers a non-skid backing with fine craftsmanship that is durable. This mat is a great option if you are looking for something large to provide full coverage. It’s multi-colored, brightly detailed with vivid images. 

Why We Love It:

·         Ultra soft and comfortable

·         Antibacterial

·  Kids can learn multiple things; ABCs, seasons, months, shapes, colors, and opposites.

7.      Home Dynamix Eric Carle Rug

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Let your kid into the world of Eric Carle with this brilliantly illustrated play mat. The mat features Carle’s artworks that kids will find interesting.

Home Dynamix mat is made from nylon and features an enhanced non-skid latex backing to keep it in place and to prevent sliding.  It’s very thick, durable and soft.

Why We Love It:

·         Easy to clean, machine washable.

·         Foldable and easy to store or carry around

·         Features brilliant artworks

8.      StillCool Baby Foam Play Mat

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StillCool is known for its amazing kids’ products, and this interlocking floor mat is no different. It’s soft, made from non-toxic EVA foam, and features a wide range of attractive colors. The pack comes with 36 tiles that are easy to interlock for use and easy to stack when not used.

Why We Love It:

·         Easy to clean, waterproof

·         Very durable

·         Large size

·         StillCool offers a one-year warranty

9.      Foam Floor Alphabet and Number Puzzle Mat

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This interlocking foam mat features 26 12 by 12 tiles with 26 letters and ten numbers. It offers a thickness of 0.25, which provides enough comfort and cushion for kids. It’s medium-sized and can cover about 36 square feet of space. This mat is suitable for kids of 2-7 years.

We love how easy it is to interlock the tiles and how tightly they lock.

Why We Love It:

·         Made from 100% foam

·         Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

·         Kids can interlock mat into other forms and shapes

·         Easy to clean and maintain

10.  Play Platoon Non-Toxic ABC Foam Mat

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Attractive and thick, this multi-colored alphabet foam mat will keep kids engaged for hours. The product is nontoxic, water-resistant, which makes it easy to clean.

The alphabets are removable. The package includes 36 12 x 12 foam alphabet letters and, when interlocked, can cover 6ft of the room.

Why We Love It:

·         Brightly colored

·         Very soft yet thick. It has a thickness of 10MM

·         Shock absorbent

·  The brand; Play Platoon offers a replacement warranty


Choosing any of the mats from this list will guarantee a fun and lasting use for your kid. Our method of bringing a list together involves considering factors like;

·         Features

·         Brand value

·         Customers rating and reviews

·         Quality and more

Decide on the size, material, and that suits your kids and pick one of them for a fun and fantastic playtime for kids. We also have a list of the BEST BALL PIT PLAY TENT kids will find interesting.     

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