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10 Adorable Pink Playhouses for Kids

Pink Playhouses serve doses of cuteness, not just for the kids but also for the room they find themselves in.

Kids love the color pink; it’s bright, vibrant and will engage kids’ creativity anytime.

Prepare yourself for beauty as we round up the 10 pink houses your kids will love.

Our list was compiled not just based on color but also the material, quality, brand, and reviews.

1.     Oreaterpor Princess Tent

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Material: Cotton + Polyester, Plastic

If you are looking for the ultimate playhouse that will bring a huge smile to your kid’s face, it is the Oreaterpor tent. This pretty playhouse is one of the cutest on our list. It has a unique design, looks like a real princess castle with bonus star lights to make it shine out mostly at night. It measures 51’’ L x 39” W x 53” H, and it’s roomy enough for up to 3 kids. The tent is also quite portable, easy to assemble, and features pockets to store toys, books and snacks, and more. Set it up in her bedroom or even outdoor and watch her live her princess dreams

Why We Love It:

·         Mosquito Control Function: The tent has a screen that keeps away mosquitoes. It also features a mosquito net

·         Suitable for kids between 1- 13 years

·         Has a unique and pretty design

2.    Chyoutter Kids Play Tent

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Material: Cotton

Each pack of this play tent comes with a tent, poles, connectors, bonus snowflakes light, and installation manual. The tent is of high quality with a large enough space to fit in your kids, furniture, toys, and extra friends. Your princes and Princess will appreciate this gift and get to have their private space where they can have fun and cook up imaginations. The playhouse also has a cute design with mesh windows for ventilation and strong poles for support. It looks like a real castle, made from non-toxic material and very durable.

Why We Love It:

·         Large enough to accommodate 4 kids

·         Very easy to clean and assemble

· Non-barrier threshold to prevent fall

3.    Starplay Playhouse

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Material: Plastic

Plastic is a solid and durable playhouse material, and this Starplay plastic playhouse is perfect for kids as they can use it for a long time.

Starplast is a company founded in 1967 and known for its superior plastics. It looks like a real house and features interesting parts like the clock, pretty shutters that they can use for peek-a-boo, door mail slot, water/sand bucket, and more. It also features stickers for kids to decorate and personalize the playhouse to their taste. Kids will have hours of endless fun in this adorable playhouse, whether indoor or outdoor.

Why We Love It:

·         It’s easy to assemble with no tools required

·         Very durable, sturdy and likely last many years

·         Easy to clean, with a damp cloth, you can do the cleaning

4.    Lenbest Unicorn Play House

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Material: Polyester Taffeta

Kids have favorite characters and fairy tales’ themes, and nothing can entertain them more than a playhouse with their favorite fairy tale character on it. The Lenbest Playhouse has a striking unicorn design that will engage kids and improve their imagination. It’s made from high-quality fabric with beautiful unicorn designs on the roof of the tent and the bottom. The unicorn designs are well detailed and will make a perfect gift for kids.

The playhouse is large and can take in about 3 kids at once. Also, the tent has a breathable fabric with mesh for ventilation and an anti-mosquito gauze.

Why We Love It:

·         Portable; comes with a pink carrying bag for easy storage and travel

·         Included in the pack is a bonus bright LED star lights to light up the playhouse

·         Easy to assemble and clean

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5.    Wilwolfer Large Kids Playhouse

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Material: Polyester and PVB pipes

Wilwolfer is a famous, brand with over 1000 ratings on this product on Amazon. It has a fairy castle design where kids can hide, play, and relax. It’s hexagonal, making it look more like a real castle and gives the playhouse a sturdy structure.

Each pack comes with a pink tent, carry bag, instruction manual, 3 types of poles, 4 types of connectors, and bonus starlight. The playhouse also has a mosquito control function as it has many screens around it. It’s suitable for kids of 3 to 9 years, and best believe they will enjoy the time of their life in it.

Why We Love It:

·         Has a pretty and unique hexagonal shape

·         Works both indoor and outdoor

·         The playhouse is durable with delicate sewing and perfect craftsmanship

6.    Love Tree Teepee Playhouse

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Material: Cotton

This Playhouse is quite adorable with a unique design that will brighten up any room. It has 4 mesh windows for proper ventilation, strong fiberglass poles for support, and side doors with zipper closure for kids to get out and in comfortably.

Love Tree pink playhouse is of premium quality, is safe, breathable, comfortable, and has all seams reinforced. Customers love that it has a large size, so large that it can take in more friends or even a children’s bed.

Your kids will have so much fun in this large playhouse and get to release their imagination freely. The material is also non-toxic, safe for kids to use, and will last many uses.

Why We Love It?

·         Has a comfortable and durable design

·         East to assembly with an included easy to follow manual in the pack

·         Very large and sturdy

7.    Atlasonix Unicorn Tepee Play Tent

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Material: Polyester

We love this adorable playhouse for many reasons, and our favorite is the unicorn design and the bright pink color. It comes with a floor, and we customers love that it’s easy to clean; just a little wipe is all it needs.

This playhouse is safe, meeting the safety standards approved for children’s toys. The tent also features a skylight, an open window and strong poles for support and strength.

The unicorn designs are adorable and interesting, and the tent also comes with a bonus unicorn bracelet kids will enjoy wearing.  The fabric quality of the playhouse is durable, strong, and easy to maintain.

Why We Love It:

·         Easy to assemble and clean

·         Pretty unicorn design that every kid will love

·         Lightweight and easy to carry about

8.    Kiddie Play Ice Cream Truck Playhouse

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Material: Polyester + Thick steel frame

Some of the best kids’ toys are those that spark their imagination and encourage pretend-play. The Kiddie Playhouse has an Ice cream truck design and illustrations, making it a good option for kids to have imaginative games like driving a truck or selling ice cream.  It features 2 round openings on top, which makes it easy for kids to stand inside comfortably. It can take up to 4 kids at once, and they can have lit of play activities like turning the truck into a ball pit, hide and seek, and many more.

Why We Love It:

·         Easy to assemble, has an instant pop up design that easily opens and folds

·         Made from premium quality that can endure a lot of use

·         Features pretty illustrations kids will love

9.    GreEco Children Play House      

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Material: Polyester

This pink GreEco Playhouse has a pop-up design that makes it easy to set up and fold up. Kids don’t have to wait minutes for their playhouse to get ready. Just a pop-up, and they have their playhouse.

 It features a roof and door that have Velcro features, which means they are detachable.

The playhouse is very lightweight and easy to carry around. It’s quite tall, making it easy for kids to stand upright in the tent. It features lovely garden designs, bright pink color, and a sturdy frame.  The GreEco play tent is also of premium quality, perfect craftsmanship. Customers love its large size, which offers more fun options for kids.

Why We Love It:

·         Easily pops up

·         Easy to clean and store

·         Features very bright pink and purple prints

10. Unichart Kid Ice Cream and Bakery Shop

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Material: Polyester

This ice cream and bakery themed playhouse is everything kids will love to have fun with. The designs are so detailed that it looks like a real ice cream shop.

Kids can play as ice-cream sellers, bakers, customers, and many more role plays. Kids will also get to improve their creativity and imagination in this Ice-cream truck. The tent comes with sturdy poles needed for its set up within minutes.

The Unichart playhouse is also large and will take in up to 2 kids.

Why We Love It:

·         It features Vivid graphics

·         Quick assembly

·         Durable and of high quality


Kids will enjoy owning their own private space where they can sleep, relax, play, read, and do other activities they enjoy. Any one of the playhouses on our list will serve that purpose, and the kids surely love it!

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