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10 Best Playhouse With Slide

Nothing makes a playhouse more fun than extra features, like a slide. The slide adds additional fun and encourages more enjoyable playtime. A playhouse with slide will encourage creative and social skills and is a great way to please your kids.

There are different designs of playhouses with slides, and they can suit kids of different ages.  See below for a buying guide to get the right one for your kids;

Playhouse Material

Most of the slides are made from plastic and wood. They are the best when it comes to playhouses with slides because a slide needs to be strong enough to accommodate kids’ weight. The construction of the slide should be durable and strong. If it’s for indoors, go for a wood slide or a plastic slide with a strong coating to protect the slide from harsh elements.


Your kids’ safety is paramount, so you need to go for a playhouse made from non-toxic materials. Many manufacturers often use materials that meet kid’s safety standards. Nonetheless, you should confirm the playhouse is safe to use before buying. Also, ensure that the playhouse is sturdy and can take your kid’s weight. You don’t want a playhouse that will make your kid fall off.


As said earlier, many playhouses are made from wood or plastic. You can easily clean plastic using water and soap and treat wood annually to prevent damage and keep it looking great. Go for a playhouse with a maintenance method you can handle.


Your budget will also determine the playhouse you choose. Wood playhouses are usually more expensive. Also, playhouses with extra features or unique designs can cost more. Do your research to find playhouses that fall under your budget range.

Number of Kids

If you have one kid, you don’t need to worry about getting a large playhouse, except, of course, their friends will be visiting. However, if there is more than one kid, get a playhouse with a capacity that can accommodate them.

Indoor or Outdoor

Some playhouses are best for indoor, some for outdoor, while others can work either way. Determine the location the playhouse will be and choose one that fits accordingly.


Some playhouses are perfect for toddlers. The same playhouse could be a bad idea if a kid of an older age uses it. Go for a playhouse suitable for your kid’s age group.

Best Playhouses With Slide

We have compiled some of the best playhouses with slide for your kids’ playtime. They are from different manufacturers, m, materials all with their unique features.

1.     Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set

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Buckley Hill is an outdoor playhouse with slide and swing. This playhouse doubles as a swing set with many accessories including a slide, climber, wings and two-storey playhouse. It is a perfect fit for a kids’ playground and suitable for multiple kids at once. The playhouse is 100% cedar, and cedar is currently the best playhouse material with smooth surfaces and non-toxic finishes.

The playhouse is pre-drilled, and parents will find it easy to install in the playground.

The slide is 6 feet, and the playhouse also comes with 2 belt swings, a rock ladder and a chalkboard for extra fun. It has an upper fort covered with a canopy for protection and a lower fort for maximum stability and extra space.

2.    Gorilla Playsets With Slide

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The Gorilla playset is a high-quality playhouse with strong construction and double slides. It has a charming design with a heavy-duty canopy on the upper deck and a lower deck with a built-in box. The cedar wood material is of excellent quality with resistance to rot, damages and other elements.

It features swings with chains that have soft grips, 2 slides, a rock-climbing wall, a trapeze bar, a steering wheel, a telescope, a chalkboard and a lot more. 

The materials used for it’s construction meet the American Society of Testing (ASTM) and are very durable. 

The playhouse comes pre-drilled with all the tools and instructions needed to assemble in the package.

3.    Little Tikes Baby Bum Wheels

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This one is a great plastic playhouse with a slide for toddlers. It’s small, portable and features a strong slide and many more features that will engage kids. It’s large enough to take in your toddler. Your baby can drive around the house in the bus playhouse, pull and pull it and have fun on the slide. The construction is impressive and can work both indoor and outdoor.  Some of its other unique features are;

  • Interactive musical dashboard which also features a working horn and gear shifter
  •   Educational components like the ABC, 123S and Nursery rhymes that will improve your kid’s development and skills

 The playhouse is very safe and durable and has a water-resistant feature.

4.    Swing-N-Slide Turbo Slide

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The turbo slide is huge and designed for maximum fun. It’s best used when it’s attached to an existing playset. It comes with pre-drilled features for easy assembly to a 5 feet deck. 

It’s a best option if your kid already has a playhouse. You can incorporate this into the playhouse for more play options.

This turbo slide can take up to 250 pounds at once and take up to 3 kids at a time. Its design is also unique. Rather than the standard straight slide, the turbo slide provides a 350-degree turn, and kids will love it a lot.

5.    Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Play Center

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Kids will enjoy this Step2 playhouse with slide. This playhouse is fantastic! It’s beautifully constructed with a one of a kind double-wall poly construction and features.

Step2 Naturally adventure swing center is a plastic playhouse with swing and slide, and it offers a lot of adventures for kids.  It comes with many features, including a sturdy ladder and a climbing wall, two-strap swings, and a backboard hoop for a ball toss.

The playhouse can take multiple kids at once and can take a maximum weight of 300 pounds. 

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6.  Yard Bounce House 

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This playhouse transforms any playground into a fantastic one for your kids. It’s an inflatable bounce house with a wide slide and beautiful design that looks like a castle. It comes with all the accessories needed for its installation, including the stakes, heavy-duty blower and a repair kit.

Our favorite thing about this playhouse is the colour. It’s quite colorful, and kids will always be motivated to play in it. Also, it’s large, large enough for 4 kids with a maximum capacity of 100 pounds.

The safety design is 100%, and there’s a mesh net around the walls to protect kids from falling.

7. Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber With Slide For Toddlers

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Step2 is a top brand when it comes to unique playhouses.  This fun playhouse comes with a slide and ladder as well as a ball pit kids can fill with water and sand. The pit has a drain plug, and you can empty the basin anytime.

It also has a crawl space and a ball drop wall for enhanced playtime.

It’s a perfect space for Hide N Seek, crawling, climbing, sliding and lots more. And the best thing is; it’s spacious and has an open design that can accommodate multiple kids at a time! 

8.  Simplay3 Young Explorers Discovery Playhouse

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Simplay3 is simply for the explorers. The product gives room for many activities kids will enjoy, including hiding, crawling and climbing.

Also, the playhouse has 2 levels and can be expanded. You will find a play kitchen, climbing ramp and ladder, planter, mail slots, crawling space, rooftop with peek holes and more in this playhouse.

We love the neutral colors. It is so subtle and will for any home decor. The plastic material used is UV resistant, the construction is kid-friendly and can be used both outside and inside the home.

9. Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber

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This is one of Amazon’s best, with over 2000 reviews and features that promise an amazing playtime for kids.

This indoor playhouse with slide comes with an easy climbing rock, a crawl tunnel and a gentle slope slide.

It has a compact size, it’s lightweight, and you can easily carry it around the house. Despite its size, this playhouse is quite sturdy and will last a long time. 

10. Backyard Discovery Prescott All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

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Backyard discovery makes one of the best cedar playhouses. Their playhouses are unique and cone with terrific features. This Prescott playset is big and will be perfect for a large playground. It’s made from high will cedar wood material that is UV and insect resistant.

Also, it has a sturdy frame and features two levels. Some of the additional play features are a slide, a climbing wall ladder, a swing and a sandbox.

Get any of these playhouses for your kids for fun playtime. All of them are of high quality and promise prolonged use and exciting activities for kids.


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