Kids Play Kitchen
Kids Play Kitchen

20 Best Kids Play Kitchen

There’s no denying that play kitchen is one of the most popular toys on the market.

From classic wooden sets to elaborate ones with tons of accessories, these toys keep your children entertained for hours.

Foster the love for cooking with play kitchens! Let’s review the top 20 play kitchens for kids.

Top 20 Kids Play Kitchen

1. Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Playset

LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Playset

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This playset is distinct from other play kitchens, thanks to the cool sound effects and accessories.

Everything your little one needs to get started in the kitchen is inclusive. All you need do is take a trip down the pretend grocery store for some play food.

With a stovetop featuring exciting lights and sounds, toddlers will enjoy cooking pretend meals. Special pots activate the realistic sizzling or bubbling sounds when cooking.

The microwave also produces fun sounds with its working electronic keypad.

When playtime fun is over, kids can use the molded-in dish rack and shelf and pull-out cabinet, and recycling bin for storing accessories.

Also, the pretend refrigerator can be used for the storage of pretend food till a later time.

Having features like modern-looking cabinets, shelves, countertop, and sleek “stainless steel” appliances, makes the playset look like a real kitchen.

2. Imagination Generation Wood Eats! Tabletop Cooktop Kitchenette Set

Imagination Generation

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Looking for a kitchenette that is space-saving and cheap? Tabletop Cooktop Kitchen Set is your perfect choice.

Having a 12.25 x 10 x 6 inches dimension, this play kitchen is quite portable and can fit in any small area.

With this playset, little chefs can learn how to use their imagination, creativity, solve problems, improve social and motor skills while creating culinary masterpieces.

Featuring twistable stove knobs, a pull-down oven door, and a clock, this kids’ play kitchen looks like a realistic kitchen.

3. Hape Gourmet Kitchen

Hape Gourmet Kitchen

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Made from sturdy, high-quality wooden material, this gourmet kitchen will definitely unleash the imaginative and creative skills in children.

The oven, stovetop, sink, red knobs to turn the burners on and off, and a shelf for storage create a realistic cooking experience for kids.

Your little one can develop fine motor skills while cooking delicious meals. More mouth-watering meals can also be prepared by using Hape’s Playfully Delicious toy food sets.

Gourmet Kitchen Play Set will help in the all-round development of children while nurturing their natural abilities.

4. Hape My Creative Cookery Club

Hape My Creative Cookery Club

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Introduce young ones to culinary arts with Hape My Creative Cookery Club!

This kitchen has everything your child needs to get started, from basic starter pans and utensils to essential foods, oven, cabinets, and hooks to hang supplies.

Being of a kid-friendly height, compact size, and classic design, this kitchen seems to be a great addition to an awesome playroom.

With its bright colors, various pots and pans, and food selections, variety is indeed the spice of life! This product is suitable for individual and group play.

It also encourages imitative role play. Cooking with this play kitchen offers options for endless and varied play.

Your child can bake some cupcakes or pizza in the afternoon or host a cooking party in the playroom.

Hape Creative Cookery is definitely the ultimate wooden toy cooking set!

5. Little Tikes Cook N Grow Kitchen

Cook N Grow Kitchen

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Inspire cooking skills in your little one with the Little Tikes Cook’ n Grow Kitchen.

The kitchen is packed with 26 accessories, including food items, kitchen utensils, cookware, cups and dishes.

Playset is designed so that it can be adjusted to accommodate kids of 2 age grades.

Stage 1 introduces preschoolers to kitchen play, while stage 2 provides growing kids with added kitchen role play.

6. Kidkraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator

Kidkraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator

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This pink retro kitchen is surely worth your money! The two-piece design with unique layouts can fit in anywhere in the house.

Kidkraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator is designed with interactive features such as a working door, oven knobs, and molded-plastic stove burners.

Built from sturdy, wooden material, this play kitchen is made to last for years. Young chefs will indeed love the kitchen’s lovely colours and beautiful details.

Just like every Kidkraft product, all parts of the kitchenette is thoroughly tested for kids’ safety.

Add a new dimension of fun to play kitchens with KidKraft Pink Retro Play Kitchen and Refrigerator.

7. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck

Fisher-Price Laugh

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Looking for an entertaining and educative toy kitchen for your kid? Fisher-Price Food Truck is your best bet!

Resembling a truck, this playset includes a realistic car dashboard packed with hands-on fun, a light-up grill, and a ‘magical’ cash register with 4 different menu cards.

As your child grows, the food truck keeps on serving fun with its three exciting Smart Stages levels.

Each level is composed of different songs, sounds, phrases and more for your child’s growth and development.

Songs and phrases introduce little tots to size, sequencing, numbering, and expanded vocabulary.

Young chefs will have so much fun creating all kinds of exciting culinary adventures with their very own food truck!

8. Teamson Kids Little Chef

Teamson Kids Little Chef

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Made from eco-friendly materials, this kids kitchen features a removable sink, easy-to-grip knobs, large storage and playful accessories.

Recommended for children aged 3 years and above, this retro design is perfect for a wide variety of aesthetics and spaces.

Your kid can spice up their dish, choosing from one of three different selections of savory spices.

They can also whip up some finger-licking soups and evening tea on the two stove burners.

9. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

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Throwback to the vintage era with sleek stainless steel-look details and angled features. Just take a look at the old-school thermometer on the icebox!

The see-through middle and open concept provide an imaginative play area for kids to serve up food.

With its intricate details, this lovely kitchen would make a great gift for young children. Its durability and long-lasting features make the kitchen passed down from kid to kid.

10. Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill

Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill

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Your little one is going to be impressed with the 103-piece accessories.

Featuring so many realistic amenities and multiple play stations for engaging social play, this deluxe play kitchen possesses all a real kitchen has.

Switch on the lights and stovetop burner with the special cookware. Make use of the molded-in sink with a swivel faucet to wash the dishes once the dinner party is over.

No doubt, your little chef will want to entertain their guests in this pretend kitchen set.

11. KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

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Your child will feel like a world-class chef with this play kitchen.

For an imaginative view, cloth curtains are installed behind the sink with turning knobs to complete the realistic feel.

The innovative corner kitchen is fully loaded with features for maximum value. Kids can get started with a four-piece metal accessory kit.

12. Labebe Kids Wooden Pretend Kitchen Playset

Labebe Kids

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Your child will feel like a world-class chef with this play kitchen.

For an imaginative view, cloth curtains are installed behind the sink with turning knobs to complete the realistic feel.

The innovative corner kitchen is fully loaded with features for maximum value. Kids can get started with a four-piece metal accessory kit.

For that real cooking experience, get your child this kitchen cooking toy.

Crafted from durable and premium materials, this playset is polished to ensure child’s safety and playtime.

Perfect gift for Christmas, Labebe kitchen enables kids to cultivate social skills and develop hand-eye coordination ability while playing.

13. TaoHFE Play Kitchen

TaoHFE Play Kitchen

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The red kitchen set is fully packed with a slotted spoon, shovel, soup spoon, vegetable basket, wok, soup pot and insulated towel for children’s playtime experience.

Your kid can make pretend calls with the cordless phone. Stove burners and knobs can turn, click and sound like a real kitchen.

The removable sink is installed with brass handles to give it a polished look. Sink is large enough for the washing of veggies and dishes.

Also included is a fake drinking fountain which produces water when it’s switched on.

14. SHAWE Kids Kitchen Playset

SHAWE kids

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Satisfy your kid’s curiosity and improve their practical ability with this play kitchen.

With a realistic wash-up kitchen sink, music, light, spray and sound effect, your child is going to enjoy serving up meals for themselves, their playmates and family.

This super fun kitchen toy enhances their dexterity, instil social and hands-on skill and stimulate imagination.

15. Nobie vivid Play Kitchen

Nobie vivid Play Kitchen

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Great for sensory stimulation, puzzle enlightenment, entertainment and education, this cute little kitchen fosters parent-child interactions.

It features a 2-in-1 backpack which can be modified into a handbag, kitchen tool table or backpack.

Having many interactive elements, your child is going to have boundless fun.

16. KidKraft Large Kitchen

KidKraft Large Kitchen

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Bring out the culinary skills in your little one with KidKraft Large Kitchen!

Colourfully designed with many gadgets, this playset is made for imaginative make-believe play.

Weighing 88.2 pounds, the kitchen is large enough to accommodate many kids and families with multiple children.

17. Step2 Classic Chic Play Kitchen

Step2 Classic Chic Play Kitchen

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From the pretend “gold” cookware to serve ware, dish set, and many more, this kitchen playset has tons of kid-friendly kitchen items for fun imaginary play!

The built-in storage space adds style and function to the play kitchen. Young ones will fall in love with the beautiful finishing and details.

18. Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

Super chef kitchen

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This portable, stylish modern kitchen can be placed in the corner of any room or wall.

For wonderful playtime and cooking experience, playset comes with cabinet doors, microwave, oven doors, coffee pot, burner with electronic cooking sounds.

Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen is a great addition to any play space.

19. Cute Stone Pretend Play Kitchen Sink Toys

Cute Stone pretend

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Ideal for small spaces, this multi-function kitchen sink with a stove is a playset your child would love and cherish.

Let your child experience more ways of cooking with a realistic stovetop that sprays with light and sound.

After washing, the tablewares can be dried and stored in the detachable drain rack with smooth edges.

These kitchen accessories enable kids cultivate storage habits and learn more about life skills while playing.

20. Little Tikes Bake ‘N Grow Kitchen

Little Tikes Bake ‘N Grow Kitchen

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Your little girl will grow from toddler to preschooler with this kitchen playset.

Modified to suit 2 age grades, this play kitchen features an oven, refrigerator and microwave doors.

Also included are clicking knobs, hooks for hanging cups, and slots to hold plates. When Little Tikes kitchen is opened, it makes a perfect size for toddlers.

While it’s compacted, it becomes just right for preschooler to cook their dinner.

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