Best Baby Foam Play Mat
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15 Best Baby Foam Play Mat

Eat, sleep, repeat – guess that’s how you envisage the first few months of your baby’s life? You probably have considered setting up a crib or car seat for your baby. But what about playtime? Play mats are a convenient solution.

Typically made of foam or cushy materials, playmats provide a soft, safe area for babies to play on while developing their motor skills, intellect, and eye-hand coordination.

Watch your little one transform from a cuddly baby to a curious crawler to playful tot on play mats!

With a wide range of options available on the market, we’ve outlined the best baby foam play mats. Scroll through our choice picks and make your choice.

Best Baby Foam Play Mat

Lanboro Reversible Foldable Play Mat for Baby

Lanboro Foam Play Mat

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Measuring 70” x 77”, Lanboro reversible play mat make a large and soft space for babies and parents to play and exercise together.

The dinosaur and vehicle themed play mat features cute patterns that makes your baby feel fresh and happy.

Your little ones learn by touching 3D textured alphabet and numbers.

Fabricated from XPE foam, this crawling mat is safer and better than traditional EVA and PVC play mats.

The foam material is durable, light resistant and can withstand pressure.

Little Bot Office Mat

Little Bot Offie Mat

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This minimalist design is soft to the touch, easy to clean and pets friendly.

Inspired by the Scandinavian artworks which emphasises simplicity and functionality, Ofie Mat offers the right dose of playfulness and sophistication.

The play mat has been rigorously tested for child safety standards to ensure your kid’s safety.

Made from 100% non-toxic materials, this reversible play mat creates an inviting space for kids to play in.

Skip Hop Foam Baby Play Mat

Skip Hop Playspot

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Designed to complement any home decor, this play mat makes your child feel safe and happy.

While most interlocking baby play mats are kid-friendly and brightly coloured, Skip Hop play mat are triangularly shaped to create multiple, trend-setting patterns which fits your little one’s play space.

Are you in need of a play mat that won’t ruin your interior decor? This option is the best for you!

Geometric patterns and pastel colors make these floor tiles the right choice for those who prefer a velvety aesthetic in their home.

Eric Carle Interlocking Baby Play Mat

Eric Carle Interlocking Mat

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This play mat is all about colours, shapes and patterns!

Crafted from realistic and long lasting blends, this puzzle play mat is strong, durable and can withstand years of play from kids.

Let your little one crawl and tumble on foam baby mats. The interchangeable pieces, detachable animal characters and vivid colours enables children to explore and engage in a fun, educational playtime.

Your kids will find the sturdy, interlocking foam floor tiles a colourful safe play area. Rest assured this can fit in any corner of the room.

Baby Care Haut Collection Reversible Play Mat

Baby Care Haut Collection Reversible Play Mat

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Ideal for nursery room and sophisticated living space, this play mat comes in various patterns and muted coloured designs.

From tummy times to toddlerhood, tumbling, family yoga, and more, Baby Care Play Mat offer so much more! You’re guaranteed peace of mind with every little step.

Thanks to its large size, the play mats are extra-cushioned to soften babies’ falls, give them enough room to roll, sit, stand, and tumble.

The play mat is low-maintenance, durable and made from non-toxic materials.

Bammax Play Mat

Bammax Play Mat

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Bammax play mat offers learning, growth, entertainment and exploration opportunities for a growing child.

It helps to stimulate the baby’s senses and motor skills while playing and bonding with you.

The crawling mat is made from premium, non-toxic and BPA-free material which is considered safe for kids.

With a 0.6 inches thickness, the foam mat offers extra cushioning for kids when they fall down. The baby mat is foldable, water proof and easy to clean.

Watch your child play, develop cognitive skills, hand and eye coordination with this play mat!

Swonuk Baby Foam Play Mat

Swonuk play mat

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Your kids will enjoy playing on this foam puzzle mat! The brightly coloured letters and numbers are interlinked to create a fun play area.

Swonuk baby play mat promotes early learning as your toddlers learn their ABCs and 1-2-3s. The interlocking foam mat is ideal for kids aged 3 and above.

Each foam puzzle mat is fabricated from non-toxic EVA foam. Kids play mats comes in various colours which keeps the children engaged while stimulating their senses.

Wee Giggles Foam Play Mat Tiles

Wee Giggles Foam mat

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Wee Giggles mats are soft and thick textured, preventing slips and enhancing motor skills. The colourful designs help to stimulate infant development.

From tummy time to sitting, crawling or learning to walk, this intertwined play mat provides a soft and stable base for kids to carry out all forms of activities.

The collapsible sides help to keep the toys in place while giving babies visual edge.

If you’re looking for a great space for physical therapy or occupational therapy for your little one, this foam play mat will do the magic!

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Creative Baby 9 Piece Interactive Playmat

Creative 9 piece

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Creativity and curiosity are the themes of this play mat! Having over 50+ illustrations, these play mats will spur your liitle ones to crawl and explore alphabets.

Perfect gift for kids, the 9-piece interactive play mat encourages hand-eye coordination and helps improve language recognition with Voice Pen which is sold separately.

You’re assured of your child’s safety with the sturdy play mats.

BalanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat

BalanceFrom Kid's Foam

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Complying with toy safety standards, BalanceFrom puzzle mat is non-toxic, BPA free, providing a safe play arena for children.

Designed with non-slip pattern surface on one side and flat surface on another side, the mat is interlocked so it isn’t easily separated.

The high density EVA foam protects spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors. Comes in 4 different colours, the play mat tiles are available as a 16-tile and 36-tile set.

Superjare 25 Pieces Baby Play Mat

Superjare 25 Pieces Baby Play Mat

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If you’re tired of those brightly coloured foam floor tiles which turns your house into a kindergarten, then this neutral coloured play mat will be your go-to.

The simple design helps your child’s imaginative skills, visual and eye-hand co-ordination.

Equipped with various patterns of animals and shapes, this play mat draws your child’s attention, keeping them engaged for hours.

The 0.5 inch thick mat shield the child against injuries and bumps. With this play mat, you can unleash the imagination & creativity of your child!

Stylish Reversible Foam Floor Mats

Stylish Reversible Foam

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Having dimensions 6.5ft x 4.5ft with 6 different colours and gorgeous patterns, this play mat doubles as a soft sanctuary for your little one.

The large, light and portable play mat blends with any living room, play room or nursery decor.

Made from eco-friendly materials, this cushmat is ideal for tummy time, meditation, cushioned play and yoga.

IncStores Rainbow Foam Tile Playmats

IncStores Rainbow Foam

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Crafted from non-recycled, light weight foam, this play mat provides a soft landing area for kids when they topple over or flip.

These tumbling playmats can also be used in daycare facilities, clubhouses, basements and more.

With the right amount of cushion and shock absorbency, the vibrantly coloured floor mat provides a safe area for kids to play on.

Baby Loovi Play Mat for Kids

Baby Loovi Play Mat

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This play mat is just what you need to keep your baby safe while playing! A set of 36 tiles interlock together to form a giant jigsaw puzzle.

With 6 colours, the intermeshed mat create a fun, stimulating, and educational area of safety for children.

Considering the fact that babies like to explore with their fingers and mouth, these tiles are made in such a way that they’re crafted from non-toxic materials.

When the tiles are joined together, they create one of the largest areas on the market, of up to 36 square feet!

Comfort Design Mats Stylish Baby Play Mat

Comfort Design Play Mat

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This large foam play mat is colourfully designed with patterns that complement your home while providing a spacious, padded place for your kids to crawl, walk and play on.

From tummy time to supporting your child’s first steps, this cushioned play mats are built to last long and grow with your child.

Designed like gorgeous rugs, the premium floor mats are soft and easy to clean. The half inch thick foam insulates children from hard floors and little bumps.

Comfort design mats can be used as a replacement for area rugs or as an extra cushion for your existing rug.

The Little Squishy – Baby Play Mat

The Little Squishy

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Squishy mats provide babies a soft spot to master sitting, rolling and crawling.

Feel like a super mum when you’re out with your baby playing on this portable 3-by-3-foot mat.

With this play mat, you’ll be the envy of everyone in your vicinity.

A play mat, like a playhouse, is an investment parents should make for their kids becauss it helps in their all round development.

Baby play mats are of different sizes, colours, designs and materials. Choose the one that suit your needs. Ensure the one you pick is portable for easy carriage.

Look out for features like toys and accessories, multiple uses etc.

Never forget, a play mat is the first spot for babies to learn and discover themselves, so choose wisely!

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